Zhang Zi Yi’s drama debut Monarch Industry with Zhou Yi Wei, Tony Yang, and Yuan Hong confirms airdate!

Emperor’s Conquest/Monarch Industry (上阳赋) is adapted from the novel written by Mei Yu Zhe and stars Zhang Zi Yi in her television debut! I know it’s a shocker that she never did a drama in her whole career until three years ago when this was filmed. The production remains so quiet and secretive until now. Then Boom. Airing. Lol. The story follows two intelligent people bound together by a political marriage that slowly morphs into an epic relationship of love, loyalty, and trust in their conquest of the world. Female cast is not to be joked around either – Kara Hui, Angie Chiu!

You can read the translated novel here (still in progress).

Airing 1/9 on youku!

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First Posters of Feng Shao Feng and Peng Xiao Ran in Novoland: The Princess From Plateau

Adapted from the novel written by Zhan An, Novoland: The Princess From Plateau (九州·朱颜记) looks like another twisted love story. The story follows eighth princess (Cheng Xiao Meng) of the Ye Bei clan and her close friend (our female lead) who is shunned because she is considered an outsider. In order to attack Ye Bei, Emperor Gao of Chao Kingdom (male lead) devises a plan to give him a good excuse; he proposes a marriage to eighth princess knowing that she would reject, thus giving him a reason to attack. To save her relatives and the kingdom, eighth princess jumps to her death over a cliff. The Ye Bei clan suffers greatly, leading to their destruction. Our female lead swears to take revenge for her best friend and Ye Bei clan, thus she creates a new identity and enters the palace to assassinate the king. Her failing attempts stir interests in the King and he slowly falls in love with her. Our heroine is moved but her loyalty to her friend didn’t allow betrayal. SPOILER: She continues to plot and eventually the Chao Kingdom falls and the King dies. Not sure how…but if this synopsis remains true in the drama, fans are doomed for tears!

*1/8: Added new stills they released a few hours after the posters

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My Little Happiness with Xing Fei and Tang Xiao Tian announces broadcast date

My Little Happiness (我的小确幸) is adapted from the novel written by Dong Ben Xi Gu and stars Xing Fei and Tang Xiao Tian as childhood friends who are reunited as adults. Our heroine was sent to study abroad by her mother, hoping she would settle in the states. But she sneaks back home and becomes a legal intern. She meets old friend who is now a successful surgeon but doesn’t recognize him at first. They become neighbors (him being the landlord to boot) and the battle of wits continue between the two. Maybe she’s a legal consult for the hospital so that’s why they work together a lot? Lol.

Airing 1/13~

You can read the translated novel @ Illanovels.

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Fan Cheng Cheng and Cheng Xiao’s The World of Fantasy (Spirit Realm) confirms airing date

The World of Fantasy, previously known as Spirit Realm (灵域) stars Fan Cheng Cheng and Cheng Xiao. It’s based on an popular novel written by Ni Cang Tian, which also has a game and an animation version. The story follows our male lead who is said to have the Heaven Fighting Race’s bloodline in him. It is said that 30,000 years ago, the Heavenly Fighting Race invaded the Spirit Realm and wreaked havoc in many races and multiple dimensions, until they were stopped by the combined efforts of the Hundred Races and disappeared. 30,000 years later, our male lead lives quietly in a household, appearing like a dummy to others but in actuality, he is in deep cultivation. Cheng Xiao will play his childhood sweetheart.

Airing 1/9~

I don’t know either of the leads; but FCC is Fan Bing Bing’s brother and Cheng Xiao looks like the IT girl for this year.

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Cinderella is Online: Japanese Remake of Love O2O with Nakamura Riho and Seto Toshiki

Cinderella is Online (シンデレラはオンライン中) is the joint production between Fuji TV’s FOD and Youku with a total of 10 episodes. It’s the Japanese remake of popular Cdrama Love O2O which starred Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang back in 2016. The adaptation stars Nakamura Riho and Seto Toshiki and the story seems pretty similar with our female lead not interested in real-life romance but is all about playing the online game Tenkyo, where her character is dating the top player. They meet in real life and he turns out to be the Campus prince, even owning his own gaming company. They get close and start dating, but our heroine also begins to get attack from people who are jealous of her.

Begins airing on 1/12 ~

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Ruk Woon Wai Jao Chai Kob: Thai Remake of Prince Who Turns To Frog with Vill Wannarot Sonthichai and Son Yuke Songpaisan

Ah, another remake! Prince Turns to Frog was my guilty pleasure watch as a teenager so I’m weary of all remakes. Lol. The cast looks good but since I’m not a lakorn watcher, I don’t recognize any of the cast. XD To refresh your mind, our female comes from a small island and our male lead is your typical businessman who would like to make a resort out of her home. She accidentally runs him over and he loses his memory. They live together for a while and slowly develop feelings for each other. But he is not a single man. His fiancée continues to look for him while his good friend takes care of her (ahem). Once he recovers his memories, what happens to the makeshift family he has formed?

Begins airing today 1/4 ~

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Chen Xiao and Ying Er’s Shuke and Peach Blossom begins airing quietly

Gah. What’s going on here? Modern drama Shuke and Peach Blossom (舒克与桃花) has little to no promotion before they dropped the bomb We’re Airing today! The drama follows our unfortunate salesman who keeps bumping into a troublesome heiress and the two somehow end up in a contract marriage. Marrying into a rich family, our male lead has enemies in all the right places – his steely mother-in-law, his neither-friend-nor-foe father-in-law, his wife’s best friend who harbors a crush on him, and the return of his childhood sweetheart. Quite the popular man on the market. Lol.

Airing 1/1 ~

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River Where The Moon Rises with Kim So Hyun, Ji Soo, and Kang Ha Neul drops new teaser

Doesn’t she look like Jang Hyuk’s historical drama daughter? Lol.

I can’t remember my last Korean drama. I have spent a long time away from them this past year. Lol. But LOOK at my Page Turner babies slashing and playing warriors set during the historical period of Goguryeo! River Where The Moon Rises (달이뜨는강) is an adaptation of Korean folktale, Princess Pyeonggang and the Fool Ondal, but it looks like there’s a novel version of the story called Princess Pyeonggang by Choi Sa Gyu, which might provide a happier alternative to the drama. Kim So Hyun plays a warrior princess who’s fighting to become the next ruler and Ji Soo is the babo who later becomes a respected general and gives her his 100% devotion. She uses him to advance her goals but slowly falls in love in the process. KEKEKE. Kim Ha Neul is Ji Soo’s father. hehe.

I think So Hyun is growing up beautifully, she’s starting to lose her baby fat. Aww.

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