Extended Trailer marks Yuan Lai Xing Fu’s premiere on QQ

Fate Leads To Happiness (缘来幸福) or Yuan Lai Xing Fu tells the story of two stepbrothers with different approaches to career and love, and playing the said good-looking brothers are William Chan and Ma Tian Yu, making the choice of rooting for one bro that much harder. It will start airing through VIP channel on Tencent (QQ) today. Extended trailer below the cut!

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Ma Tian Yu and William Chan battle it out in Yuan Lai Xing Fu

I seriously thought this drama came out already and just a few days ago, we have another unofficial trailer floating around the net. Still sitting pretty on that shelf, I see. Can we please release these darn shelved dramas already?! My best translation of the Chinese title (缘来幸福) is Fate Leads To Happiness in English or Yuan Lai Xing Fu in Pinyin. The story in a nutshell: two brothers clashing in both love and work (what else is new?) I’m a little hopeful since William appears to have more than one expression (maybe Ding Yi is too boring of a character?!)

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Cruel Romance: Episode 1 Recap

Hey everyone! Please welcome Vanilladreamcream from Dramadreamland to our ship! She has graciously offered to help with recaps, alternating with another volunteer, which you will soon meet. Recapping is a tough job so do give her lots of love as this will be a long journey full of abs and ice-creams and she’s relatively new. – Kappy

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The wait for Cruel Romance is over…mark your calendar!

Yesh. I have resorted to begging now because the people behind this are clearly enjoying the pain inflicted on us!! Lordy. I know the name of the game is Cruel Romance, but no need to extract the cruelty from it and give it to us. I have plenty of drama pains, thank-you very much. This morning, a little bird told me, the date has been pushed forward. February 28th. DUN. DUN. DUN.

Have some stills while we charge through another month… of agony.

NOTE: More stills added 1.28.15 Will be doing so until it airs in this post.

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