Seo In Guk Hasn’t Dated Any Girl With A Curfew

I have my Valentine, where’s yours?

Isn’t it wonderful to be a guy? Once you’re officially an adult you’re off to live your liberal ways, in search of your liberal girlfriend who shares the same lifestyle. Curfew? I use to know what that word meant. Super strict parents when I was a youngling. Now, sometimes I feel neglected as if I fainted in my shower no one in my household would even be aware of it. Le sigh, true story, but I won’t make anyone play the villain. My family members now randomly knock at my bathroom door if I take too long in a shower. So, this is me being a fangirl, spazzing, and obviously bitching random thoughts. Haha~

It was an agonizing wait, a whole freakin’ month, for me to catch news early on Seo In Guk was gonna be a special host on Mamma Mia after SuJu’s Kyuhyun’s exit. I don’t know why the young male hosts rotate like tires on this show. I won’t watch this show unless Ingukkie’s on it. Too much estrogen for me to handle in one sitting. No, don’t tell me Seo In Guk’s gonna be replaced too. Lalalalala~ I can’t hear you. Make him a permanent host. Let’s begin.

The ‘Sangnamja (True Man)’ who many mother-in-laws don’t hesitate to give their daughters’ hand in marriage to, is Seo In Guk. (Keane wipes a bit of sweat off her pretty face.) I’m in steep competition. Wow! These girls just throw themselves at him, and he receives their love with so much confidence. I feel a bit unease, he’s called Mr. Friendly for a reason. I won’t elaborate on that but I did enjoy this episode 32 pretty much. I got a chance to see how this man operates in the dating department. Lemme tell ya, he’s a smooth operator. DANGER-OUS!!!

Seo In Guk: I’ll take a comedienne sandwich, Kim Young Hee (in red) and Kim Hyun Sook (in green)… so Christmasy! Santa, I’ve been a baddd boyyyy.

Seo In Guk: I want forecasts from a weather goddess, like Kim Hye Sun, than foretold fortunes from a shaman priestess (Lee Yeongja) anyday.

What’s up with the above two pictures? Seo In Guk gave a few evaluations and rated ten female guests (nine single and one married) who’d he more likely get along as a cohabitant (a.k.a. girlfriend). The three ladies (two witty ad-lib comediennes and one weather goddess newscaster) above are the winners to his heart. Hmm, is he in the market shopping for a girlfriend, for reals? My intuition tells me he is, he’s looking for a girlfriend, because he’s tired of living alone in his luxury apartment.

So what’s happening below? Kim Hyun Sook isn’t first place in Seo In Guk’s potential mate list for nothing. She shows fearlessness when she rivals against the mighty veteran sister Lee Yeongja in a match making challenge. Target: Seo In Guk. Things turn ‘no holds barred’ once the topic of snatching a husband arises. Who cares if you have money and power? Riding high and mighty in the entertainment circus circle? If you can’t keep your man happy then all those successes seem fruitless. I too favor Kim Hyun Sook, and my crucial decision was base on the fact how I detested the way Lee Yeongja flaunted her wealth as a means of attraction to the opposite sex. I hope that was just scripted for entertainment purposes or else her matrimonial future looks shady and rocky. That would be just sad if love can be bought not given willingly and freely.

This isn’t a secret what I’m about to share to you, as a potential love rival, uh-huh I’m giving you a death glare for having the hots for my man. Haha! Kidding aside, it’s true that Seo In Guk doesn’t care much if his woman is older, younger, beautiful, or plain, however her most charming attribute must come from the brain, a keen developed practical lifestyle, because to him her fair wisdom secures her post capturing his heart and never letting go. What does this mean? I believe he’s looking for a soul mate, so take a number. I won’t bite all those lined up behind me. *darts eyes* I’ll keep my silence and plead the fifth if you end up on a milk carton someday. I joke… or am I, not?

