Cdrama: The Legend of Chusen (Jade Dynasty) Episodes

English Title: The Legend of Chusen // Qing Yun Zhi // Noble Aspirations
Chinese Title: 诛仙青云志
Cast: Li Yi Feng, Zhao Li Ying, Yang Zi
# of Episodes: 55
Airing Days: Sundays
Broadcasting Station: HNTV
Synopsis: The story basically follows two youths, Xiao Fan and Jing Yu, after their whole village was massacred in one night. Both were saved by Qing Yun sect and raised differently. Xiao Fan is an ordinary kid and is sent to do chores in the kitchen while Jing Yu, the extraordinary one of the two, is given chances to learn the highest skills in Qing Yun sect. A lot more events happen and eventually Xiao Fan is pushed to the dark side and he follows Ghost King and gets a new name in Gui Li (Ghost Tears). [Credit: Kappy@AVV]

Note: Video files are encoded by me in 540p resolution. File Size = ~400MB
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♦ Episode 1
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Episode 1 Recap

Episode 2
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– We meet the adult cast in episode 2! Yes! Li Ying, Yi Feng, and Yang Zi!

♦ Episode 3
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Episode 4
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♦ Episode 5
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RECAP Episode 2 – 5

Episode 6
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♦ Episode 7
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Episode 8
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♦ Episode 9
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Episode 10
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RECAP Episode 6 – 10

♦ Episode 11
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Episode 12
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♦ Episode 13
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Episode 14
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RECAP Episode 11 – 14

♦ Episode 15
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Episode 16
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♦ Episode 17
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Episode 18
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♦ Episode 19
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Episode 20
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♦ Episode 21
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Episode 22
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♦ Episode 23
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Episode 24
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♦ Episode 25
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Episode 26
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♦ Episode 27
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Episode 28
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♦ Episode 29
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Episode 30
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♦ Episode 31
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Episode 32
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♦ Episode 33
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Episode 34
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♦ Episode 35
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Episode 36
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♦ Episode 37
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Episode 38
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♦ Episode 39
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Episode 40
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♦ Episode 41
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Episode 42
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♦ Episode 43
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Episode 44
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♦ Episode 45
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Episode 46
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♦ Episode 47
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Episode 48
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♦ Episode 49
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Episode 50
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NOTE: Last episode (55) will air on November 8th to coincide with the TV broadcast finale as well.

♦ Episode 51
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Episode 52
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♦ Episode 53
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Episode 54
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♦ Episode 55 *FINALE OF SEASON 1
540p ZASK


Kappy: Having been trolled by Hunan many times these past few weeks, and I am body and soul ready to be swept away!! *pleasebegoodpleasebegood* We will write about this, tune in soon! ;D

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  1. kitai

    I honestly HATE fantasy period dramas. The only exception is the first Chinese Paladin, which was really only enjoyable because LYF was so so so beautiful then (I was a pretty superficial kid) and because it had a great soundtrack. But in general, dramas of this genre don’t appeal to me. Plus, the protagonist in Chusen is a pretty fickle one so I’m probably not gonna like him. Not to mention *SPOILER* ZLY’s character “dies” midway through the novel. What is there to watch for???

    1. Kappy

      I’m crazy. I’m gonna watch until she enters her coma. Hopefully, by then, I have grown to like/love the other characters to finish. Such pretty people, Kitai! (Yea, I’m still a superficial kid at heart.) 😛

      1. kitai


        I’ve researched on the novel and apparently the hero doesn’t really love her character. And I can’t bear to watch him fall in love with YZ’s character after ZLY’s coma. That’s two big minuses. Additionally, Bi Yao sorta “dies” in the end. I like ZLY, but I think I’ll rather not start having known already that it’s not going to be a happy ending for Bi Yao. I know they’ll definitely change some parts of the plot, especially since Bi Yao (ZLY) is higher billed compared to Xue Qi. So I’ll probably watch some OTP cuts, but that’s about it.

