Alec Su and Ariel Lin fight bad guys in new film

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The upcoming Taiwanese film is cutely titled Sweet Alibis (甜蜜殺機) and I’m just waiting for the amusing excuses these bad boys are gonna spin out. It’s so nice to see a macho-looking Wu A Ge again. Age has done him good but of course, wrinkles aren’t healthy on anyone. It’s gonna be fun to see pea-sized Ariel Lin against the slew of big, bad criminals. To play their roles convincingly, the two actors underwent some basic police training in Taiwan, which is always a good thing to do research. The 1-minute preview is fun and feels quite old-schooled. Our hero and heroine are fresh out of the police academy and they just can’t wait to show everyone their skills, clumsy and all.

Stills from the movie:

It cracks me up that the two new cops are wearing super determined faces while the suspect appears bored/sleepy. 😛

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Eager for more work! Where did all the bad guys go?

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hehehe bad take.

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That girl in the background needs to be copped. She’s wearing no pants!

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Press Conference:

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Ariel looks adorable in her wardrobe. Like a peony. Some color on her lips would be great.

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  1. 4 thoughts on “Alec Su and Ariel Lin fight bad guys in new film

    What’s with the crazy outfits from the press conference? lol. Alec’s shirt…. I have no words for it.

    The trailer looks interesting though, a fun police buddy type movie? Looking forward to it.

  2. 4 thoughts on “Alec Su and Ariel Lin fight bad guys in new film

    LOL i love noobie cops. so eager and determined to catch the bad guys. that is one good thing about being new. not being jaded by the years of working.

    alec’s neckline wrinkles is no joke!!! ariel is still ageless! when will i spot wrinkle on her?

    im not really sure why designers designed dresses that are super short short. it’s like advertising for sexual attack.

  3. 4 thoughts on “Alec Su and Ariel Lin fight bad guys in new film

    Police stories are trending nowadays in Asia. Korea’s coming out a movie (with Seo In Guk) and variety show with the same theme soon. Always had madd love for a person in uniform, and my heart breaks for those who sacrifice in undercover ops.

    Hmm, I’m also intrigued how Miss Petite will play her rookie cop abilities. It can’t be pretty, well okay, I’ll give her that much credit but for sure it won’t be believable if she goes off being supercop for show. Her build?…. naaaaah~~ Well, I know for sure she can put down a bad guy with those OMG-wedges she’s stylin’ during presscon, WTH, like ouch, better than what she can do with a loaded gun. Did you really pay attention to the trailer? Enough said.

    It’s a bit weird seeing Alec with moss stuck on his babyface (even though his neckline proves otherwise). LOL~ His character cracks me up.

    The bad guys look dorky. This movie is set out for laughs; always a huge plus. Why after new year’s though? I guess 2 weeks before Lunar Year of the Horse (2014) ain’t shabby.

  4. 4 thoughts on “Alec Su and Ariel Lin fight bad guys in new film

    This will be a movie for laughs. Rookies are always amusing. I’m humming hey hey hey already.

    Every time I see your avatar Kat, I remember I haven’t finished BYL yet. *hangs head in shame*

    hehe, Robin just had to sneak in SIG’s name somewhere! 😛 The boy is busy working on films ain’t he?

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