Thai Lakorns: Suparburoot Jutathep Series OST

Our dear spazzer Frea requested this soundtrack. Like you guys already know, I don’t know much about lakorns so I’m clueless on who’s portraying who. But Frea fills me in, explaining that it’s a 5-part series, each part featuring a brother from the “gentleman” family. I just have to snicker at that subtlety. 😛 Which also means each boy does get a girl, no brother is involved in a messy love triangle with his bro. Well, that’s always good news.

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Friday Freebies (1)

Happy Friday!

The fancy name is Friday Freebies (FF) but in actuality, I was lazy and didn’t want to make a post for each soundtrack listed below. Some were requested, some are new. This is a post to share goodies, so if anyone wants to upload something from their secret music collection, feel free to do so!

Look, I’ve invited puffpuff’s parents to dance off this awesome weekend!  photo mama.gif  photo tumblr_inline_mgb2k3pAdP1rx2fz3.gif

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