The Imperial Age with Feng Shao Feng, Chen Bao Guo, and Ying Er releases first trailer

Historical drama The Imperial Age (山河月明) stars Feng Shao Feng, Chen Bao Guo, Ying Er, and Mickey He. It follows the story of Feng who plays Zhu Di, from a capable military leader, to a mature politician, and finally ascends the throne as the third Emperor of the Ming Dynasty. Chen will be playing his father, Hongwu Emperor, and Ying Er as Empress Xu, while Mickey He will be playing Feng’s eldest brother and crown prince.

The trailer is long. 12 mins. Lol.

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Filming begins: Li Qian’s Dear Uniform, Zhang He’s Bu Yun Qu, Yin Tao’s Astringent Girl, Xing Fei’s My Small Indeed Fortunate

More dramas begin filming!

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Cdrama Updates: Fairyland Lovers, Dance of the Phoenix, Legend of Awakening, The Sweet Girl

Happy Friday! =D

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Last day of the year, leaving a whole decade behind… Welcome to 2020!

It’s actually crazy. When my coworkers said See You in 2020! It hit me that it’s just not the end of 2019, it’s the end of one hell of a decade, at least for me. A decade of my twenties (quite literally), perhaps the most important one of my life. So many things happened and so much growing up that needed to be done. A lot of things I thought I wouldn’t like doing when I was younger, I can bravely do and enjoy them. This is not to say I’m done with growing and developing as a person. Learning never stops and each person you meet will add another dimension and perspective to your life. So my web friends who are still in or entering their 20s, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and meet new people! Yes, you can cry and mope around when you make mistakes now, but I promise you in 5, 10 years, 15 years, the mistake(s) you made will become a lesson for you to reflect on and sometimes to smile about.

Two lessons I learned in my twenties. Loving myself and knowing that I deserve better. I was never a self-love person growing up. Sometimes we are our own harshest critic. Thoughts like I haven’t done enough, maybe it’s me, maybe if I lost five more pounds I could be like that Instagram model. STOP THEM! It’s unfortunate that social media has become quite a toxic platform nowadays. Your life is not dictated by one single standout moment. Don’t chase after that one glam moment and forget that life goes on beyond that point. It’s the little events strung together that tells the story of you.

Health! I cannot stress this enough. Without your health, you can’t do the things you want in life. After I took on exercising and healthy eating last year, I have been sticking to it and it’s been 2 years. I can’t believe it’s now a habit instead of a chore! And I’m not an intense health nut or anything. I still eat cookies and cakes, but in moderation. Moderation is key! When illnesses strike, you want to be in the best condition to win the fight. And also, learn a few things about stroke, heart attack, CPR, and etc because more often than not, it’s your loved ones who may need your keen eyes to save them.

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Discussion Post: Your Favorite Cdrama(s) of 2019?

I opted out of voting polls this year cause I honestly can’t keep up with the insane amount of dramas released. It keeps increasing at alarming rate and easily go over 100 dramas per year, including webdramas as well, which are becoming popular with stations fighting for viewers and securing the hottest actors at the moment. So instead of a robotic and mindless clicking of polls, I think a discussion post will be better.

I haven’t had much luck this year with dramas. Drought! I have been marathoning a lot of older series, touching base with my teenage self as I marvel over Charmaine in her TVB dramas. I just finished Witness To A Prosecution II where she starred alongside Bobby Au Yeung. Gotta say I didn’t buy their romance then and still don’t buy their romance now. Lol. Return of the Cuckoo is on the list next and I can already see myself heart-broken again for Chi Lam’s character. xD

So guys, what is your favorite dramas this year? Broke Out Stars? You can referred to my Cdramas Airing List for reference.

First Impression: What do you think of Under the Power with Ren Jia Lun and Tan Song Yun?

Our lead characters play two investigative bureaus during the Ming Dynasty. He serves for the imperial secret police group called the Embroidered Uniform Guards and she’s a female Constable from Liu Shan Men, a government branch responsible for safety of the capital. Our two leads meet when funds raised to repair a river went missing and her people are tasked to provide assistance to his people. She’s of course huffy puffy about working under him and he’s too proud (son of the leader). Motivated by self-interests, he doesn’t treat her kindly and things come to a climax when she finds out that the Embroidered Uniform Guards were involved in her parents’ deaths.

Premiered 12/28!

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Cdrama Updates: Xu Kai’s Dance of the Sky Empire, Chen Yao’s Maiden Holmes, Yan Xi’s Dear King of Medicine

Merry Christmas everyone!

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