Full House Gone Lakorn

I’m gonna make this short and sweet. Remember them (Song Hye Kyo and Rain)?

I must be one of the late comers to this presumptuous global domination. One of Korea’s Hallyu rom-com dramas Ev-Ur, Full House, has gone lakorn. Is this Thai version gonna get its very own Lakorn Effect?

Darn you pretty people. By the looks of things, this fresh lakorn rom-com couple perhaps are kindred spirits to the original Korean leads.

Ab-liciousness Thai-Japanese Mike Pirath and Doll-like Thai-Chinese Aom Sucharat are the next great OTP of Asia, don’t you agree?

I have a confession, I’ve skimmed a few previews from this cable show, วุ่นนัก รักเต็มบ้าน (Woon Nuk Ruk Tem Baan). My ship has sailed South-East. Gonna be my FIRST lakorn too. YAY! I’ve finally crossed over. I haven’t seen the Pinoy version, nor the Vietnamese and Taiwanese remakes. But let me tell ya, this lakorn seems to follow true to its original Korean story board. Thank goodness for that! Any hardcore Full House fan know what I’m talkin’ about? The house by the lake, the cars, the hairstyles, the clothes, the chemistry, the attitudes, and some are all so familiar. Now here’s the trick. I need to make time for the show. Argh!! And this doesn’t help, when I’m already in love with the music scores and theme song. Ah. Suckered. In. I know, the darn song has been on repeat ever since I’ve first heard it (that’s just been a few hours ago). My white headphones are feelin’ hot and burnin’. LOL!

The great news, is that you and I get to watch this Thai cable drama about the same time as their domestic fan base do. No waiting!?!… Well, maybe a little bit of waiting if you need subs to understand this beauty. Here. Waves. Yogiyo. Moi. Does.

Head over to the Official TrueVisions YouTube channel for the free show in HD. Double darn you pretty people. Or, if English proficiency is required then skip over to Viki to lessen the pain. LOL! ‘Cause being lost in translation is never a good idea.

Check out the official ending theme song below:

If you need the English/Chinese translation then check out Aom Sub Team‘s work.

Download: Oh Baby I (TV Drama version feat. Aom Sucharat)
Download: Oh Baby I (Instrumental version snippet)

In case you wanna hear the original (slower) version from Mike D. Angelo (Pirath’s stage name), then check out his original MV. I read there are two more singles off his solo mini-album inserted in this drama. Click and LISTEN to one [ Download 1 ] and two [ Download 2 ].

Did you know, my first three Kdramas were Attic Cat, Full House, and MISA? Well, now you do. Those started it all for me. Yesh, I feel we’ve bonded. Heh~ This may be a shocker, but I watched Full House for Song Hye Kyo more than for Mr. Abs himself, Bi. How about you? And, have your sails set South-East like moi for this?


Yeah, I know you just can’t resist CHOCO ABS? He had deeper cuts in his Official MV though. =p

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    This is Keane’s sister. She probably doesn’t know it yet but Mike Angelo’s original version is the opening theme song.

    Download: OH Baby I – Mike D. Angelo 192k [Reup’d for my sis 150601], sorry, that’s all I got.

  2. 20 thoughts on “Full House Gone Lakorn

    Oh boy. You ladies gotta stop posting pictures of pretty people and soothing songs! So many dramas and yet so little time.

    Your first lakorn? Congrats! I really need to give lakorn a try before Frea becomes impatient and implode! It’s been 2 years since her fervent attempt in persuading me.

    The actor Mike looks very pretty and vampire-like while his leading lady appears quite sweet!

    Keane’s sister?!

  3. 20 thoughts on “Full House Gone Lakorn

    This is your first Lakorn? Good choice! Aom and Mike are really sweet and funny. Just wait till you watch the end of episode 14. That ice cream was so ……… ahhh 🙂

  4. 20 thoughts on “Full House Gone Lakorn

    There’s no way of avoiding it, Kappy. Whatever we choose to watch, there are more pretty people than any other in that industry.

    My sis finally posted a comment!?! So, that’s why she wanted to use my pc. Hey, I knew but I was waiting for 320kbps. That’s just me.

    I believe we have another reader who goes by Rei as well.

