Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes


English Title: Cruel Romance
Chinese Title: 錦繡緣•華麗冒險
Cast: Qiao Chen En, Huang Xiao Ming, Kimi Qiao
# of Episodes: 45
Airing Days: TBA
Broadcasting Station: HunanTV
Synopsis: Adapted from a Republican-era novel called “The Fate of Jinxiu”, Cruel Romance tells the story of Rong Jinxiu, a country girl who travels to Shanghai in order to discover why her entire family was killed. Along the way, she meets triad leader Zuo Zhen, and after a series of accidents and misunderstandings, the two fall in love. Also vying for Jinxiu’s attention is businessman Xiang Yingdong, a businessman and close friend of Zuo Zhen. Ever protective of his woman, however, Zuo Zhen refuses to let other men even come close to Jinxiu – which ultimately pays off when a villainous Japanese man tries to finish off Jinxiu and her remaining family members. [Credit: Viki]

Note: Video files are encoded by me in 720p resolution. File Size = ~500MB
Subbing Group: Viki Team

♦ Episode 1
– 720p ZASK (Uncut Version)
– Stream Online here or here
– A forced kiss already in episode 1?!!
– Yes! I’ll be doing this in 720p! Hope you folks don’t hate me! 😀

ANNOUNCEMENT (3/9): Uncut version is NOT available right now. From what I gathered , HunanTv has absolute rights in airing CR. Other platforms that usually upload uncut versions (Sohu, Letv, etc) have to conform to their rights. We need to be patient. I’ll never stop looking. As you know, my one eye is an eagle eye!

Episode 2
– 720p ZASK

♦ Episode 3
– 720p ZASK

– 720p ZASK

– 720p ZASK

– 720p ZASK

– 720p ZASK

– 720p ZASK

Kappy: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Been waiting since forever!! And then got tricked multiple times. Lol. We all deserve a good crack once in a while to quench this ongoing thirst. So let it ripppppppppp!

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– Story:
– Chemistry:
– Acting:
– Directing:
– Entertainment Value:

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  1. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    Finally! It’s here. Waiting patiently for the video (here) and hopefully the subs (from Viki).

  2. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    wow, she met them all already? LUCKY GIRL. and how many boob-grabbing scene from joe to hxm? LOL

    – Story: ✪✪✪ mainly because we have seen this story before
    – Chemistry: ✪✪✪✪ kimi’s face. hxm preening non-stop of course joe always have chemistry with her men
    – Acting: ✪✪✪✪
    – Directing: ✪✪✪✪✪ love the action sequence! hxm looks good doing fighting scenes
    – Entertainment Value: ✪✪✪✪✪!!! HOTTTTTTT

  3. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    They attended a press conference this morning. Joe looks so dainty and quite daring, showing off her mid rift. 😀

    • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

      Nice! She let her beauty shine.. I envy Joe, that good figure.. Oh I want want her body!!

      She rush back to Taiwan today and shooting till midnight! Woppps so workaholic, girl really need a break.

  4. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    Oh my god it’s here and i’m going on holiday…of course. Ah well will have to wait till I get back! Binge watch! Cannot wait! Also if anyone finds .SRT Eng subs for this I would be forever grateful for the link!

    • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

      LOL! I’m definitely sure there will be subs. Enjoy the holidays and come back soon!

  5. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    OMG, I haven’t been this excited for a drama in a long time! Haha **Super Excited**
    My Chen Qiao En……! I’m coming…………!!!

  6. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    Do you know how many episodes they are airing per week?

    • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

      its following legend of fragrance slot so two per night except for weekend, one per night. i think

  7. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    For this drama only 720p is worthy for collection! XD Thanks for sharing!

    Btw I’m happy to find that the first episode flowed pretty well. Very fast-paced but it introduced us to the characters and the story properly and didn’t feel off like “The Lady and the Liar” (I never was able to finish that drama… basically only skipped and watched Tony Yang scenes, especially with him and Yang Rong <3 <3 .< )

    • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

      Yang Rong stole the show for me. I definitely like the second leads over the first.

