Zhu Xu Dan becomes the Cute Programmer with Xing Zhao Lin

Cute Programmer (程序员那么可爱) is an upcoming rom com following the life of our heroine as she falls in love with a genius (again?) programmer and follows his footsteps to becoming a programmer herself. However, after graduation, she finds out his company only hires male programmers (why?), thus she disguises as a man to join. Hiding her identity proves hard and so the two agree to be a contract couple.


None of the stills has her in disguise at all. Lol.

Airing 9/10~ You can read the comics it’s based on here.

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The Trust: Drama adaptation of manhua No Doubt In Us with Song Yan Fei and Zhang Hao Wei drops First Stills

The Trust (两不疑) is the drama adaptation of the popular manhua No Doubt In Us aka Liang Bu Yi from author Lu Ye Qian He, You Zhi Jiao Zi. The story sounds absolutely adorable. Our main couple is the King and Queen respectively. She’s from a general’s family, so she likes to fight, ride horses, archery, while our King is weak and likes to read. She marries him but due to family issues and their complete opposite personalities, they never get along and prefer to stay out of each other’s way. However, one day, they fall in a pool together (she pushes him when he gets too close, hehe) and their souls swapped! Now she’s the King who needs to attend the courtly matters and even go to battle, while he finally realizes his harem is not a very nice place, including his own mother, the Empress Dowager. They see things from each other’s shoes, beginning to emphasize and understand, get close and develop feelings.

You can read the English Translated of the webcomics here. There’s also a planned animation too (check trailer).

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First Impression: What do you think of Xing Zhao Lin’s Can Not Hug You?

Trying a new feature since I see fans always asking is this or that drama worth checking out? If you’re watching the new modern vampire drama Can Not Hug You with Xing Zhao Lin and Zhang Yu Xi, let us what you think: the goods and the bads! It begins airing today 11/20.

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Zhang Yu Xi feeds off Xing Zhao Lin’s energy to survive in Can Not Hug You

I feel like this is the perfect premise for a Kdrama (skinship alert!), maybe they will remake it next since it’s based on a Korean comics, unTouchable, illustrated by massstar. Can Not Hug You stars Xing Zhao Lin (The Eternal Love) and Zhang Yu Xi (My Little Princess) as the main OTP. Our heroine’s a beautiful modern day vampire who survives by absorbing energy through touching other human beings and he’s the gorgeous germaphobe who just moves in next door. Perfect setup for a modern day rom-com.

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Xing Zhao Lin and Zhang Yu Xi in modern-day vampire drama Can Not Hug You

Can Not Hug You or Can Not Embrace You (无法拥抱的你) is a modern fantasy cdrama adapted from… Korean comics, unTouchable, illustrated by massstar, starring Xing Zhao Lin (The Eternal Love) and Zhang Yu Xi (My Little Princess) as the main OTP. Our heroine’s a beautiful modern day vampire who survives by absorbing energy through touching other human beings. HA. Vampires are so refined nowadays, no more neck biting? And he’s the gorgeous germaphobe who just moves in next door…. UH OH. How to keep her hands off of him?

So naughty. Vampires. XD

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Webdramas Updates: Detective Samoyeds, Long For You, Till Death Tear Us Apart

Here you go! Updates on webdramas that release on Valentine’s Day for people who just want to cuddle under a warm blanket like me! I have written about them before so if you want to read the previous posts, just click on the drama name in the tag line.

Love to all! Have a great one! ❤❤❤

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Song Wei Long and Zhou Yu Tong in Long For You (Snow Girl)

Adapted from the comic The Distance of Light Between You and Me (我与你的光年距离), the official English title is Long For You, an upcoming youth romance featuring Song Wei Long (Demon Girl 2, Feng Qiu Huang) and Zhou Yu Tong (The Journey). Our heroine is a special girl because she’s an immortal; living for thousand of years has desensitized her compassion and she’s frosty and indifferent in the inside despite the bright smiles that play on her lips. She lives with the goal of finding her first love a thousand years ago… and at the end of 2016, she meets a man carrying her love’s face but his love is different than that of the former, rekindling her passion and enthusiasm for life, and perhaps unraveling the knot many centuries ago. Because she desires an eternal love, their love story adapts and changes accordingly.

The trailers definitely suggest a dark revengey romance. (He stabs her?!)

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Song Wei Long, Zhou Yu Tong up for fantasy drama Snow Girl

Remember the highly rated Korean series You Who Come From Another Star with Kim Hubby and Jeon Ji Hyun in 2013? And then do you remember the plagiarism lawsuit that transpired for a little bit before settling out-of-court? Yep. The new Chinese Fantasy drama, Snow Girl (雪姬), is based on a Korean comic book called Seol Hee, written by Kang Kyung Ok. It stars Yumama’s new pretty boy, Song Wei Long (Demon Girl) and Zhou Yu Tong (Heroin, Love Weave Through A Millennium). The only difference in story: Our heroine is the person who’s injured and subsequently received treatment from an alien and gains eternal youth. And just like that she lives on earth for 400 years before meeting a man wearing the same face as the alien who saved her.

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