        1. Kappy

          Lol. Trust me, I’m going in knowing quite well about the novel, so I’m okay with the changes (book fans might not be). Plus, I like Yang Zi and her character so I don’t mind their coupledom at all. Ultimately, I just want to fangirl over a good ancient drama! It’s been so long and CP5 didn’t do it for me.

        2. Luna

          Same here! CP 5 didnt satisfy me *sigh* . And yeah, as a book fan, I’m not too happy with the changes *lol*. The first 2 episodes were good, but I’m worried that it will be disappointing too. I’ve been disappointed by too many dramas already

          Anyway, thx for the links!

        3. kitai

          @Kappy: I’ll be heartbroken so I can’t. Lol.

  2. Maymay

    I saw first 2 episodes..ain’t bad at all. I also know BY will die..well who doesn’t at this point lol but hopefully i can finish this c drama. I haven’t finish one all year ..I gotta start somewhere lol.

  3. jamual

    Just to confirm with you folks, This airs 2 episodes on Sunday on Hunan and 1 episode Monday through Thursday on Mango TV, are they both TV versions or the Uncut DVD version on MANGOTV? Thanks

    1. Angela

      Kappy only uploads uncut ver So now worries.

  4. jen

    Qin Junjie is the best looking guy in this show. Can’t wait to see him as lead one day

    1. A

      The young prince in Curse of the Golden Flower! Considering the amount of bewbs I’m surprised I recall QJJ’s role, he’s a good actor.

    2. xing

      I start to like him because of Legend Of Qin…I really happy I can see JunJie again in this series ^^

  5. WuxiaRocks

    Thanks for the post and the link!

    I’m just gonna say it, after 2 ep, Chusen is my favorite Wuxia/Xianxia from Mainland China. EVER.

  6. sx

    Basically I don’t really like wuxia fantasy, I’m more like classical wuxia, like edge town wanderer now.
    But I will try to start watching this because of Qin Jun Jie & Li Yi Feng, hopefully this show don’t get me disappointed. this 2 episode so far so good ^^, btw thanks a lot for sharing the link <3

  7. dian

    Is viki sub compatible with 540k version? Because it will be tiring to match it again like legend of fragrance.I haven’t finish synchronizing it till now.still running on ep 22.

  8. zhaozilong

    OST God of War Zhaon Yun + instrumental please….

  9. Afyf

    Hello Kappy! Just want to say thank you for the links..

  10. anon

    Did parts of Chusen get cut by the censors? The story flow is sometimes poor. It has happened several times. Characters tend to appear inand disappear from various scenes unexplained. I watched Eps 19-21 recently. Mr Ghost suddenly appeared near the Bat cave. Ah Xiang disappeared, lost contact with others for a while and suddenly appeared again and joined the others. Sometimes it’s Jin Ping Er. This sort of thing seems to happen quite a bit. Mr Poison (Mao Jun Jie) also appears and disappears from places a little after he was swallowed by and then “released” out of the snake. Then conveniently after the action is all done in the bat cave, all characters conveniently get tele-ported back to the ground level with no explanation. There are a lot of plot holes and plot devices. Even then, the story still doesn’t flow well. The logic isn’t great either. It doesn’t make much sense to release the Demon God DG since no one can deal with him. They have no concrete plan to control, or to get benefits from DG and then destroy DG.

    After hearing lots of praises for Chusen novel. I’m half disappointed that the drama looks like this.

    I guess I need Kappy and others to decode Chusen for me…. lol.

    1. Kappy

      Interesting. I haven’t heard of any cutting issues so far. The editing definitely is choppy and disjointed with characters appearing and disappearing at the most convenient times.

      I’m still stuck at episode 14 so have no idea that far ahead. Lol. XD

      1. shimokuren

        Well I started skimming after ep 10 cuz the story’s just unrecognizable from the original novel so I’m with you there 🙂

    2. shimokuren

      You’re right about the cutting, but not because of the censors.

