Terror reigns in Cruel Romance’s second trailer

I appreciate Shanghai TV Festival. All the upcoming dramas upping the anticipation and roping in sponsors and broadcast stations with lavish stills and unseen footage. It’s been awhile since I last talked about Cruel Romance, the period drama starring Huang Xiao Ming, Joe Chen Qiao En, Kimi Liang, and Qi Ji. A lot of torturing scenes and forceful kisses in this one. Everyone is trying to terrorize another person. But no one is allowed to put fear in the female lead because her man runs a gang and owns more than one gun. And he’s not afraid to use them. Maybe even two at a time. 😛

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Huang Xiao Ming and Joe Chen master the waltz in Cruel Romance

 photo 0301d1bc-9edc-4bc7-8ca2-d497fb3566cd.jpg

I’m no expert in dancing so if I’m wrong, forgive. But judging from the latest stills, one’s guess of Huang Xiao Ming‘s profession isn’t the mobster prince of Shanghai, but instead a dreamy dance teacher. Anyway, there’s no doubt this drama is gorgeous to look at….but let’s join my mantra, shall we?

pleasebegood! pleasebegood!! youmustbegood!!

I cannot stress this enough.

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Cruel Romance wraps up filming & releases more stills

 photo a8c70548-c6e7-4e9d-adb2-9abf95f96551.jpg
Too much photoshop, Joe is barely recognizable.

Can you believe it? They have finished filming a few days ago. O_O Chinese production teams are no joke when it comes to working and getting things done. I saw some photos during New Year on the set and the manpower required for each scene is crazy. Now stop playing coy and release it already! I’m dying to watch this mopey badass onsreen!

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Chen Qiao En involves in a Cruel Romance with Huang Xiao Ming

 photo CruelRo232.jpg

On the small screen of course.

Directed by Lin He Long (Miss Shanghai Sweetheart, Devil Beside You), Cruel Romance is currently filming in Shanghai, also set in 1930s. My my, if I have money lying around, I’d fly to Shanghai this season because it seems like ALLLLL upcoming Chinese dramas are being filmed in Shanghai at the same time. Chances of bumping into one star isn’t hard. No? But boy! AM! I! Excited! For! This! One!!! Gorgeous cast and lovely official stills. The slick trailer was shown at the press conference held a few days ago, which you can find at the end of this post. Joe Chen continues to shine every time I see her. Place her next to bad boy Huang Xiao Ming and we have our classic trope of all drama tropes. Hard-working fresh face, Kimi Liang Qiao, adds a youthful glow to the love triangle with his brand of good guy presence (or maybe it’s the long-term effect of Female Prime Minister?)

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