Cruel Romance: Episode 3 – 6 Recap

Yep, we are beginning to write summary for each episode now. Time to catch up!

Just to clarify, some refer to Ying Dong respectfully as Ying Shao = Master Shao. Zuo Zhen is referred to as Er Ye = Second Master. The hotel where Jin Xiu is staying, owned by Ying Shao = Lion Grove.

Episode 3 & 4 RECAP: Pending Release… But here are pictures of that smoking scene. It does give new spin to the cliché hit-and-fall moment that usually results in accidental kisses and or awkward long stares.

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 photo CR4-6.jpg photo CR4-7.jpg
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Episode 5 RECAP (written by Ice Mocha):

 photo CR5-2.jpg

The episode continues with Zuo Zhen asking Jin Xiu to become one of his people. Jin Xiu refuses saying his men all look aggressive and that nothing good happens when they are together (after all those assassination attempts gotta agree with her here). He notices her wound so he fixes her up, and she again makes the point on nothing good ever happens when they are together.

 photo CR5-3.jpg

Back at Lion Grove hotel, Ying Dong refuses to let Jin Xiu do hard work. This is only because if Zuo Zhen finds out he will be in trouble. Ying Dong rubs Jin Xiu’s knee (at this point she thinks Ying Dong care about her but he is in fact under Zuo Zhen’s orders).

Ming Zhu examines the bullet which was found at the burnt down Rong household. She finds it strange how everyone died on that one night. It appears she is also curious on who the killer may be.

 photo CR5-4.jpg

Maeda and his teacher has a sword fight and Maeda loses. His teacher tells him that if he were the enemy, Maeda would’ve died. Maeda’s response: he would not block the strike if his teacher meant to kill him because apparently the teacher once saved his life and also taught him sword fighting. Maeda says his life belongs to his teacher. Teacher praises him on finding the stopwatch. Here we find out the stopwatch contains a list of secret society people that is protecting china and teacher wants Maeda to eliminate them all.

 photo CR5-7.jpg

Jing Ling and Ming Zhu visit Zuo Zhen. Their conversation is nothing of importance except here Ming Zhu finds out it was Jin Xiu who treated Zuo Zhen’s bullet wound and that Zuo Zhen will not let anyone bother Jin Xiu. Ming Zhu claims to not know Jin Xiu very well. She then leaves her servant to look after Zuo Zhen’s wounds and attend to his needs (this is so she could place a spy in his household).

Ming Zhu’s servant (I’m not going to bother finding out her name because she’s very annoying) has a crush on Zuo Zhen so she is happy to take care of him. They know they can’t make a move on Jin Xiu because she has Zuo Zhen’s protection so they are waiting for an opportunity.

Jin Xiu goes back to the church to see if she could find out more clues about her family’s murderers. After gathering more information from the priest, she realizes that he was not the same priest as before. She knew for certain that the priest she spoke to was Chinese and not western. The priest also mentions he was not there on the day she was at the church.

 photo CR5-8.jpg photo CR5-9.jpg

Maeda goes to a shoe cleaner, except the shoe cleaner has a secret identity and is actually part of the secret society. The shoe cleaner claims innocence, however, Maeda mentions that it is inscribed in the stopwatch and cold bloodily kills him.

 photo CR5-10.jpg photo CR5-11.jpg

Long Si again tries to take Zuo Zhen down by getting the elder to side with him and using Jin Xiu against him (knowing that she is Zuo Zhen’s weakness). Long Si blames Jin Xiu for making Zuo Zhen lose the medicine (episode 1), this dude should really come out with better tactics. Zuo Zhen says it was an accident and Jin Xiu is not to blame and that if they want to take her life then they will also have to take his. Before the elder makes a decision, Jin Xiu tells the elder that she can help him even though the medicine is lost. Elder considers this and tells her that if she can really make him better, he can spare their lives.

 photo CR5-15.jpg

Ying Dong has a headache and Jin Xiu massages his head. He remembers that Ming Zhu used to use a similar method and he then thinks of Jin Xiu as Ming Zhu and almost kisses her but is then interrupted…… Awkward to say the least. (Ying Dong does not love Jin Xiu, he sees her as Ming Zhu’s shadow).

