Cdrama: The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Episodes

Why am I still here…. Lol. Even the songs are the same. *side eye*

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The Legend of Chusen: Episode 1 “A Hero’s Path.”

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Already, the show is out for the hero’s blood using the tried-and-true method of killing off the protagonist’s loved ones and leaving him in a strange and hostile environment. But our underdog is foolishly kind and like attract like. Pretty good for a first episode.

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Cdrama: The Legend of Chusen (Jade Dynasty) Episodes

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The Legend of Chusen reveals long Trailer at Press Conference

They are definitely going all out to promote this series! Their press conference is impressive! They have limousine lined up and arriving on a red carpet with flashing cameras and a group of excited reporters on the side. The posters hung at the venue indeed have August 2nd imprinted on them so there we have it guys, a date from the production themselves! Moreover, enjoy some live performances of the songs and a long extended trailer. ^__^

I do have a sincere request to throw out there… any volunteers to recap this series for AVV? Please contact me!

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Richie Ren sings for The Legend of Chusen Soundtrack

Nice!! The song gives me mixed feelings mainly because the beats remind me of the good old days of themesongs back in 2000s, though it hasn’t struck the right spot for me yet. I know many didn’t like Richie Ren‘s performance in The New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung, but I absolutely adored his beautiful love interests in that version. And the themesong sung by him remains in my fond memories and playlist till this day. I just need to replay this song a few more times to really, really, love it.

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The Legend of Chusen Cast Persevered Through the Winter

Is it only me but the closer we come to July, the most anticipation I create for The Legend of Chusen? In the beginning, I was pretty lukewarm with the series, but now I’m counting the days off. Temporary air date has been rumored to be July 17th on HNTV. They released a BTS video a few hours ago with some more stills (of the same cast members, Lol.)

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Li Yi Feng rants passionately in The Legend of Chusen’s trailer

YAY! First trailer is out everyone! And it’s a pretty interesting concept, having the male lead rants passionately at how everyone is all up in arms about being labeled white and black (aka good and evil) and neglects the results of their actions: unnecessary deaths. It’s a damn good trailer and I like how his voice displays strong feelings on the subject because heavens know we have a lot of grievances with the good sects being portrayed as the total opposite in recent wuxia-themed dramas. Let them two-faced burn in hell! hehe.

Bring it on!

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The Legend of Chusen Gallery Part 1 (Cdrama, 2016)

Welcome on the set of The Legend of Chusen (诛仙青云志)! Of course, Zhao Li Ying wasn’t there because despite being the last main character to join the set, she’s completed all of her scenes last week. Four things we learned from this fans’ invasion: 1) No kiss scene. 2) Both ladies are co-female leads but this is no longer important because we have established that before and the story is male-centralized anyway. 3) They will respect the original storyline aka who needs to die, will die. 4) Shu Chang cameos as a beautiful nine-tailed fox.

LAST UPDATED: 4/20/16.

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