      It’s actually Li Yifeng’s scenes (especially the action scenes) that got cut the most (think back to what happened with Yang Yang’s scenes back in Lost Tomb and you’ll get the idea) cuz the boss of HR (production company for this drama) wants to promote their young actors but they couldn’t get decent advertising and sponsors if LYF wasn’t the lead so…

      Basically there’s this big power play shit going on behind the scenes and Chusen became the sacrificial lamb. I have no words besides the fact that this series doesn’t deserve to be called “Chusen” because it went off the deep end after episode 10. They pretty much just ignored the book and went on to write their own Goddamned fanfic and pretty much everyone except for Xiaofan (who gets only like 5 minutes of screentime when he’s the center of the story) is completely out of character.

      Imagine if Harry Potter only shows up for five minutes in his own show while Draco Malfoy becomes the main character and Hermione and Ginny fight over Malfoy for his affections, with Malfoy’s family life taking over for like 30 chapters and then his love life taking another 15, while Harry only cameos here and there and has barely any dialog. Oh and instead of Harry being his awesome wizard self, we have Harry’s action scenes happening all off-screen and Malfoy doing fancy magic stuff taking over all the climatic scenes.

      That’s basically what’s happening with this series which is why book fans have stopped watching ages ago…

    3. shimokuren

      Also the scriptwriter is under the thumb of the HR bosses who are trying to push their own agendas.

      The truth is the series wouldn’t have sold to HunanTV or to other sponsors if it weren’t for Li Yifeng and Zhao Liying as leads. The painful truth is that these 2 hardly ever show up and they’ve butchered Liying’s character (Biyao) to the point she’s almost unrecognizable from the novel. Xiaofan just barely shows up at all and is basically a wallflower in his own show.

      Liying doesn’t have much screen time to begin with because she could only film for about a month (cuz she had 2 other projects going on at the same time and she only filled in cuz they couldn’t find anyone for Biyao), so that I can understand. But LYF filmed for 4-5 months and he actually had the most scenes out of anyone (the behind the scenes workers said his part of the script/drama had 900 scenes in total, 600 of which were action scenes) when they filmed. However, when the drama came out, most of his scenes (esp. the action scenes according inside sources) ended up on the cutting room floor.

      Just think back to the fiasco with Lost Tomb and Yang Yang and you’ll get what’s going on.

      The author of the original novel doesn’t even bother mentioning this drama after the first few eps because he realized how much they butchered his classic but he couldn’t do anything about it cuz he already sold the rights for drama adaptation and unlike with Sparrow, he’s not the scriptwriter and he can’t call the shots.

      Sparrow is 10000000000000000x better because the production company actually has ethics and the scriptwriter is also the author who almost got to handpick the actors/actresses for each role along with the directors. The scriptwriter for Sparrow also modified his screenplay after meeting each actor and getting to know them, changing the characters of the story according to each actor’s uniqueness so that we have a big cast of many different personalities. Anyway, if we wanna talk about Sparrow we can do that in the Sparrow thread, but I just have to get this out here cuz as a Chusen book fan, I’m so sad about the mess this drama turned out to be.

      The most painful thing is that the production workers (designers, artists, costume/make up, musicians behind the scene workers, etc.) all put SO MUCH EFFORT into making Chusen. They worked on this project with love and dedication and unfortunately their work has been sabotaged by company bosses because of selfish agendas. Even LYF himself is a long time Chusen book fan and has wanted to play Xiaofan even before he filmed Ancient Sword, and anyone who watches his BTS knows how much he loves and respects his character. It’s just sad that while he did a great job with the character (even book fans say so), most of his hard work won’t be seen by us audience cuz it’s on the cutting room floor.

      1. Luna

        Sorry, just wanna ask something :

        “Sparrow is 10000000000000000x better because the production company actually has ethics” -> wasnt Sparrow produced by the same company as Chusen? I thought that LYF only worked under them. I like him before, and I like him more now..after watching his progress in Legend of Fragrance and now, as Xiao Fan (although many people still dont like his acting). But, I hate the company and I really wish that he would star in a series with a different one.
        LYF is the reason why I could watch Chusen until ep 20, after finally gave up .