Oh my god.. Abs… Abs… Now here comes the moment when Zuo Zhen proclaims his love… Incorrectly of course.

 photo CR5-18.jpg photo CR5-17.jpg

He DEMANDS (oh yes he did) Jin Xiu to be his woman! Oh my god…. I’m gushing! But she totally knocks him down. lol. She sarcastically asks if he has a fever, and he asks her isn’t this what she wants? He says that she rescued him many times and that she looks after him every day and isn’t that a sign of affection for a guy. And here comes the ouch part…. She replies it was merely accidental that she happens to save him.

 photo CR5-19.jpg

He forcefully kisses her but our female lead tells him that she does not like him. Aww poor Zuo Zhen you got shot down hard.

Ming Zhu’s servant, Jing Ling, having witnessed everything decides to force herself on Zuo Zhen. Ughhh I’m so disgusted… I can’t even… Ewww I’m so unimpressed. Zuo Zhen is also unimpressed. He pushes her away… Good on you Zuo Zhen!

Jing Ling reports back to Ming Zhu. Their only worry is that if Zuo Zhen was to keep Jin Xiu beside him then kicking Jin Xiu out of Shanghai will be a lot harder. Her servant then tells Ming Zhu that someone has seen Jin Xiu on Ying Dong’s lap.

Jin Xiu gets kidnapped by Zuo Zhen’s men.

 photo CR5-20.jpg

A jealous Ming Zhu goes to see Ying Dong (come on girl you have no right to be jealous). Ming Zhu tells Ying Dong that she is envious of Jin Xiu because she can stay beside him all the time and she correctly guesses it’s because Jin Xiu looks a bit like her; he sees Jin Xiu as her shadow. She wants Jin Xiu out of Lion Grove hotel, out of Shanghai and to be gone tomorrow. Ying Dong refuses. He reminds her not to forget who she is and that she belongs to his older brother. He does imply that they can have an affair but if his older brother finds out that she still has feelings for him, then she will lose everything (she’s clearly a gold digger).

 photo CR5-24.jpg

Jin Xiu gets thrown on top of Zuo Zhen, he forces himself onto her but stops when she tells him that even if all the men are dead in this world she still would not love him… Ouch x 100. He tells her not to forget what she said as she won’t get another chance with him.

A drunken Ying Dong starts hitting on a police chief’s woman. I think he is acting so irrational here, and no you don’t just go beating up random people and causing trouble. Jin Xiu witnesses Ying Dong being kidnapped. And Ming Zhu has been informed as well. Ying Dong is taken into the police station and locked up.

Episode 6 RECAP (written by a very sick and impatient Kappy with a friend):

 photo CR6-1.jpg

Our troublesome puppy, Ying Dong, is tortured in prison by the guards. (I actually don’t feel bad for him. He deserves it!) Punched in the face and slammed against the bars, he snaps ineffectually, “How dare you hit my face! If my big brother learns of this, he’s going to kill you!” This specific guard doesn’t care for their “cheap” money and continues to batter Ying Dong. Jin Xiu waits outside the entrance and even though Zuo Zhen’s car pauses nearby, he orders Shi Hao to drive on, remembering her words the other night when he forced himself on her and was denied. Dude. So wrong.

 photo CR6-2.jpg

After hearing that Mr. Xiang is away on a business trip, Jin Xiu has no choice but seeks help from the one man she promised not to ask for help from. I don’t know how she does it, maybe there are fire wheels attached to her heels, but she’s faster than Zuo Zhen’s car! He orders Shi Hao to keep driving straight even though she’s right in the middle of the lane like a lunatic with her arms outstretched. He screams “Halt!” seconds before the bumper crashes her fragile knees.