    I saw the stills for the ice cream scene, kabugbug. Many fans use it for their avatars even. I can’t wait to start on this drama. ^ , ^

    I’m making good use of Good Friday. Just had sushi for lunch. Gonna grab a scoop of ice cream to absorb the sunshine with a big smile. 😀

  5. 20 thoughts on “Full House Gone Lakorn

    nononononoon, kappy you shall not watch this LAKORN UNTIL YOU HAVE WATCHED MY RECOMMENDATIONS!!! i will consider this a betrayal since you promised! 😎

    im not as addicted to this version as I had hoped……maybe i should give it a few more tries….does aom downgrade her overreacting expressions? cause i was at the edge of palming her a few times!

    mike is pretty but his lakorn voice is wonderful. heheheheh

    • 20 thoughts on “Full House Gone Lakorn

      Alright….alright….. XD

  6. 20 thoughts on “Full House Gone Lakorn

    Mike is fully Thai. Aom got the look from her mom who is 100% Thai too.

  7. 20 thoughts on “Full House Gone Lakorn

    Funniest SH*T ev-ur…….. worth watching the entire show for this clip alone, IMHO.

  8. 20 thoughts on “Full House Gone Lakorn

    I just marathoned this larkorn in 3 days! It was my first larkorn so I didn’t know what to expect…but I absolutely loved it! So much cute chemistry between the leads and cute,funny moments! And yes, the main song has also been on repeat these past few days. Oh baby I think that I’m falling in love with you..♪ ♥

  9. 20 thoughts on “Full House Gone Lakorn

    I marathoned this lakorn as well. Having finished it, I dare say that this is the best version of Full House….better even than the original Korean version. I never got it why the Korean Full House was so popular. Sure, it was good but it was not “OMG!” good. Bi’s acting left much to be desired and the main actress was not the best around either.

    This lakorn, while following closely the original storyline, also included so much more chemistry and memorable scenes between the two leads. While watching this, you will come to the conclusion that it makes sense for both of them to end up together but with the original Korean Full House – you do question to a certain degree, Bi’s sudden turn around from his decades’ long crush with his childhood sweetheart towards a woman who nags and whine for a living. In this lakorn, the main actress was given a much loveable character. The trade off, however, is the arc about the main actress’ career, though a short note at the end informed the audience that she was gaining success as a writer and the couple is recognised as a loving celeb couple in Thailand. In short, this version of Full House is a sweet product. If you haven’t suffer from drama diabetes, this lakorn is just the right one for you! 😉

    Thank you, Keane for bring this lakorn to our attention. Although I had watched a few Thai lakorns and films, I do not normally keep up to date with the Thai entertainment scene. More lakorn reviews and updates would be much appreciated! 🙂

    • 20 thoughts on “Full House Gone Lakorn

      I finished my first lakorn past weekend. I LOVED IT! The cameras, the lighting, the sets, the stars, the music, the director, the script writers, to say the least had done an amazing job! Mike and Aom… DO have better chemistry than the original Korean OTP. The ice cream scene made me wanna get some ice cream, and I did. WOOOOOOOO HAWT! I was in stitches when Aom-Am cross dressed in Mike’s oversized basketball jersey and sweatpants while Mike wore her jersey sweat dress (in a dream sequence). I was pervishly hoping for a wardrobe malfunction on Mike’s part. Kiikii~ I really liked the finale epilogue which offered better closure for all the characters versus the Korean version. I’m glad for that.

      I tried to start on Full House Pinoy Version, but I couldn’t hurdle past the first episode. It seems to follow the textbook of its Korean version, introducing the first meeting between the leads, other than that, it didn’t impress me any further.

      I did find a new girl crush on my favorites list, Aom Sushar; she’s extremely lovable and very cute!

      Another thing, my first impression of Mike D. Angelo’s “abs song” wasn’t good. The lyrics weren’t catchy, however the beats WERE; I was humming to the darn tune days after finishing the series. LOL! I can’t get the freakin’ beats out of my head. It’s starting to annoy me. =p

      Uh-oh! You’re relying on the wrong person for juicy lakorns. Frea is our go-to for lakorns. Yet, if you wanna know what is my second lakorn choice… it’s gonna be Hormones (the 2008 series) because I read Hormones 2 (the series sequel) starts this year. I loved the movie version, and this lakorn has been recognized as the Thai version of Skins UK, which is another couple of series I loved.

