Run, Brother: Episode 9 “Great games!”

This episode cracks me up and this is me not understanding much. The cast sizzle with chemistry and jokes and new games! They have been repeating many games from Running Man, so I’m so glad that the PD decided to try out new games to great results and great pains. We love seeing people in pain.

Episode 9 Thoughts:

All about the Queens. Angela is one and the two other ladies are guests. The shorter girl is Evonne Lin, and we have seen her in episode 2, coupled with Jerry and they matched so well. The tall girl with long hair is model-turned-actress Lynn Hung. One male guest to take Wong Cho Lam’s place for today’s episode is Shen Ling.

I was in stitches after this segment of Whack-A-Thief. The queen from each team stands in the center with a blow-up hammer and gets to whack the other team members if they dare lay hands on her corn. So funny.

Evonne is a hoot to watch. She’s so fierce and unafraid of pounding the other ladies. XD

 photo RM9-1.jpg

Lynn is so tall so she doesn’t need to hop like Angela to get the corn. Here she is casually showing off a model’s advantages. Angela is rightfully miffed. Cutely though. 🙂

 photo RM9-2.jpg

 photo RM9-3.jpg

 photo RM9-5.jpg

 photo RM9-6.jpg

 photo RM9-7.jpg

 photo RM9-8.jpg

Evonne’s teammates, Michael and Jerry, enjoying the whole scene before them.

 photo RM9-12.jpg

 photo RM9-13.jpg

Bao Qiang (here on out to be called Bao Bao) is freakin adorable!

 photo RM9-15.jpg

Angela singing her version of improvised lyrics to “The Little Apple” by Chopstick Brothers. This song tickles me. But a closer look at the music video tells us a sad story between the couple!

 photo RM9-16.jpg

Because Jerry is behind Angela’s back, she doesn’t pay attention to him much, and he is like a happy bunny gathering corns. Until Ryan and Bao Bao calls for her attention.

 photo RM9-17.jpg

 photo RM9-18.jpg

GIFS! I’m still laughing!! Imagine the Korean Team playing this and Kwang Soo having the most fun whacking Kim Jong Kook. Or Sparta taking off his head with one whiff. LOL.

 photo RM09_Gif1.gif photo RM09_Gif2.gif

What did I say, Evonne doesn’t play around. Angela’s face when she gets whacked! 😀

 photo RM09_Gif3.gif photo RM09_Gif4.gif
 photo RM09_Gif5.gif photo RM09_Gif6.gif
 photo RM09_Gif7.gif photo RM09_Gif8.gif

The third game that they play is fun but looks so exhausting for the other teams because they have to generate the waves/bumpy obstacles with their own legs! Yikes, poor muscles!

 photo RM9-19.jpg

 photo RM9-20.jpg

 photo RM9-21.jpg

The last game – nametag ripping with the men blindfolded and taking turns to carry their queen. Angela puts on an impressive fight when Evonne and Lynn team up on her. It’s intense, just look at Michael’s face. And poor the guys, subjected to the girls’ unintentional hand slaps. Lol.

 photo RM9-22.jpg

 photo RM9-23.jpg

 photo RM9-24.jpg

 photo RM9-25.jpg

 photo RM9-27.jpg

Angela needs to be faster and more tactical when her remaining opponent (Lynn) has longer arms and hence reaches for her back more easily.

 photo RM9-33.jpg

 photo RM9-34.jpg

 photo RM9-36.jpg

 photo RM9-39.jpg

 photo RM9-40.jpg

But it’s a cute ending nonetheless when everyone hugs it out. 🙂 Deng Chao’s proud face!

 photo RM9-41.jpg

 photo RM9-42.jpg

 photo RM9-43.jpg

Awww. ^^

 photo RM9-44.jpg

  1. 5 thoughts on “Run, Brother: Episode 9 “Great games!”

    no subs yet!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

    the gifs look so funny!!

    that is one crazy pose for angela and the model…!!

  2. 5 thoughts on “Run, Brother: Episode 9 “Great games!”

    This was my favorite episode since the episode they went to Korea. All the gifs from the hammer game are hilarious.

  3. 5 thoughts on “Run, Brother: Episode 9 “Great games!”

    The gifs look so funny! Definitely will be checking this episode out. I love 謝依霖, I remember the episode when she first came as a guest is also pretty funny. I feel like Chinese RM is finally getting their footing.

  4. 5 thoughts on “Run, Brother: Episode 9 “Great games!”

    They are indeed gaining their footing and the chemistry is off the roof in this episode!

    Evonne is hilarious. When she did the eye-roll at the end and told the PD to WATCH YOUR MOUTH for making fun of her team. She even asked Bao Bao to fake-hold her so she could fake-fight the PD. LOL XD

  5. 5 thoughts on “Run, Brother: Episode 9 “Great games!”

    THE GIFS!! OMGF. I can’t.

    Angelababy is redefining her character in the showbiz through this show. She’s just relaxed and full of cuteness!

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