Zuo Zhen hops out of the car and grabs her collar, “Do you not want to live anymore?!”, but that somehow triggers pain in her knee (for sitting outside the police department all night) and she winces. Man, I think he needs to get his brain checked out too. She can walk but of course, he swoops down and picks her up bridal-style and carries her to his mansion and onto presumably his bed. He sternly repeats, “Sit there. Don’t move.”

 photo CR6-4.jpg

He returns with a medical kit and starts dabbing medicine onto her wound while she flinches from the pain. “You should take better care of yourself. Don’t always get hurt and show up injured in front of people because that would only bring them trouble.”

Without meeting her eyes, he reminds her of her own words, “You said you would never step foot inside this house, so what force on earth brought you here?” She calls him petty, those words were said out of haste. He’s a man so why is he measuring every tiny bit of details with a girl. He stops pursuing that topic. “Say, what is it?”

 photo CR6-6.jpg photo CR6-7.jpg

Her tone softens, “Can you please save Ying Shao…” which is when his eyes flit up to her face and his hand intently dabs harder into the wound, rendering a scream out of her. “You sought me out for this reason?” In a long-winded fashion, she explains how she saw Ying Shao captured and taken to the police department and yet the guards denied it. “Hurry and save him. Whether he’s alive or dead, no one knows…Isn’t he your friend, why aren’t you a bit concerned?” He glares at her, “Why is it related to you? Why are you in such urgency?” Jin Xiu: “Because he’s also my friend. Of course, I have to save him.” He wraps bandage around her knee while questioning her position in the matter. Why should almighty him agree to help a country girl like her? What could she possibly offer in return? “I can do anything! I can do it!… Unless it involves myself…” Dirty thoughts, Miss Virgin?

He’s offended. “You think I would accept any trash you throw my way? Who do you think you are?” Yea, well, she doesn’t think he’s all that, even though she’s here asking for his help. Then her stomach makes a grumble and Zuo Zhen orders Tang Hai to bring up some good dishes despite her protest, “Now is not the time to eat!”

 photo CR6-13.jpg photo CR6-14.jpg

Next, Zuo Zhen and his two right-handed men strut into the police station like they’re bosses. He exchanges casual pleasantries with the main guy, Chief Liu, and we learn that there’s a book with about a hundred names of the untouchable folks in society. Chief Liu believes that his people only captured two drunk men causing trouble this past night, no sight of Ying Shao at all. Zuo Zhen approaches him menacingly and speaks diplomatically about the consequences if something happens to his precious brother.

 photo CR6-16.jpg photo CR6-15.jpg

Liu Yu, Chief Liu’s son, is called in and slapped by his father when he denies apprehending Ying Shao. Liu Yu explains his side of the story, it’s Ying Shao’s fault for flirting with his dad’s mistress. Just when Chief Liu decides to allow the torture game of Ying Shao to last a bit longer, Ming Zhu’s entrance is announced. Opposite of Zuo Zhen, Ming Zhu comes bearing gift, though Chief Liu promises to let her scan their jail rooms, he makes sure his son store Ying Shao away first.

Returning home to a squeaky Jin Xiu, Zuo Zhen finds his precious food untouched on the table and tells her to eat it. I don’t know why she’s arguing with him. Her stomach growled earlier so he sent her food! Just eat woman. Ughhhhhh. She has to finish the food before he tells her what happened, and cue this ungrateful brat poking the food with her chopstick like a 12-year old. Lord, have mercy on me!

 photo CR6-18.jpg

Arms tied, Ying Shao’s torture continues with Liu Yu’s unending taunting – he drags Ming Zhu’s name into the bag and that’s a mistake already. “If she serves and makes me happy, maybe I’d let you go.” Ying Dong spits in his face. “Do you know what kind of man she likes? Here, come closer and I’ll tell you.” I can’t believe the idiot actually inches closer and have his ear bitten in one wolf bite.

 photo CR6-23.jpg

Investigations are done and Shi Hao reports to Zuo Zhen, confirming that the guy who fought with Ying Dong was Liu Yu. Time for Jin Xiu to nag, nag, NAG Zuo Zhen’s ears to save poor Ying Shao because the people at the police station all look very mean. Having enough of her nonstop input, Zuo Zhen whispers into her ears, “You really are a nuisance!”