        Yeah, as a novel fans, I’m even more disappointed now, after knowing that all the efforts from the prod crews was ruined because of the politics 🙁 . I cant believe that they were doing the same thing as what they did with the Lost Tomb. And I heard that Zhu Xian movie is gonna be created by the same company, is that true?? Please, I hope not. I really want to see the novel being adapted correctly :crying:

        1. Dian

          Whaatt… I begin to watch this series because of LYF,and the company cut a lot of his scenes? :-@ it is really disappointing to hear that.. Shrimp you just break my heart.. I’ve just reached episode 8 but I guess his acting is progressing a bit from ep 1.in the early episodes his acting is not convincing enough,but later on I feel he begin to get the feeling. I really hate the company for always doing that. Why don’t he just move to another company? And I agree with Luna,sparrow is also produced by the same company. Would it be face the same problems?or because there is no TF boys in sparrow?

        2. shimokuren

          No no no no no, the scriptwriter for Sparrow wanted LYF as his lead character, but HR (who LYF is contracted with) demanded part of the drama rights in exchange for letting LYF film this series.

          However, later on, HR needed money be on the stock market, so they sold their portion of the rights to the Sparrow drama back to the original production company. If you look at the credits in the drama, they included HR bosses as part of the “Producers” list but specifies that ALL rights owned by the original company.

          So that’s why HR actually DOESN’T want Sparrow to do well because the drama has nothing to do with apart from the fact that LYF is in it. HR does not promote Sparrow or mention that series at all. The HR company boss is trying to push LYF down right now (power play, etc. etc.) because his fame and advertising contracts are much higher than they ever expected. They don’t want him to be THAT famous so that he’d be easier to control. Also, he didn’t renew his 5 year contract with HR so they’re trying to promote other stars and get LYF out of the picture, so to speak.

        3. shimokuren

          LYF is a smart guy so that’s why he didn’t renew his contract with HR. HR cares more about personal agendas rather than making a decent drama, and always cheat the audience by marketing their series as one thing but with the series actually being something else. Rumors have it that LYF’s gonna go solo after his contract runs out so that he’ll be his own boss and will be free to choose projects and stuff, which is why HR is doing all this nasty shit

        4. Dian

          Woow that great news.I really hope that LYF will go solo and leave HR after his contract finish. That would be great.. I can see that he is expanding his acting by trying different characters. IT’S been quite long since he sings again,hoping to hear his new songs. Looking forward for his other series or movie too. Thank you Shimo for your nice info. ^_^

        5. shimokuren

          @ Dian: LOL you’re welcome 🙂

          LYF’s contract apparently doesn’t finish till 2019 so he’s got a couple years to wait (but time flies so yeah)

          I look forward to seeing him expand his horizons too. He’s got a good head on his shoulders and generally knows how to pick projects (apart from projects he’s obligated to do).

          LOL I’m glad to hear I’m not the only who likes listening to him sing! He’s got a real nice voice and he’s got a Xiaofan/Guili character song for Chusen (which hasn’t been released yet). The song is composed by the same guy that composed Baili Tusu’s character song back in Ancient Sword except this time LYF co-wrote the lyrics 🙂

          Really looking forward to hearing this song! I think (but not sure) that this one and Jam Hsiao’s song may end up being the new ending and opening theme for the 2nd half of the Chusen series (probably when Xiaofan turns into Guili)…

        6. anon

          Thank you so much for all your responses! No wonder Chusen comes out so weird. I thought half of the team of directors for Chusen mostly worked as Dir of Cinematography before, and at least one of them had worked with LYF in Legend of Fragrance (which I did not enjoy). I just looked up the names of 3 people listed under Director for Chusen in Baidu.

          I feel for LYF. I had this HR kind of boss in real life. I really needed a Mei Changsu to help me deal with my HR ex-boss. Lots of execs just want to milk every bit out of people around them.

