Guan Xiao Tong’s Drama Updates: Dagger Mastery with Qin Jun Jie, Love of Aurora, Untouchable Lovers

Gotta say, despite being a former child actress, Guan Xiao Tong‘s career in her adult roles hasn’t been flourishing like many hoped. But if she has any advantage, it’s her young age, which means she has time to build the kind of image she wants for her brand.

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Love of Aurora First Trailer: Ma Ke and Guan Xiao Tong

Adapted from the novel of the same name, Love of Aurora (极光之恋) stars Ma Ke (Song of Phoenix) and Guan Xiao Tong (Novoland: The Castle In the Sky) in a bickering romance from school well into their adulthood. He’s an heir to a large company while she aspires to become an actress, returning from her overseas study to help her mom’s failing health. As expected from modern Cdrama trailers, first half is cute then comes the crazy. XD

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English-subbed Trailer for Wang Li Kun’s Legend of the Heavenly Tear

Hmmmm. This is one interesting drama, as I’m not sure what time period we are in anymore, what’s with robotic voices, magical eye colors, underwater fairies, and bubbles of life? After being back-stabbed by her own husband (Zhang Xiao Long), our heroine (Claudia Wang Li Kun) meets another man (Joe Cheng) whose power and love for her give her the needs to take revenge and rise to the empress seat. Legend of the Heavenly Tear is adapted from the novel, Incomparable Phoenix (凤凰无双) written by Bing Lan Sha.

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Vibrant costumes for Wang Li Kun and Joe Cheng’s Legend of the Heavenly Tear

Adapted from the novel, Incomparable Phoenix (凤凰无双) written by Bing Lan Sha, Legend of the Heavenly Tear stars Wang Li Kun and Joe Cheng as the main leads. The story follows our heroine (Wang Li Kun) as she’s back-stabbed by her revenge-driven husband (Zhang Xiao Long) and kicked out of the family, and then saved by our hero (Joe Cheng), ruler of Qi State (?). She gets a makeover and a new name for her “rebirth” and plots her way to the throne as Empress. That’s the bare bone of the plot. Now I will party and live life a littttle. 😉

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Jia Qing doubles her appearance on HunanTv with The Wife’s Lies

If you’re a big fan of Jia Qing, you will be dancing with this news. Her current drama, The Four, premieres two weeks ago and now her modern drama, The Wife’s Lies, touted as the remake of Korean hit tv series in 2012, My Daughter Seo Young, starring Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon, is set to follow Cruel Romance time slot on March 29th. The Korean version has 50 episodes (it’s a weekend series) but knowing China’s penchant for long-running series, they added two extra episodes. I did not watch the original version so no idea how good it is… Feel free to chime in.

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Ariel Lin crushes puppy’s heart in new film My Romantic Rival is a Superhero

 photo Hero14.jpg

Awww Ariel! No dramas for you this year either? After collaborating with Alec Su in cop film, Sweet Alibis, she’ll be returning to the big screen with another film, My Romantic Rival is a Superhero, with young actor, Kai Ko. They play a pair of abandoned kids, with her being the older sister. To him, she is the world and he vows to stay beside her and protect her for the rest of his life (aww…) However, when they grow up and big sis introduces him to her boyfriend (Zhang Xiao Long), the boy is crushed. To his shock, the man possesses superpowers and to match his superior being, he seeks the help of a master (cameo role: Louis Koo.)

Is that last line wacko or what?

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