      Do you have any recommendations for me?

      • 20 thoughts on “Full House Gone Lakorn

        Have you tried “Love Never Dies”? It’s the Thai version of vampire love. Here’s the link in viki: http://www.viki.com/tv/3420c-love-never-dies-vampire

        Roy Marn is also quite popular though I personally will not recommend it:- not my cup of tea. Thought I’ll mention it just in case you’ve heard in the grapevine about its popularity. You never know if it’s your cup of tea- it seemed to appeal to young fangirls. Here’s the link: http://www.viki.com/tv/3962c-roy-marn-2011-dont-marry-me

        I’ve watched more Thai films than Thai lakorns for the simple reason that I’m an extremely busy person and watching dramas and lakorns require some form of commitment exceeding the 2-3 hours needed to complete a film.

        • 20 thoughts on “Full House Gone Lakorn

          i heard my nameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! LOL

          love never dies…..Dome is handsome looking very robotic in hiis acting, i could never feel whatever emotions he’s projecting.

          i couldn’t finish roy marn either because…the freakin lakorn spent 6-7 episodes in flashbacks?!!!! omg….i thought it was only for 3 episodes…but it continued and continued with old people flashbacks that i didn’t even remember who is who….plus the leading actress acts like a spoiled brat most of the times…. but there was one scene which i like was her pulling out a big scissor to stop the main guy from approaching her. LOL

        • 20 thoughts on “Full House Gone Lakorn

          Yeah, frea. I hear you. Dome is rather robotic in his acting and I liken him to the Thai version of Lee Min Ho. LOL Anyho… the ‘visuals’ is good.. no harm in bingeing on looks alone! hahaha But to give the drama credit, it does have a pretty good storyline – not a bad attempt at the vampire love theme… at least better than Twilight (and I never get the craze about Twilight). Dome is like Edward in Love Never Dies – cold, mostly expressionless and yes, robotic!

          Spot on re. Roy Marn. Do you have a good recommendation for a Thai lakorn, frea? I am no expert in Thai lakorns unfortunately. 🙁

        • 20 thoughts on “Full House Gone Lakorn

          I’ll try Love Never Dies after Hormones 1. Will have to skip Roy Marn though. LOL @ both y’alls critiques! Thanks.^ ^

  10. 20 thoughts on “Full House Gone Lakorn

    do you have link for instrument music? not oh baby i ,, i think it’s on second episode , when mike and p’guy had dinner together,, ~ pls tell me if you have it ,, thanks ^^

    • 20 thoughts on “Full House Gone Lakorn

      No, I don’t have it. I’m waiting for news whether the official soundtrack LP will release. 🙁 I really love all the scores on this lakorn.

      And the remix/TV drama version of “Oh Baby I” was genius. I badly want the instrumental version of it. Right now, most attention is given to Mike D. Angelo since he just launched his mini-ablum + photobook for the three songs from this show. He disappoints me, all three instrumental versions should be in the mini-album as well. Grr~ Anyways, he certainly made a good decision jumping on this ship to extend his fame overseas. He made many new fans from joining this remake; lucky dogg. I really don’t wanna see this production milk a cow over the series’ soundtrack though. Let’s find out.

  11. 20 thoughts on “Full House Gone Lakorn

    TrueMoveH Mobile 4G Promotion to watch The Special episode LIVE party w/ Mike D. Angelo and a chance to win a trip to Korea w/ Mike D. Angelo plus other prizes. The Special episode is exclusively for TrueMoveH Mobile 4G customers.

    Drrrrrrrats! Hope it airs on YT eventually. I wanna see it.

    Ahaha~ I finally know what brand are those ugly bluetooth headphones Mike always carries around with him.

    HARKAR BT Z Click to enlarge

  12. 20 thoughts on “Full House Gone Lakorn

    Another funniest SH*T ev-ur!

    โรงแรมนี้ผู้ชายเห็นยังกรี๊ด ไม่เชื่อดู!!!

    Posted by Mike D. Angelo on Friday, May 8, 2015

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