  8. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    Yay! Been waiting for this drama since forever. Thanks Kap!!!

  9. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    I see a couple of sources but they are all from the TV version with logo and a huge drama name. Will wait for another few hours to see if the logoless version comes out. Gotta say I or WE ARE SPOILED! ^_^

    • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

      I love that you guys value quality 😀

      Kappy, did you get my email regarding recaps?

      • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

        Yea, we don’t want pretty things to be covered up. 8D

        EMAIL ABOUT RECAPS!?? Noooooooooo, did the empty vortex eat your email? 🙁 Please do try to send it one more time. Or I can email you using the email you used in the comment. ^^

        EDIT// Just checked the website. It didn’t reach my email but I see it now. Will reply promptly with a plan. 😀

  10. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    Chen Qiao En, the queen of chemistry. Have there ever been a drama where she has no chemistry with the male lead/other male characters in general? Will try to watch this raw tonight.

  11. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    ouh those pics so adorable..

    waiting for the engsub.. i have a long list of cdramas, but havent watched any since no engsub 🙁

    i like this cast and the storyline sounds okay to me. thanks for those pics guys 🙂

  12. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    I just saw the preview for tomorrow’s episode. WHAT THE. /squeals. By the looks of it this look a lot hotter and steamer than the Lady/Liar when the main girl tends the wounds on the male lead. *____*

    • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

      that is totally fan service!! lols. say, he has two right hand men who are much stronger and knowledgeable than her and yet she’s the one taking the bullet out when he’s nekkkidddddddd and sick? LOL!!

  13. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    OMG! I just finished the fourth episode and I’m at cloud nine right now. I AM TOTALLY FREAKING LOVING IT!!!

    – Story: ✪✪✪✪✪ (I’m simply loving it and really hoping there’ll be a happy ending!)
    – Chemistry: ✪✪✪✪✪ (The OTP is sizzling up the screen *fans herself*)
    – Acting: ✪✪✪✪✪ (Helloooo it’s Qiao Chen En and Huang Xiao Ming!)
    – Directing: ✪✪✪✪✪ (I was worried because directing have been sucking bonkers in cdramas, but so far so good)
    – Entertainment Value: ✪✪✪✪✪+ (It’s simply AWESOME! My one single asian drama crack at the moment!)

    So about the story, a lot of ppl seem to find this similar to “Lady and the Liar”, I even read an article listing the similarities so it’s a pity that “Cruel Romance” is airing right after “Lady and the Liar” ended… I hope that doesn’t mean ppl won’t be checking this one out because in my opinion “Cruel Romance” might be similar in some aspects but so different in other aspects and also SO MUCH BETTER. I had a big problem with the directing of “Lady and Liar”, no background info we were just thrust into the story and it felt very weird… as if I’d missed a prologue or something. Also, I couldn’t stand Hawick Lau’s character and how he took advantage of the amnesiac girl… so I guess the premise just bothered me. Huang Xiao Ming’s character is so much easier to root for and soooooo swoon worthy! OMG all those truly swoon worthy moments between him and Qiao Chen En’s character!!! Now here’s a director who GETS the fan service (but not at the expense of the story…. not really, I can totally by the coincidences and her stumbling into him all the time XD) and I love how they make it a running thing that the girl “accidentally” grabs the guy’s big chest *Bwahahahahaah! Go girl!* And aside from loving the OTP to bits already, I’m also liking all the other sidecharacters. No one is sticking out like a sore thumb for once.

    I really had high expectations for “Cruel Romance” and was really afraid the drama wouldn’t live up to it the hype I was building up, but I do think I can safely say that it’s surpassed my expectations so far. Now, I’m really hoping that things will keep being this good throughout the run with a HAPPY ENDING (no bad or the dreadful “open” ending that is invented to drive the viewers nuts). Wow, that was a very VERY long ranting XD I’m just so excited I had to share! Btw, does anyone know how “Cruel Romance” is doing rating wise? I hope it’s good!

    • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

      I wonder whose idea was it to have the chest grab every now and then. Surely, it’s a fantasy of someone naughty? 😎

      Cruel Romance won in the rating game. 1st place!

      • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

        Someone mentioned this before, but the director decided to use the chest grab every now and then because QE would do it off screen b/c she likes or is awe by Xiao Ming’s chest..LOL..the director thinks it could add a comical element to the drama that’s why they decided to use it! At the end of the day, it’s a win win situation for the fans, QE and the director! HAHAHA! Btw, I LOVE QE and XIAO MING’s chemistry!!! IT is OFF THE CHARTS! I also agree that Cruel Romance plot is much better than Lady and the Liar!

        • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

          LOL! This is way too funny! He worked hard to earn those babies, so they just let her grab them for comical element. hahaha X)

      • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

        YAY! Thanks for the info about the ratings game ^o^

  14. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    I heard that they won’t be airing episode 5-6 today because of some event. Is it true? OMG. I need to seriously watch them episodes NOW!!! Haha

  15. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    I really wish someone would sub this …I really want to watch it

  16. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    I love Chen Qiao En ….pls some subs…..ty

  17. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    Sigh.. I need subs!!

    Haha what is all the fuss about chest grabbing. Thanks to @miss unknown. LOL! So Qiao En loves big chest too? Kimi you heard it >__> Clever! I’m sure we enjoy it alottt. Entertaining to the max! XD

    Ok, Qiao En could have Xiao Ming’s abs. I’m happy with Qi Ji’s <3

    • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

      I was like wondering why he look so familiar. He was that main guy in this one drama with Zhao Li Ying. Damn he looks hot here. I mean he was pretty hot in the other drama but wow. Haha. I guess I’m being shallow as crap but so many much more good looking guys here than lady/liar. *___* okay i’ll stop comparing…

    • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

      Lol. I was gonna post the same picture Momo!! This drama is killing me with all the abs festival and prettiness! Plus, Qi Ji is tall as heck too.

      I still need to watch his drama with my cutie ZLY! They must be sooooooooo cute together. AH!!

    • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

      Haha yup all the abs festival and pretiness make me crazy happy *cloud 9* 😀
      I know why Qiao En had fun filming it. She involved with 3 handsome men, 2 of them have hot body and very muscular. I wonder did she grab Qi Ji’s too? Ohh I wanna touch the tattoo on his HOT!

      The only ZLY drama I ever watched was Boss&Me but that just not my cup of tea, I quit on ep 7. I like her eyes though.

    • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

      Oh my god, I love Qi Ji! Thanks for the pic… Holy crap…. I’m glad we get to see more of him in recent episodes! He is evil but with that face he can get away with anything. He is main reason I watch the show.

  18. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    Wow Thank you so much for taking up this project. This is probably the only C-drama I am dying to watch 😀
    I hope somebody sub this. By the way U still haven’t find the 720P without logo version right ?

    • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

      She downloads original broadcast size in 1080p around 3-5 Gb and encodes it down to 720p/540p. 🙂

    • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

      Yay! Get going…! Hope all the subbers get faster.. We should send turbo XD

      Tumbleintofantasy is so great! I’m reading her translated novel too.

  19. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    I’ve watched all the episodes from YT but I think there are some cut scenes.. 🙁
    In ep 8, there are flashbacks which I’ve never seen before.
    I hope we will have full episodes in here.. 🙂

    Thank you for your hardwork.. Everyone here is AWESOME!!!

  20. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    Kap, have you get the uncut version? I might get it. If you want where can I send you an email?

    • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

      Momo, you can send me an email through Contact Me page. That way, our emails are safe.

      EDIT// Just for those wondering, its not the uncut version. Hunan is monopolizing again.

      • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

        what do you mean by it’s not the uncut version. So the videos we are seeing online aren’t the uncut version?
        Why does chinese dramas how so many different version?

      • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

        oh miss vanilla….you’re new here! lols.

        its common to us now…different broadcast stations cut the drama differently….mostly according to their schedules. you can tell cut from uncut from the time frame…each episode is 45 mins unless stated otherwise.

  21. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    Kindly inform me where i can watch this series uncut. so excited to watch the next episode.

  22. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    Qi Ji filmed Xi Dian Yuan Yang and Zuo Dian Yuan Yang with Zhao Li Ying before with total 50 episode.

  23. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    Hi all!
    Are they not airing any new episode today? Does anyone know?

  24. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    OK, so far Jing Xiu hasn’t been annoying me too much (although she certainly could grow faster)… but she became a full blown annoyance in episode 12 with the whole bracelet thing, that really made me angry and that was surprisingly callous of her to do (both time). I even found it a bit off character, it felt like she was displaying some spoiled rich girl’s attitude which we haven’t seen before… is it just me? Although I think I found a cut scene from one of the trailers that explained her second behavior of the day, see below after spoiler alert

    **** SPOILER ALERT ****
    1) It was really insensitive of Jing Xiu to just give away the bracelet when she’d originally intended to return it. And she was so easily manipulated to it give away that I wanted to strangle her. Sure enough, she didn’t know the meaning behind the bracelet but if she didn’t want to keep and meant to return it, then it’s not hers to give away either. She owes Zuo Zhen at least that much respect after everything she KNOWS he’s done for her (not to mention all the things he’s done for her without her knowledge)

    2) The second cruel thing she did, when she demanded that bracelet back and threw it to the floor breaking it into pieces… OMG she totally broke Zuo Zhen’s heart and when he kneeled down to pick up the pieces my heart totally broke for him. I get that she was angry that he’d barged in her room the day before and had been fuming mad at her about the bracelet thingie (didn’t help that she was obnoxious about it) and then threw those flowers from Ying Done and pushed over a chair before stomping off. But he hadn’t DONE anything else so I didn’t get was why she was sobbing in fright and going on about being bullied after he’d left… but then I found a cut scene (from one of the trailers) where Zuo Zhen was forcefully kissing her and being very ungentlemanly and that explained a lot. Cutting that scene made it seem like she was being unreasonably angry and cruel when she smashed the bracelet but WITH that scene in mind, I find her anger and action much more understandable. Although Zuo Zhen is a good guy deep down and so swoon worthy in his own right, but he is also flawed and that kind of behavior hardly helps in winning a girl over.
    **** END OF SPOILER ****

    I totally can’t wait until Jing Xiu finally discovers everything Zuo Zhen has done for her and I also can’t wait for her to mature a lot more and actually BE of help instead of always being on the receiving end.

    • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

      Omg! I am so with you on this one. Episode 12 was so horrible, to the extend of me wanting to give up watching the show a little bit.

      First of all, it is so obvious ZZ and RJX are not meant to be. Like common, he needs a person who can understand him (he is going through a lot and he needs a girl who can support him, instead of always bringing troubes).

      I feel like I have watched all 12 episodes, but still no improvement on RJX’s part. She is basically being a kid and getting free rides. I am obviously watching the uncut version, so I may miss some details BUT as far as I know, she is really annoying. At some extend, I can understand some of ZZ’s behaviours because he is (kind of) in the mafia, so for sure he has a different perspective when it comes to love, violence and friendship. And there is nothing wrong in wanting the girl to be by his sides instead of always being the only one suffering.

      Another thing I don’t understand in the show is how RJX can have so many talents (piano, medecine, recognize parfum, she is educated, can read, etc.) but she still always need the help of others to find a job/house etc. Argh. that annoys me so much.

