Li Yi Feng rants passionately in The Legend of Chusen’s trailer

YAY! First trailer is out everyone! And it’s a pretty interesting concept, having the male lead rants passionately at how everyone is all up in arms about being labeled white and black (aka good and evil) and neglects the results of their actions: unnecessary deaths. It’s a damn good trailer and I like how his voice displays strong feelings on the subject because heavens know we have a lot of grievances with the good sects being portrayed as the total opposite in recent wuxia-themed dramas. Let them two-faced burn in hell! hehe.

Bring it on!

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The Legend of Chusen Gallery Part 1 (Cdrama, 2016)

Welcome on the set of The Legend of Chusen (诛仙青云志)! Of course, Zhao Li Ying wasn’t there because despite being the last main character to join the set, she’s completed all of her scenes last week. Four things we learned from this fans’ invasion: 1) No kiss scene. 2) Both ladies are co-female leads but this is no longer important because we have established that before and the story is male-centralized anyway. 3) They will respect the original storyline aka who needs to die, will die. 4) Shu Chang cameos as a beautiful nine-tailed fox.

LAST UPDATED: 4/20/16.

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Official Posters of Zhao Li Ying in The Legend of Chusen

A beautiful start to my day! Lol. I can go to work with a dancing heart. Boss, a happy employee is coming your way! =D You see? I’m very easy to please… Anyway, with Zhao Li Ying on board, the whole main cast is finally assembled. Looks like she knows she won’t live long cause on her weibo, she said, “For/Because of Love, I can die without regret.” We know, girl, we know. xD

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