First trailers: Chen Kun’s The Rise of Phoenixes, Wu Jin Yan’s Story of Yan Xi’s Palace, Zhang Yi Shan’s Chong Er’s Preach

Of the three dramas, I’m only interested in the one pictured above…. can you blame me!?

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Chong Er’s Preach releases stills with Wang Long Hua and Zhang Han Yun

Aww, all the likable supporting actors in one drama! The new historical drama, Chong Er’s Preach (重耳传), started without much fanfare and even the press conference held today went out just as quietly. I know I complained about drama titles being lame and repetitive but Chong Er’s Preach is a bit jarring to the ears. Sigh. Chong Er is the given name of Duke Wen of Jin who ruled from 636 to 628 BC. The titular role is given to Henry Wang Long Hua and playing his lady love is none other than Kristy Zhang Han Yun. I know we are still sad about Princess of Lan Ling… She is too… ~~

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Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 2) and Run For Time (Premiere)

I’m feeling so bloated right now from the food and Thai Tea drinks. Lol. Sitting in a chair and watching variety shows might not be the best way if I want to maintain firm butt cheeks! But I’ll do that for now~ XD

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Hunan picks the biggest stars for variety show Run For Time

Ha. You know HunanTV doesn’t like to lose to anyone, be it dramas or variety shows. Their response to Zhejiang’s Run Brothers is to have their own adapted variety show called Run For Time airing at the same time on Fridays. It’s based on a Japanese show called Run For Money, consisting of various survival games each episode that all participants (in this case called the runaways) need to pass. If they don’t complete the tasks within a time limit, they are captured but a group of hunters (men in black). It’s a star-studded variety show guys and I mean it! Hunan has the current favorite stars under the sun participating in every round. Take a look after the jump to see if your favorites are invited!

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Adorable theme song for Chinese Ver. of Dad, Where Are We Going?

 photo Dad19.jpg

After listening to the theme song, it’s indeed very, very cute. I’m not sure how many kids/dads participated in the recording so I put down all five, which should be correct. If you’re looking for the full theme song, you’re in the right place as it was dropped 2 days ago. I watched titbits of episode 3 and Angela cracked me up when she tried to climb the sand hill. Seems like her dad needs to learn the ways of his daughter. Isn’t the cookie cutter resemblance between the kids and the dads amazing? I look nothing like my parents. So… *whistles*

Check out the stills and music video after the cut.

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