Themesong Revealed: G.E.M for A Life Time Love, Lala Hsu for Rush To The Dead Summer

Yea…. that is my face too looking at the line-up for June Broadcast.

Lol. Dramas that are set to air in June one by one releases their themesong, so prepare your ears for some great songs this summer!

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Raymond Lam sings themesong for The Virtuous Queen of Han

 photo VQ4.jpg

Yes, you are the king, Raymond Lam. Having two dramas air at the same time in Hong Kong and Mainland China!

And I’m saying themesong just to be modest, cause he’s singing the ending themesong also, much to many dismay. I like his singing, so it’s not an issue with me. And he has officially left his maiden home at TVB as of this week. I’m not sad, if anything, excited for his future ventures. To be honest, he hasn’t been filming that many TVB dramas so the news of his leaving didn’t surprise me nor left a gaping hole. Moreover, like many other artists who left, he’ll eventually finds his back in a few years because nobody really leaves TVB without coming back. 🙂

Now, let’s promote Vincent Wong to leading man status. You heard him, he needs to invest in a house for his family!

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