          LYF is still not my thing. I like him best in the Mr Six movie but I didn’t finish the movie, afraid of a tragic ending for the lead character.. I find LYF a bit lacking in onscreen charisma though he appears to be a very nice and friendly guy. I first saw him in Sunny Happiness (whatever that title was) with Mike He and Janine C. SH fans were so pleased w LYF’s character there but I didn’t feel anything for his character or the whole series. I watched a few eps of Sparrow. Sparrow’s story flow is much better, but I don’t like the plot involving Li Xiao Ran’s character much. Though LXR acts really well. I’m just more drawn to Zhang Lu Yi’s or LXR’s acting than LYF’s. I have only seen half or one drama of each of these actors: Huang Jing Yu, Liu Hao Ran, and Bai Jing ting. But I still prefer them to the relatively much more experienced LYF.

        7. Luna

          @Shimo, I see. I’ve heard that the company was promoting other actors, hence the Chusen fanfics. But, I never realized that they would go this far. The series was fine in the 1st 10 episodes, so it was clear that it was not because the writer went crazy, but they was told to make a lot of changes to the original story.

          I heard that the company is going to make Zhu Xian 2 (the continuation of this Chusen), and rumors said that there was this possibility that LYF was gonna be replaced. I dunno whether the rumor is true or not, but if it is, then it doesnt occur to me on why the hell they wanted to replace the main lead whom people love?

          Plus, I still skimmed Chusen until ep 24/25 and read people’s review on this. Yeah, XF-Biyao have many lovey dovey sweet scenes, but XF himself got hurt or sick oftenly, while being protected by his friends. No, XF was not that week in the novel. Some people say that ShuShu or Jing Yu are more interesting characters. I always thought that the script intended to prolong Biyao’s arc as long as they could, but now, I couldnt help myself to wonder whether there was also another reason for this or not.

          Anyway, yeah, the best news is for LYF doesnt renew his contract. Too bad, 2019 is still far. I watched several episodes of Sparrow, but it was hard because of no sub and I hate the company. But I know now that it was produced by other, so I become less annoyed and will try to watch it again.

          Thanks for the info, Shimo!

        8. Luna

          Correction : “No, XF was not that week in the novel” -> should be “weak”, sorry

        9. Dian

          @Shimo I’m glad to found someone that likes LYF sings. I’m looking forward for his song in Chusen. I really enjoyed his song in Ancient Sword,I put it in my mp3 player and listened to it everyday. LOL. I think perhaps HR will put TF boys or other new actor for Chusen2. If that happens I guess it will draw a lot protest from Chusen fans.
          @Luna I agree,seems XF always easily got hurt or sick and need to be protected by his friends. I wonder why is the hero needs to be treated like that. I hope when he turns into Gui Li, he won’t be so weak anymore.Shu Shu is an interesting character,he is funny,reliable, and loyal.

        10. shimokuren

          I’m just gonna reply to all you wonderful people in one post 🙂

          I swear, seeing how weak they made Xiaofan makes me wanna puke blood. In the book Xiaofan starts out as “weak” because he couldn’t control the warring martial arts inside him – the Tianyin martial arts he learned before going to Qingyun is the opposing force to the martial arts of Qingyun, so it always seemed like he had “no martial arts” when he actually had the most awesome ones all along.

          It’s not till he stumbled upon the staff that fused with the blood jewel that he carried with him that started channeling his powers. Later on he learns the “Tianshu” martial arts which brings ALL of his martial arts together and amplifies them to the max. This is even before he becomes Guili.

          The Qingyun Sect Leader tried to annihilate Xiaofan using the Zhuxian Sword but Biyao stepped in and got her soul ripped to pieces to save him. In return, Xiaofan changed allegiance to Biyao’s father and became his top assassin (Guili), while continuing to learn more of Tianshu martial arts and keep practicing his Qingyun and Tianyin martial arts at the same time. Xiaofan had the most powerful martial arts from Qingyun, and Tianyin, combined with his epic staff and Tianshu martial arts. Now as Guili, he eventually becomes the strongest of everyone and becomes the most epic badass of all time 🙂

          THIS is why the drama butchering has me scratching at the walls and puking blood!!!

