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Dramas to air: Xu Hai Qiao’s Kun Lun Que, Han Xue’s War Flowers, Proud of Love 2

Some dramas I have already discussed, and some I haven’t. Never enough time to cover everything. *roars!*

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Zhao Li Ying wraps up filming for Princess Agents with an award

After five grueling months of filming, ancient drama Princess Agents with Zhao Li Ying, Shawn Dou, and Lin Geng Xin have wrapped up, with her being the last of the leads on set today. She was in the middle of filming before leaving to attend the 3rd Wenrong Awards Ceremony in her character wardrobe and …

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Hunan introduces Child Actors through Madame White Snake

Interesting direction. Hunan’s remake of The Legend of White Snake aired last week to successful ratings, providing hope to their other serial remakes such as Third Sisters Liu, The White Haired Girl, etc…. They are using this chance to introduce potential child actors found through the program Star of Tomorrow. Much as it is a …

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