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53rd Golden Horse Awards

Are you ready to see your favorite stars glitter down the red carpet for the 53rd Golden Horse Film Awards in Taipei on November 26th, 2016? Even if you don’t win an award, a spot in light is always nice exposure. 😀

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Kai Ko makes a comeback with republican drama Wu Ying

Well, if there’s anything I like more than unicorns, it is second chances (as long as you didn’t cross the line of humanity.) Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, after making a splash in the film world with You’re The Apple of My Eye, was arrested in Beijing in 2014 for drug abuse. Now that his appearance ban in Mainland China is about to be lifted, he makes a low-key return to dramaland with republican drama, Wu Ying (舞樱), playing an upright and patriotic policeman and son of a warlord, determined to drive the Japanese out of his homeland. In all honesty, I don’t know much about this kid to comment about his return. Lol.

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Ariel Lin crushes puppy’s heart in new film My Romantic Rival is a Superhero

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Awww Ariel! No dramas for you this year either? After collaborating with Alec Su in cop film, Sweet Alibis, she’ll be returning to the big screen with another film, My Romantic Rival is a Superhero, with young actor, Kai Ko. They play a pair of abandoned kids, with her being the older sister. To him, she is the world and he vows to stay beside her and protect her for the rest of his life (aww…) However, when they grow up and big sis introduces him to her boyfriend (Zhang Xiao Long), the boy is crushed. To his shock, the man possesses superpowers and to match his superior being, he seeks the help of a master (cameo role: Louis Koo.)

Is that last line wacko or what?

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[CMovie] You Are The Apple Of My Eye


All right, be gentle to me. My first crack at impressing y’all. I’m gonna do a lot of teasing, here, because I want you to watch this coming-of-age film done very well in its genre. Taiwan has good grades producing first love or puppy love stories. Everyone experiences that in their lifetime right? You can’t crush on someone forever, can you? It’s an engraved milestone once you hurdle pass enough courage to profess love, for the first time, and although some wish they had a goldfish’s brain to get rid of it others are like Apple’s pen named writer Giddens, well known as “Jiubadao” (九把刀), wish for another trip down candy apple lane. He brings on the sweet and tarty life flavors of every hormone inbalanced teenager’s ideals.

“Adolescence is like a heavy rain. Even though you catch a cold from it, you still look forward to experiencing it once again.”

“青春是一場大雨。即使感冒了,還盼望回頭再淋它一次。” -九把刀

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