Elsewhere boarding a train with a plan already in action is Mr. Xiang. He has two letters sent out. One to Zuo Zhen, one to the Japanese Representative. He wants everyone to know that not anyone can lay a finger on his family.

The first reaction – Japanese stores close down, this upsets Chief Liu but he’s intent on upholding the lies he told. Plus, he doesn’t think Zuo Zhen can cover the whole sky of Shanghai with his palm (do what the hell he wants.) At his mansion, Zuo Zhen receives the telegraph from Mr. Xiang, advising him to be cautious. To the impatient Tang Hai, he says, “I want Ying Dong to be released fair and square. Tang Hai, prepare a lavish gift for Chief Liu.”

 photo CR6-26.jpg

Tang Hai goes to Chief Liu’s office arrogantly and flings an invitation on his office table. Zuo Zhen wants to invite him to a meeting and Tang Hai is “honored” to be the designated driver. Zuo Zhen heads inside his car and Jin Xiu pushes his butt farther to free a spot for herself. He stares at her, and she won’t relent because he’s too hot-headed, what if he pours oil into fire while discussing the matter regarding Ying Dong’s safety? He grudgingly tells Shi Hao to begin driving.

 photo CR6-27.jpg

On the second floor of some restaurant, they have a chat and Zuo Zhen elaborately explains his way of the world, like the pure water in each of their cup, he wants to live life without going against his principles and conscience. “Let me be straightforward, when do you plan on releasing Ying Dong?” Chief Liu firmly stays on his lies which frustrates Jin Xiu and she chirps, calling him a liar, which is when Zuo Zhen excuses himself to chastise her. “If you trust me, then zip your lips! If not, don’t return to the room.”

When they return to the room, Zuo Zhen’s plan unveils itself when he takes out a pretty hair clip belonging to the woman who caused the trouble between the men that night. He doesn’t like it and has captured her (he lies and we find out later). Then he spills the beans on Chief Liu’s embezzlement of government funds. To top that off, Mr. Xiang’s influence has called on Chief Liu’s boss and he’s not happy. Clearly at the losing end, Chief Liu sips the pure water, admitting defeat, and saving his face one last time by claiming that, “Finding people is our job, expect Ying Shao soon.”

A battered Ying Dong greets Jin Xiu with his usual easy-going attitude and Zuo Zhen squeezes his arm, reprimanding him of his arrogance. “You better be careful next time, not every woman can be flirted with casually.” Ying Dong: “Don’t I still have you?”

 photo CR6-29.jpg photo CR6-31.jpg
 photo CR6-30.jpg

Zuo Zhen’s constipated face when he looks on as Jin Xiu throws puppy eyes at Ying Dong, and the latter inches closer and closer, as if giving her a kiss… cracks me up.

——————– END ——————–

Kappy: Man, man, man! I like the cast so much but these two episodes made every character so unlikable for me. Literally, everyone deserves a slap or a kick in their balls!

Book readers, can you shed light on Zuo Zhen’s experience in relationships? Is Jin Xiu his first? Him forcing himself on her not once, but twice, seems out of character.

  1. 18 thoughts on “Cruel Romance: Episode 3 – 6 Recap

    lol….. someone tell me how old jin xiu is supposed to be as well?

    Maeda needs more scenes!!! how come his scenes are so short and irrelevant to what’s going on!

    i didnt understand why he kissed her either. she just rejected you! did you watch too much dramas, er ye? lols.

    jing ling…. poor girl, can’t even finish stripping before she’s stopped. 😛

    thanks ladies for the effort!

  2. 18 thoughts on “Cruel Romance: Episode 3 – 6 Recap

    I really want to know if YD is a part of the secret society against the Japs, or did he disguise into the church because of ZZ to take the pocket watch from JX??