After a string of approvals, here comes the rejections. I’m glad these artists can hide their embarrassment with big smiles. Jeon Ji Hye, alias Lady Jane (above), gets first place for most unlikely to succeed in a relationship with Seo In Guk; her sass is a tough obstacle to hurdle in his tranquil universe. It’s a duel which she takes standing tall and loud firing back “Inguk, you aren’t my type either.” Well, do a little research and you’ll find her name ex-ed besides Simon D. Knowing how wild Simon D is from variety shows, it isn’t hard to profile Lady Jane’s type. Both of their prides have been stepped on, so I say it’s a draw between Lady Jane and Seo In Guk, tie game. Moving on.

Seo In Guk’s above reaction is priceless and adorkably funny. This is what happens when things get taken out of context. He was setup by Park So Young’s mother, the instigator behind the misunderstandings. He was offering advice to douse the flames between the heated mother and daughter duo, but somehow it escalated to a point where the mother thought Ingukkie was taking the daughter’s side, like protecting her as his woman, so the mother said “you should just marry her.” It’s kinda ridiculous and funny at the same time. After this misunderstanding, I realize what type of man Seo In Guk is when sorting for a potential mate, and this was a touch of realization what type of parent he’ll become.

If you haven’t seen the episode then you can study all their body language on HERE. Enjoy.

Do you know what you’re searching for in a potential mate? Are you even looking for one yet? Let’s ponder on that thought. I claim so many celebrity hubbies on this blog, however I don’t jot down notes why I like them. I just hope my animal instinct makes good choices. *fingers crossed*

love has no reason, if it has, its not love.

  1. 6 thoughts on “Seo In Guk Hasn’t Dated Any Girl With A Curfew

    Someone must be happy because SIG is appearing on Running Man next week! 😀

    Lady Jane broke up with Simon D? Oh no! They were so cute and overly sweet on all the videos I saw! I must be way out of the loop to not have noticed or read any article about this.

    Good thing he emphasized brain as the most important charm. But Keane, you have a line of competitors! 😛

    Do you know what you’re searching for in a potential mate? Are you even looking for one yet?

    Tough question. I’m not even sure. When I look at my celebrity crushes, I don’t see a common trait that they share. They are so different from each other, hard to narrow down. Plus, my life right now doesn’t allow for anything but school + sleep.

    Lets continue to drift ~~~~ 😎

    • 6 thoughts on “Seo In Guk Hasn’t Dated Any Girl With A Curfew

      Not sure if I’ll be jumping for joy in awe of his performance or just tumbling down a hill laughing hysterically at his poor athletic abilities. He hadn’t shown flamin’ charisma sportsmanship in the past. This makes me a bit worried. Kiikii~ A potential Yoo Jae Suk protégé?

      Kudos to Kappy leaving a “seashell” on my first random ramble. Merci Mademoiselle. Talking about sleep, I need to catch some early zzz’s. Feelin’ anemic lately.

  2. 6 thoughts on “Seo In Guk Hasn’t Dated Any Girl With A Curfew

    The amount of estrogen in here is so lethal that I must say something….. tone down, ladies! Shessshh!!! 😉

  3. 6 thoughts on “Seo In Guk Hasn’t Dated Any Girl With A Curfew

    Can’t wait to see him on Running man with that actor from RM1994! This is gonna be FUN!

    Tell me you’ll spazz about that episode miss Keane!!

    And he’s definitely as smooth as the ice-rick. 😛

    • 6 thoughts on “Seo In Guk Hasn’t Dated Any Girl With A Curfew

      I dunno yet YuanYuan, whether the next RM184 will be spazz-worthy or not. ( = , ~ )” He’s probably there PR-ing his new mini-series “Another Parting (어떤 안녕)” though.

      I saw the preview, have you? Ingukkie dyed his hair on RM!?! I don’t like it. Might be for his latest role.

      • 6 thoughts on “Seo In Guk Hasn’t Dated Any Girl With A Curfew

        Ingukkie is already dyed his hair since SBS Drama Awards in 2013 xD. That’s the first time I saw his new hair. Guess he won’t change his hairstyle sooner. And I’ve watched him on Running Man, my comment is, I don’t know LOL. Give us the review of that episode (or al least of Ingukkie), okay! 😀

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