Cdramas Airing This Week: Regeneration, Reblooming Blue, Young Babylon, Rise from the Ashes, and more!

Regeneration kinda piques my interest and I have heard good things about Tender Light as well. What is everyone watching, recommending, and not recommending? XD

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=======> ♦ Tender Light (微暗之火) with Tong Yao and Zhang Xin Cheng began airing 4/27.

Synopsis from Youku: Zhou Luo, a straight-A student, is the first one from Qingshui Town to get into a prestigious university. However, he returns to his hometown before completing his degree and goes to a cram school to repeat a year of school. His decision causes quite a stir in this small town. Had he not faced criticism himself, he would never have noticed another talk of the town, Nan Ya. Nan Ya is a very beautiful clothing store owner, and there are always a lot of rumors about her. She travels between the clothing store and home every day, taking care of her sick daughter, Wanwan. As Zhou Luo becomes more acquainted with Nan Ya, he realizes that Nan Ya’s marriage is not a happy one, and her husband, Xu Yi, a businessman, has a brutal side at home. Zhou Luo has witnessed how Nan Ya was assaulted by Xu Yi. Besides, the “Bridge Case” sheds light on several issues regarding Xu Yi’s business operations. All this causes Nan Ya’s marriage to be in jeopardy. To protect Wanwan, Nan Ya wants a divorce. The kind-hearted Zhou Luo cannot bear to see Nan Ya suffer further, so he offers to help. Finally, with the assistance of Zhou Luo, kind residents of the town, and the police, all parties involved in the case receive fair and just treatment.

=======> ♦ Long Time No See (那个重逢的夜晚) with Jing Yan Jun and Shi Hang Lu began airing 4/29.

=======> ♦ Young Babylon (少年巴比伦) with Hou Ming Hao, Yang Cai Yu, and Xiang Han Zhi began airing 4/29.

From Tencent: It follows a group of vibrant teenagers in the early 1990s in Fukang, a small coastal town in Southeast China. They passionately chase after their youth on the era’s train, experiencing uninhibited growth and seeking an extraordinary transformation. In this radiant period of youth, they strive towards a brilliant era of personal growth and love.

=======> ♦ Youth drama Our Memories (我的少年时代) with Lu Xiao Yu and Fang Xiao Dong began airing 4/30.

Synopsis from Qiyi: A bunch of youths are childhood friends who grew up together on “Universe Street” in a small seaside town. In the senior year of high school, both the low-achieving students Wang Huanyu, Han Shuai and Guo Ting, and the academically-inclined Wei Xing and Shi Wenke are caught up in the uncertainties of their future. In the clash of growing pains and the ignorance of youth, they gradually mature. Youth years are like a battlefield, but as long as the people you care about are by your side, you have nothing to fear. In this year, the teenagers with different personalities and mutual attractions each go through a unique experience of joy and sorrow brought about by kinship, friendship and ignorant love. In the midst of hesitation and confusion, they carefully find their paths, guarding their own original aspirations and relentlessly striving towards new pursuits.

=======> ♦ Rebirth-for-revenge costume drama Rise from the Ashes (小亭台) with Jiang Zhi Nan, Li Chung Lin, and Zha Jie to air 5/2.

=======> ♦ Men in Love (请和这样的我恋爱吧) with Hu Yi Tian and Liang Jie to air 5/3.

Synopsis by Qiyi: By chance, the self-disciplined and diligent magazine editor-in-chief Ye Han (played by Hu Yitian) helps the clumsy but cute physical education teacher Li Xiaoxiao (played by Liang Jie) resolve one embarrassing crisis after another. But due to his past experiences, he finds it difficult to take things further with her into romance; The passionate and straightforward magazine publisher Xu Jiacheng (played by Dai Xu) meets the former top model Tong Yiwen (played by Sun Jialing), and the two constantly seek a balance in their pursuit of love and career; The relationships between the four become complex and subject to multiple tests due to Xiaoxiao’s crush on Jiacheng. In the twists and turns, Ye Han embraces Xiaoxiao’s crush and vulnerability, and Xiaoxiao helps Ye Han completely overcome his emotional trauma pertaining romantic relationships. Jiacheng and Yiwen also finally get together after prevailing over the adversities. Likewise, several other friends are also experiencing the hardships of life. The calm and down-to-earth lawyer Xu Yan (played by Liu Chang) has excellent professional abilities, but he never dares to face his relationship with the young and energetic Xu Jialin (played by Wu Qianying); The romantic café owner Lu Zheng (played by Li Dianzun) and his wife Guo Shengyun (played by Zhang Yao) have been married for many years, but in their seemingly beautiful marriage, there are also unknown troubles. After experiencing various challenges in their careers and relationships, and multiple separations and reunions, they ultimately gain their own happiness and deepen their bonds with each other.

=======> ♦ Regeneration (新生) with Boran Jing and Zhou Yi Ran to air 5/6.

Synopsis from Youku: A memorial service for Fei Ke (Jing Boran) brings together female journalist He Shan (Zhou Yiran) and four strangers who are invited. They all share undisclosed pasts with Fei Ke, but they discover that the Fei Ke they knew is not the same person. Who is Fei Ke really? As they look back, the group gradually uncovers the truth about Fei Ke.

=======> ♦ What If (生活在别处的我) with Zhong Chu Xi, Liu Xue Yi, and Lin Yu Shen to air 5/6.

Synopsis from Wetv: A normal girl Xia Guo is faced with a difficult dilemma where the two choices will lead her toward two utterly different lives. Would she choose to live a home-sweet-home life with her boyfriend in her hometown or seize the opportunity to forge a successful career in a metropolitan? Which way would make her life “a little less normal”?

=======> ♦ Reblooming Blue (另一种蓝) with the two Vics – Vic Zhou and Victoria Song to air 5/8. Lol

Synopsis from Viki: Chen Xiao Man (Victoria Song) has been working in the big city to try to earn money to save her family’s porcelain business. After losing her job, though, she’s forced to return to her hometown. Little does she know, this sets her up for a reunion with her former office senior Ke Yan (Vic Zhou), who has come to the same town due to his own financial woes. Yan is hoping to find a reclusive investor who could solve his problems. Could teaming up provide a solution to both of their financial problems… and also pave the way for love? This 2024 Chinese drama series was directed by Leon Li.

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