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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/Entertainment News (42)

This past week might take the cake for the slowest news week ever! But I do hope you find at least one news interesting. Lol.

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Chong Er’s Preach releases stills with Wang Long Hua and Zhang Han Yun

Aww, all the likable supporting actors in one drama! The new historical drama, Chong Er’s Preach (重耳传), started without much fanfare and even the press conference held today went out just as quietly. I know I complained about drama titles being lame and repetitive but Chong Er’s Preach is a bit jarring to the ears. …

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Huang Xiao Ming leads the handsome monks/men in Xuan Zang

I’m sure most of us who grew up with Chinese films and dramas would know the story of Xuan Zang, mostly from the various adaptations of Journey to the West. Xuan Zang is a Chinese-Indian film following the seventeen-year journey of Xuan Zang as he gathered and translated many Indian Buddhist texts to Chinese during …

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