Raymond Lam sings themesong for The Virtuous Queen of Han

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Yes, you are the king, Raymond Lam. Having two dramas air at the same time in Hong Kong and Mainland China!

And I’m saying themesong just to be modest, cause he’s singing the ending themesong also, much to many dismay. I like his singing, so it’s not an issue with me. And he has officially left his maiden home at TVB as of this week. I’m not sad, if anything, excited for his future ventures. To be honest, he hasn’t been filming that many TVB dramas so the news of his leaving didn’t surprise me nor left a gaping hole. Moreover, like many other artists who left, he’ll eventually finds his back in a few years because nobody really leaves TVB without coming back. 🙂

Now, let’s promote Vincent Wong to leading man status. You heard him, he needs to invest in a house for his family!


Raymond plays Emperor Wu. This brings back memories of his first emperor role in the hilarious time-travel drama, A Step Into the Past. His tvb drama, Line Walker, premieres on August 25th.

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His leading lady is Wang Luo Dan. A servant who is gifted by Emperor Wu’s sister to the King himself. She slowly rises to power, proving her worth and becoming Empress Wei. Those who have seen her, how’s her acting?

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Niki Chow as Emperor Wu’s older sister. They are the same age in real life.

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Shen Tai. I don’t recognize him but he was in Love Love with Yuan Kuan and Sunny Du.

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Jeremy Tsui plays Empress Wei’s ex-lover. He’s Niki’s real life boyfriend. Flawless choice, Niki. But I don’t recognize him either. He plays a role in the never-gonna-air drama Happiness of an Angel, alongside Ming Dao and Liu Shi Shi.

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Sub themesong by Niki & Richie Ren:

Themesong Music Video:

  • While I do not like the hair on the lady, the costumes are lovely.
  • I think it’s just me but I’m not very excited to watch this one. Weird feeling.
  • Did you catch Michelle Ye‘s cameo in the music video? She plays someone’s lover. Not Raymond’s. Sad.
  • Title of the song is “Behind the Glory.”
  • 47-episode Virtuous Queen is scheduled to hit your small screen on August 20th in 3 stations: Zhejiang Satellite TV, Dragon TV, & Anhui TV.

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  1. 4 thoughts on “Raymond Lam sings themesong for The Virtuous Queen of Han

    he’s like the ruler of china and hk in august!!

    this looks extremely…..boring. LOL

    when i hear palace drama with the word “virtuous” i want to scream. i want scheming female lead!! be evil! slap them all!

    • 4 thoughts on “Raymond Lam sings themesong for The Virtuous Queen of Han

      Plenty of evil people in the drama to balance ‘despicable’ virtue in this drama.

  2. 4 thoughts on “Raymond Lam sings themesong for The Virtuous Queen of Han

    Ancient dramas are never really my ‘thing’, but I’m watching it with an open mind. Going to be a busy August / September! Am I asking too much for original voice?

    Ahh Vincent Wong, I wish TVB would give him some theme songs to sing. He used to be a good singer….

  3. 4 thoughts on “Raymond Lam sings themesong for The Virtuous Queen of Han

    Frea, same here, same here. Most queens in harem stories are naturally “virtuous” anyway. -snickers-

    Kat, that is a lot of to ask! Maybe that will happen since it’s co-produced by HK and China? Only in August and September!? I’ve been stuck in the same busy mode for so long. Need a vacation! 😉

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