    I sorta feel sorry for Maeda losing his only love, who happens to be reincarnated as JX? Lost twin? Talk about reincarnation gone the Twilight Special way from Breaking Dawn Pt.2, yeah? Haha~

    LMAO @ speeding bullet JX compared to ZZ’s car. I don’t know how she was faster than his car reaching his mansion too. Shortcuts? Oh, his car only had 40HP back in the days and drives a max speed of 65MPH. Maybe ZZ’s minion took the long road or scenic route home?

    I just had to crack up seeing the cheap budget fake blood on Kimi dripping away during his torture scenes. LMAO! It looks like Kool-Aid mixed with honey.

    I liked the ending of ep.06 too. Seeing the jealous ZZ is fun to watch.

    Next 10 episodes ain’t any better, Kappy. I may have pre-mature Alzheimer’s for those episodes. LOL!

    • 18 thoughts on “Cruel Romance: Episode 3 – 6 Recap

      That would be awesome if his playboy image is only a disguise! 8D

      I’m pretty sure she has supersonic wheels in those heels. 😛

      Ain’t any better? Sigh ~

      EDIT// Huang Xiao Ming and Kimi on Happy Camp, for anyone who wants to watch!

      LOL@the weight balance game. hehehe. And HXM calling girlfriend Angelababy to do a mission but she hung up so quickly. OMGosh. Funny. And Kimi’s big laughs in the background.

      The last segment was so intense!

  3. 18 thoughts on “Cruel Romance: Episode 3 – 6 Recap

    Caught up with this drama since I have two days’ off. Things getting interesting at the end of Ep 22 and Ep 23 is just….. You guys will know when you get there. 😉

    • 18 thoughts on “Cruel Romance: Episode 3 – 6 Recap

      Why I feel like I’ll never make it there….

      • 18 thoughts on “Cruel Romance: Episode 3 – 6 Recap

        You will, Kap. It’s not a drama that you absolutely must watch asap if you do not have the time for it. Please take good care of yourself. We all want to see a healthy Kap functioning at 100% capacity! 😉 Btw, I have to admit to fast forwarding lots of unimportant scenes to catch up to the most current episode.

    • 18 thoughts on “Cruel Romance: Episode 3 – 6 Recap

      Last 4-5 episodes have too many lengthy fillers flashbacks.

      Good thing Maeda is very easy on the eyes. I love his hairstyle. He’s my reason I stay sane for this show that far along. LOL!

      Happy St. Paddy’s Day Drifters!

      cr: as tagged

      • 18 thoughts on “Cruel Romance: Episode 3 – 6 Recap

        You’ll start to cringe and hate Maeda by the end of ep 24 for what he’s about to do to Ming Zhu. Episode 24 is also an episode where you get to see our leads finally together. This episode ends with the culminating and turning point in the story. My guess is Ming Zhu may try to offer her little sister as the prize to Maeda in return for her freedom, knowing how Maeda is crazy over Jin Xiu. Jin Xiu in return might end up working for Maeda in order to free her sister from Maeda’s hold – the poor gal would have to choose between saving her sister or her love! That would explain why she’s dressed like an agent and pointing a gun at Zuo Zhen and jumping from explosions in some of the spoilers. Anyone care to share their theories on how the story will proceed?

        • 18 thoughts on “Cruel Romance: Episode 3 – 6 Recap

          That seems plausible! I hope it’s not because Jinxiu thinks that Zuozhen is the killer of her family! Actually there’s a lot of evidence online that says that. 🙁 I guess we can only wait and see.

        • 18 thoughts on “Cruel Romance: Episode 3 – 6 Recap

          Only Maeda’s story makes sense, everything else is still a mess. The terrible editing is chopping this puppy like for only highlights it seems.

          I’m still not impressed of JX’s cheongsam transformation and hair bun look. I know ZZ and JX are an item now by ep.24, the rice has cooked (haha~), but we need a wedding ritual first before all that stuff makes sense, ya know? Even if the wedding ritual is just in front of deity statue as their witness like the yester-years.

          Oh gawd, Maeda does look like he has a few loose nuts up in his noggin’ end of ep.24, doesn’t he? MZ’s life was destined to be a rough life. So, is it true then, your children will retribute what the parents (i.e. mom) taken in life?