          LOL we all need a Mei Changsu in our lives!!! I swear MCS is such a Goddamned badass, I SMILE just thinking about how awesome he is 🙂

          I watched Mr Six and that was when I saw that LYF, while not a great actor, was steadily improving. I watched him since Ancient Sword and he has been improving ever since. Of course he’s had some misses but nobody’s at the top of their game all the time, so I can give him a bit of leeway in light of the fact he never went to an acting academy (unlike most of the actors/actresses of C-Dramaland). I think working with great directors and veteran actors and having a good scriptwriter is crucial in improving acting skills.

          Oh and of course we audience all have our likes and preferences, so what works for one audience may not work for another. I can only speak for myself and I really like sharing opinions with others here 🙂

          Zhang Luyi and Li Xiaoran are veterans and just ace it when they’re onscreen. Love these 2 🙂 Zhang Luyi is very versatile and he can play so many different characters it’s a joy to watch him onscreen. Li Xiaoran is just such an elegant and graceful presence and I think her acting is awesome too 🙂

          As for LYF being replaced in the next whatever adaptation of Chusen, I haven’t heard too much about that but I know that LYF most likely won’t be making any more HR dramas. He’s been branching off to movie-land instead of dramas and with the way HR treats him, I doubt he’d agree to make any more dramas for them. His contract only stated he had to make a certain number of HR dramas and I think Chusen is the last one, although it’s one that he’d been looking forward to since even signing with HR.

          Good God, don’t get me started on Shushu and Jingyu because I will just start ranting and ranting. Not talking about the actors themselves (I don’t have a problem with the actors), but GODDAMMIT they screwed up Shushu and Jingyu’s characters SO BAD it’s PAINFUL for me to watch (so I just don’t LOL)

          Yeah, I get that Sparrow isn’t everyone’s cup of tea cuz it’s so political and pro-Communist. But it is based on an important part of Republican/modern Chinese history so it’s actually aimed at the middle-aged+ audiences. Of course there are some young people who like to watch it too 🙂 But yeah, definitely not for everyone…

          LOL Dian, you’re just like me 🙂 I LOVE LYF’s voice and before I even knew who he was, I heard his singing and was already charmed by his soothing tones 🙂 I LOVE his song in Ancient Sword and that and his other drama series theme songs sit happily in my phone for me to cleanse my ears whenever there’s too much noise around me 🙂

          So yeah, LYF definitely needs to sing more and I was SO HAPPY when I heard he got a character song in Chusen 🙂 I can’t wait for that song to come out cuz it’s all about the Xiaofan to Guili transformation and his inner world and stuff, which should be good since Chusen is essentially about Xiaofan’s life story. The butchered version that is the Qingyunzhi drama doesn’t count because we always have the original story that is the novel to fall back on! 🙂

          TBH if LYF isn’t Xiaofan in the next whatever Chusen adaptation, then adios, adieu, and goodbye cuz I’ve been gunning for LYF to be Xiaofan ever since I saw his Baili Tusu, so if HR replaces him then good luck to them cuz many ppl aren’t gonna watch it (I know I won’t). LYF’s version of Xiaofan has been praised by general audiences and even the book fans which is a pretty impressive feat.

        11. shimokuren

          LOL I need to stop advertising LYF cuz it’s not like I’m getting paid for all this PR/promoting hahahahahahaha 😀

        12. Luna

          @Shimoo, @Dian, I’ve been trying to accept that this Zhu Xian adaptation is butchered, but Shimo describing the struggle of Xiao Fan and Gui Li really made me feel angry again! Arggghhhhh, how could they! I’ve only read the english translation of the novel since last year and haven’t even finished, but I also imagined LYF to be XF. I like him in Ancient Sword Legend, and I’ve been hoping that his acting would get better and starred in a good wuxia/xanxia. You can imagine how happy I was to know that he was really casted as XF, and performing quite well (although not perfect) in Zhu Xian, a novel that I’ve fallen in love with. Plus, I also fell in love with Xue Qi in the novel, as well as Yang Zhi (although this should be the first time I saw her), but they also messed around with her character (as well as others).

