Social classes clashed in Bai Lu and Lai Yi’s Jiu Liu Overlord

Jiu Liu Overlord (九流霸主) is an upcoming period drama starring Bai Lu and Lai Yi. The story takes place during the Tang dynasty and our heroine is street-smart trader, the leader of the Longzhu gang. Our hero on the other hand is a business tycoon/silk merchant in the city to showcase his fine garments. The two people of different backgrounds and social classes are forced to work together when a golden thread goes missing. As they work together, she learns the ways of trading from him, and he gets rids of his prejudices against the lower class. However, his secret identity is revealed – a prince! To protect the common people and the person he loves, he returns to the palace. Our heroine follows along, to give the higher up folks a piece of her mind.

Airing 10/23!

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Tan Song Yun to break more hearts in Dear Mayang Street with Xu Wei Zhou and Niu Jun Feng

Dear Ma Yang Street (亲爱的麻洋街) is gonna be the next big hit among modern cdramas this year? Gotta say, it’s been a lovely year for modern dramas. The trailers are nostalgic, charming, and full of colorful characters. Dear Ma Yang Street follows a group of youths and their families who grew up on the vibrant Mayang street, their ups and downs of youth and adulthood. Our heroine likes troublemaker (Xu Wei Zhou) but the new neighbor (Niu Jun Feng) next door also has a crush on her at first sight. The constant arguments break up the lovebirds and it’s the second lead who stays by her side as she studies in law school, assumes responsibility over her family, and eventually becomes a lawyer. And this is when the other bird returns into the picture. Uh Oh! I have a feeling Niu Jun Feng might be the one breaking hearts here….

Airing 10/22!

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Zhang Zhe Han and Ju Jing Yi’s The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion joins October broadcast

The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion (如意芳霏) marks the reunion of Zhang Zhe Han and Ju Jing Yi since 2018’s Legend of Yun Xi. It is based on the novel written by Xiao Jia Ren. Our heroine is from a family of goldsmith and after seeing her sister’s unhappy marriage, she vows to take her fate in her own hands. She escapes her arranged marriage and meets our arrogant male lead and they both get entangled in solving a murder case involving royal folks and weaponry.

Airing 10/21!

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Wu Qian climbs up the ladder of justice in Black Lighthouse with Yang Le

Ohhh. This this such a different look and feel that I haven’t seen before from Wu Qian and it’s nice! The hair is a little bit angular for me but hopefully, it doesn’t distract from her performance. Black Lighthouse (黑色灯塔) features our heroine as a newly graduate who gets accepted to be a trainee at courthouse. She gets to witness the legal battles between the prosecutors and the defense lawyers day after day and is armed with commitment and integrity to the right thing; she hopes to become a great judge to serve the people.

The trailer is quite dark. Airing 10/21.

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Song Yi Ren and Deng Chao Yuan sculpt their dreams in Professional Single

Professional Single (我凭本事单身) is an upcoming rom-com starring Song Yi Ren and Deng Chao Yuan and follows the two undergraduates in the Arts department, overcoming various obstacles to reach their artistic goals. From the trailers, looks like both of our leads have aversion to being in a relationship. Lol. Song Yi Ren is keeping up with her records in starring alongside tall male leads, she’s so petite! xD

Airing 10/17!

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First Stills of Jin Xin Si Yu with Wallace Chung and Tan Song Yun

Jin Xin Si Yu (锦心似玉) is based on the novel written by Zhi Zhi. The story takes place during the Ming Dynasty and follows our heroine as she rises from a lowly concubine’s daughter and enters a marriage with our hero – a general. She is a highly intelligent young maiden who is restrained in exhibiting her wisdom. Once in her new husband’s home, though she’s pressured by the complicated relationships and distrust, she uses her kindness and intelligence to win people’s respect. She helps her husband devise plans to oust the corrupt officials and defend their land from foreign invasions.

Filming has wrapped. Storyline reminds me of The Story of Ming Lan.

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Wu Jin Yan and Xu Kai confirmed for historical drama Imperial Cuisine

Imperial Cuisine (尚食) is an upcoming historical drama featuring Wu Jin Yan, Xu Kai, and Wang Yi Zhe. It is set during Yongle’s years of the Ming dynasty as the emperor decides to open up the food bureau for female recruits. Our female lead is accepted, along with our male lead and another female – both with different background, one used to be a beggar, and the other one regarded as a genius cook. The three of them work together to support and create fresh new dishes incorporating medicines and savored flavors of the past. However, as our female lead rises up the ladder, the true meaning of ‘food’ hits her; it’s a bridge connecting people and different cultures. She gives up competing in the prestigious food competition and leaves the palace to join the common people in spreading the love for Chinese cuisines.

Our lead couple has worked together plenty of times before (not surprising since both are under Yumama), Untouchable Lovers, Story of Yanxi Palace, and Zhao Ge (not aired yet). But they weren’t always a couple.

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