          Theory? My hypothesis is that JX will continue to do stupid things for ZZ to resolve all the way to the finale. XD

        • 18 thoughts on “Cruel Romance: Episode 3 – 6 Recap

          I need to shower fast. I feel so bad for Ming Zhu. She’s up there in status but still so low in power and none of the men she knows could help her. T__T

          That’s a good theory Aryael. I like it better than Jin Xiu misunderstanding ZZ as her family’s murderer… That’s so cliche! The sisters need to resolve their story!

  4. 18 thoughts on “Cruel Romance: Episode 3 – 6 Recap

    Omg, feels like there’s a lot of cut in the scenes (like did Jinxiu treat Mr Feng in this ep..?) Hope the uncut version will be out soon. :/

  5. 18 thoughts on “Cruel Romance: Episode 3 – 6 Recap

    I am SO annoyed by all the flashbacks. It’s okay to cut all these scenes but add in 5+ min of flashbacks per episode. UGH.

    Not a fan of Lv Jia Rong’s character or her acting. Ying Shao’s character is a mess, and actually kind of extraneous.

    Another thing I dislike are the possessive male characters. E.g. Ying Shao’s brother…Ok apparently he ‘loves’ Ming Zhu but keeps tabs on her and says demeaning things to her. Also, Zuo Zhen’s ‘you are mine, your hair is mine, your face is mine, your body is mine”….Ok let’s tone down the creepy possessiveness here. In any other situation that’s a total red flag for you to run in the other direction.

    Other quips: For a show set in Shanghai, there’s a dire lack of good songs in the nightclubs. They can’t even lip sync properly, and they keep using the same song over and over (ho la ee lei hoo lei hoo la). Also, was it necessary to put JinXiu in stilettos? It’s so silly to see her trying to run away in those heels…plus isn’t she supposed to be some small town girl? Where is she getting all this money for her dresses and shoes?

    I feel like the show is getting worse and a bit more ridiculous, but Joe and HXM have great chemistry and keeps me watching.

    • 18 thoughts on “Cruel Romance: Episode 3 – 6 Recap

      You crack me up, xiaoxiu. I hope to read more of your comments coming episodes.

      I totally agree with you. Like WTF, JX gets bling-bling shoes made in the 21st century during the Turbulent Thirties? Darn you costume director! Get the eras correct. And right, where did all the new work clothes come from? Okay, we’ll be nice and assume… since the screeenwriter likes us to fill-in the blank… ZZ bought her a walk-in closet full of ensembles as a token to her new found job at M&H. Well, two pieces of clothing came from one of her girl friends though. Besides the point, I too am annoyed how and when did Cinderella get her Fairy Godmother.

      For a moment there, I thought the screenwriter was too obsessed with Fifty Shades (of Grey) for a while to imagine ZZ speak of those terms… `Mine∞`. LOL~

  6. 18 thoughts on “Cruel Romance: Episode 3 – 6 Recap

    Things start going downhill at episode 31 and episode 32 is just so…….
    All of a sudden, the lady who stood by her man through thick and thin turn into an idiot and in less than an episode’s time, decided she must kill the man she loves. Am I missing something here???? Sometimes these Chinese drama storyline can be too illogical; maybe because they ran out of story to tell but still need to make the 40+ episodes. *sigh*

    • 18 thoughts on “Cruel Romance: Episode 3 – 6 Recap

      I don’t know how you do it, Aryael? I can’t surpass ep.25 for some reason. This show ain’t a keeper.

      • 18 thoughts on “Cruel Romance: Episode 3 – 6 Recap

        By gritting my teeth and just fast forwarding to the parts where Huang Xiao Ming is (those are the main parts of the story). Really, he’s why I continue to watch but then you can’t really say I am watching the drama with the amount of fast forwarding I need to do. Lots of flash backs and insignificant scenes. I recommend fast forwarding if you are watching this drama. Just caught up to Ep. 38 and things are wrapping up pretty soon….I hope!

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