          Me and my friend also have a hard time to accept other people as XF/Gui Li. I guess I’ll, at least, wait until Gui Li appears(dunno when) and see what happens next. We really hope that Gui Li is a badass (like what he is supposed to be in the book) and strong *sigh*

        13. anon

          @shimokuren, did you check out the OSTs to the recent animated feature, “Big fish and begonia”? From it, I started noticing Zhou Shen. At first I thought he was a female singer. I couldn’t watch the movie. I don’t like the way they started the movie with the omnipresent narrator. The main OST has a soothing melody.

          Thank you for your generous comments! Including the LYF “adverts”! 😀

          Some series intended for older audiences are still a pleasure to watch. Decoded is also very patriotic, but the director is good at getting most of his actors to do a good job most of the time. Including the supporting actors who get to be comic relief. (The two older characters who work in Nan Yuan, “South Campus”). It really makes up for the middling script. I’m surprised Decoded’s author, Mai Jia, is so well-reviewed in western publications like the Wall Street Journal, the Economist, etc. From Baidu, it looks like Chen Xue Dong actually had his official training in singing, and not acting. His acting is pretty good in Decoded, especially considering his background. Zhang Ruo Yun is still not that consistent with acting. I hear his father is a pretty big name director. Hopefully Zhou Dongyu will be good in Sparrow. She’s usually very good at being vulnerable, poignant. Like Kappy, I think Mainland needs more great scripts. idk how much of it is political, how much of it is “logistics”. Some of it is the strong focus on the profits, it looks to me. It’s a pity. There are lots of talented actors.

          I’ll have to do a double take and listen to LYF. I think the song played in the background when I was busy doing something else.

          Sometimes non-acting school type of acting is more refreshing. When I watched Hou Meng Yao in Hua Mulan. I feel that she showed quite a bit of the classroom style acting then. She smiled a lot, even when it’s not needed. She also looked a bit too theatrical, staged, and measured. From doing too much dancing performances perhaps. But on the other hand, Liu Min Tao takes control of so many aspects of her acting that she does it to a perfection.

          It’s “funny”.. In dramas like Boss&Me. Boss is young, handsome, highly talented, kind-hearted, helpful. In real life it’s the complete opposite in every way. Takes a couple of years just to run into one that does not actively sabotage his subordinates too frequently. I wish the evil execs are at least easy on the eyes, or young, or tall. 😀

        14. Luna

          Anyway, LYF being replaced is still a rumor, so let’s see what happens next. If there is a movie version of Zhu Xian, then I hope that it is still starred by LYF. And, I hope that it’s gonna be produced by other company 😀 .. somehow ..*one can always hope*

          @Shimo, it’s alright to advertise him *lol*

  11. owais

    viki stopped subbing it after 26 episode i hope they get the license again

    1. Dian

      Isn’t there any other ways that the sub team can post their work?it’s really sad if viki closed down the channel and the sub team decided to stop their work.i’m hoping they’ll get licensed soon. Or perhaps there is other places to post their work

  12. Michelle

    Watch until ep 26. Too Long winded. Main male character is too naive. His Teachers are equally dumb. With their Super power, they did not even detect that he had “bad qi” in his body.

  13. Dian

    Kappy, you’re quitting to upload the video too right?please don’t 🙁 . You’re the only one that upload the uncut version. So pleaseee … Don’t give up.

    1. Kappy

      I’m still encoding dear. Been stuck in a hospital so I couldn’t encode. I’ll catch up soon.

      1. Dian

        Owww I’m sorry to hear that. Are you OK now?Hope you’ll get better soon. I’m glad that you didn’t give up on Chusen. I’ll be waiting patiently then. THANK YOU KAPPY. 🙂

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