  25. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    Lol I actually mentioned this on another website, I don’t understand how Zuo Zhen can like Jin Xiu so much. Sure she saved his life few times, but he also saved her backside more than few times. Also the part where she gave the bracelet away, I thought wtf. Ok, so That Xin Lin girl has always been mean to Jin Xiu, and all of a sudden they sit down and chat and she gives away the bracelet like wtf man, the girl isn’t even her friend. And later when Jin Xiu goes to Ming Jue house to ask her be model for her company, that Xin Lin girl was like all bitchy again… It was like “the sit down girl on girl chat” thing never happened.

    I’m starting to hate Jin Xiu character. She’s naive and come on! Who would even be that nice as to give her a luxury room to live in? You think she be wiser by now. I’m so annoyed with the way her character is portrayed. And from trailer you see her follow a guy in an alleyway… Wtf man???? Supposingly he is the lead to her parents killers… Is it wise to even follow the man with no backup??? I’m going to be even more annoyed later because apparently later she thinks Zuo Zhen is her parents killer and she wants to kill him later… Like omg!

  26. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    I found this link… the length for episode 11 and 12 seems to be slightly longer as compared to the TV version not sure if this is the uncut version/slightly lesser cut scene version?

  27. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    When or what episode do you think that they are going to hook up? I am tired of the cat and mouse chase. Honestly, just start the romance already.

  28. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    LOL~ I knew ep.12 would be the death of me. Stupidity gone to infinity and beyond!

    What kind of man goes and gives his family heirloom to one of his minions to do his bidding for him!?! Where’s ZZ’s sincerity? How many times has he dated JX to go and give this precious family treasure to the girl? And, again, why didn’t he give the albino jade bangle to the girl himself? I don’t blame JX for being a biatch towards ZZ, because ZZ was capable of having the balls to tell her his true intentions even if he needs to shout it out and school her about it, it’s not the first time he had stake claims, but the idiot was too drunk when he met her to make any sense in that encounter. He goes and gets jealous over some flowers to his bangle? Well, at least YD was more clear about things than ZZ. I wouldn’t even given much credit to that bangle than the flowers, however I wouldn’t be so dense to give it away to another girl for favors to get close to my lost sister; it’s like JX has no backbone. *tugs at hair out of frustration* I’d return it back to its rightful owner no matter what, although I prefer to throw it to his face since I would hate his guts for being insincere in the first place. Then, their misunderstandings continue to spiral out. How unnecessary!?!

    This darn writer is… delusional. So this sort of krap makes it 40+ episodes. LOL!

    • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

      Oh, and here’s the first official MV — 【缘】 FATE by 黄晓明 (Huang Xiao Ming)

    • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

      Yeah, I gotta agree with you about Zuo Zhen not handling the whole bracelet thing well to begin with when he handed it to his underling to pass it into Jin Xiu’s hands… that did bother me when I was watching the episode, but then I kinda forgot about it in the aftermath (hahaha so biased of me)

      Please no more stupid misunderstandings like that… I don’t think I can take more of those. I’m already dreading the part when she somehow mistakes Zuo Zhen to be her family’s killer (how on earth is that to come about??? I can’t even imagine it) At least give us lots and lots awesome memorable OTP moments when they are passionately AND mutually in love that we can store up in the wake of that dreadful turn of events.

  29. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    download link still not available??? **puppy eyes**

  30. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    I just finished episode 14 and THANK GOODNESS for Hai Tan (I think that was his name), he’s not just a comedic relief but also a voice of reason! I loved it when he scolded Jin Xiu and seriously all the bromances between Zuo Zheng and his “underlings” are so heartwarming <3 <3 <3

  31. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    It’s hard to find an uncut version, so download links are unavailable so far. I think Kappy is trying to search though…so we’ve to wait patiently. By the way, the OST of this drama is out and available for download…hehehe

    • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

      Kappy’s got her hands all over it already. She’ll get around sharin’ that soon.

      • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

        Oh really…great to hear that. Hopefully she’ll share it out the soonest….hahaha….coz everyone couldn’t wait anymore

  32. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    I heard Hunan TV cuts alottt, particularly on Ep12 they cut important scene due to SARFT new regulations. Aww thanks to their strict cencorship I just wait the uncut version, afterall I need to wait the subs.

  33. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    Yes, Momo. Now days Mainland dramas quite lots of cut versions. I’ve almost getting frustrated on watching both cut & uncut versions. I don’t think the uncut versions will be come out very fast, normally as I know you’ll have to wait few months or half year or a year to get to watch the uncut versions/full versions. Like an example, the Lady and the liar, especially episode 9 & 10, am still searching the uncut version but however it didn’t have. So what disappointed me. Haiz……just watch these dramas on website, youtube.

  34. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    No, no, no… why are you making me hate YD, show? I like Kimi, I don’t want to hate him for being cruel to the innocent lamb. Nooo.

    Ep.15-16?… meh! I’m still waiting for some revelation. Too subtle… too boring… for me. Next episode should get more interesting though. About time!

  35. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    Holy Choco Abs! Maeda gots ’em (ep.17).

    • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

      I saw this and it is the DVD version (someone can verify to see if some deleted scenes are included.) But I won’t be downloading from youku. Chances are someone will upload the source soon and I’ll encode from there. 😉

      • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

        hi.. i have verified.. it is the uncut version. 😀

        I’ll wag me tail here for the good news of download links made available (finalllyyy)

        thanks kaptain~

        • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

          Somehow when I want to go back and verify the flashbacks (some include missing scenes in the TV version), I can’t seem to find them in the DVD (Youku) version. Not sure now if the “DVD” version on Youku is the full version.

        • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

          Hunan could have added those flashbacks as well to fill the time frame.

      • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

        LETV and Iqiyi’s uncut version are of much higher quality than Youku version. LETV and Iqiyi’s resolution is pretty good for a video site (I actually think they’re even better than those PT sites recorded version).

  36. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    I checked and I think its the cut version. Some scenes are not inside.

  37. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    where i find english subtitle? please help me.

  38. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    I saw on the facebook page that 江西衛視 will broadcast the uncut version starting on May 10th. Not sure if this is true or not.

  39. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    I watched the first episode today (江西衛視 version), and the cut scenes were there. Hooray!

    • 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

      Awesome! Will be on the lookout for those good quality raws. =)

  40. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    Hi cathy, where can i watch the (江西衛視 version) of cruel romance??

  41. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    Still don’t have link to download????

  42. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    Just finished watching this series. I must say the Hunan TV version is terrible. As someone stated previously, many scenes were cut and at very important parts too. I am also wondering if the many flashbacks that it had were not a by-product of the broadcast station trying to meddle with the airing time.

    SPOILERS (probably)
    Overall, it is a great series with a lot a chemistry between the lead characters. There is also an interesting side story with the supporting cast. However, it ends prematurely and sometimes did not receive enough airing time to develop its characters and their own story to the fullest. What a shame!
    I feel that the ending was too rushed. What could and should have been a 2-3 episodes plot was cut down to 1! It’s like they give you a delicious cake but ask that you eat it whole. I wish to have a more thorough and lengthier ending, not a makeshift ending that cut my life short!

    My rating for Cruel Romance:
    – Story: 6/10 (typical bad boy and innocent girl story)
    – Chemistry: 8/10 (Qiao Chen En and Huang Xiao Ming performed very well but the supporting cast was also fantastic)
    – Acting: 8/10 (some very emotional scenes, guarantee to make you teary-eyed)
    – Directing: 6/10 (mostly due to a rather weak to non-believable plot, some interesting but short-lived sequences)
    – Entertainment Value: 8/10 (still worth every minutes of your time!)

  43. 86 thoughts on “Cdrama: Cruel Romance Episodes

    Anyone can share the uncut version? I’m super curious especially the part RJX fired at ZZ…sooo sad….

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