Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin’s Wedding Ceremony in Bali

I know. Another Bali location!! Someone send these celebrities a few exotic suggestions! Anyhoo, it’s time to send off the other original Pearl Princess in our hearts. Such a strange feeling I still have for Wallace and Ruby, like it’s not real. They revealed their romance just a few months ago and the wedding also happens just as quickly. But having acted together before, the seed of romance was probably planted a long time in the shy boy and outgoing girl. It might not have been the right time then, but they still found their way back together and made it work. Now it is both the right time with the right person. Nothing beats that. ;]

Dedicated Song – Is it cheesy of me to pick one of the songs from Huan Zhu Ge Ge OST? Qiong Yao may have written many dramatic and angsty love stories, but her songs are always soulful and very poetic. It’s been 18 years and “When” by Power Station still stands the test of time, arousing old joys and sentiments in the audience. *tears*

Wedding Location: Bvlgari Hotel

Wedding Photoshoot:

 photo WallRub 20.jpg

 photo WallRub 28.jpg

 photo WallRub 27.jpg

 photo WallRub 29.jpg

 photo WallRub 26.jpg

 photo WallRub 25.jpg


 photo WallRub 24.jpg

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 photo WallRub 23.jpg

Venue Location. Very, very pretty.

 photo WallRub 1.jpg

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 photo WallRub 4.jpg

 photo WallRub 5.jpg

Dinner With Friends the Night Before. Lots of celebrities!

Our Main Pair. =)

 photo WallRub 12.jpg

 photo WallRub 16.jpg

The Way We Were Crew.

 photo WallRub 11.jpg

Shu Qi and Liu Tao. Aww.

 photo WallRub 13.jpg

 photo WallRub 17.jpg

Hu Ge casually and innocently photobombed the ladies. heh.

 photo WallRub 7.jpg

 photo WallRub 10.jpg

Shu Qi won’t be able to attend the main ceremony so she took plenty of photos. Aww.

 photo WallRub 15.jpg

Hu Ge: “Our promise…you beat me, wipe that smile off of your face!” Wallace: “Heehehehe.”

 photo WallRub 9.jpg

 photo WallRub 8.jpg

Group Picture with Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu.

What Ruby wore for the morning ceremony.

 photo WallRub 45.jpg

Groom with Best Man.

 photo WallRub 46.jpg

Arrival of the HZGG Royal Gang. Vicki Zhao and Fan Bing Bing. Alec Su couldn’t make it and photoshopped his picture in on Weibo instead. Lol.

 photo WallRub 42.jpg

 photo WallRub 37.jpg

Zhou Xun and Liu Tao join the ladies.

 photo WallRub 38.jpg

Walking down the aisle…

 photo WallRub 39.jpg

Awaiting Groom.

 photo WallRub 32.jpg

 photo WallRub 34.jpg

Wallace Huo’s speech: “I’ve known you for so long, and being friends with you is, to me, a very lucky thing. Now that we have become husband and wife, this is an even more fortunate thing to me. We will have many obstacles, many struggles and many situations to overcome. I hope we can work together hand-in-hand and join our efforts to face the future. I Love You.”

Ruby Lin’s speech: “Thank-you for all the beautiful things you have done for me, thanks for your tolerance and love (pampering). Starting from today, we are a family. Like you said, we will have many waves of problems, let’s face them holding hands. If you feel tired and exhausted outside, don’t forget that I’m always home waiting for you. Forever, forever, I Love You.”


 photo WallRub 35.jpg

 photo WallRub 40.jpg

In Motion. How his thumb rubs her face. Aww.

 photo WallRub_GIF Kiss.gif

 photo WallRub 48.jpg

 photo WallRub 51.jpg

 photo WallRub 36.jpg

 photo WallRub 31.jpg

The whole Gang. *click* Hu Ge is that tall? Whoa…

 photo WallRub 30.jpg

When it’s time to catch the bouquet, Fan Bing Bing and Hu Ge were the first to shoot right up. LOL. Let me upload that video.

 photo WallRub 47.jpg

Not a lot of pictures since security was pretty good in preventing paps from jumping and climbing roof. Lol. Congratulations to the beautiful couple. ^__^

  1. 19 thoughts on “Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin’s Wedding Ceremony in Bali

    It feels unreal to me too!!! Even after seeing all the photos, it just doesn’t feel like they are already married!

    Their wedding speeches are so sweet~ especially the last part whereby Ruby said she will be waiting at home for him when he gets tired! SO SWEET!!!

    HuGe u shall be next, hold your wedding at Bali too! The Chinese Paladin cast’s wedding place hahaha!!! And yes pls to the video!!!

  2. 19 thoughts on “Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin’s Wedding Ceremony in Bali

    Puahaha! Maybe FBB will be next. It’s cute watching the gang together as if everyone is from the same generation. I guess that happens when you have mutual friends.

    HG is too cute.

  3. 19 thoughts on “Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin’s Wedding Ceremony in Bali

    Ruby’s dress is so pretty. They both look so happy…Wallace is now officially off the market..kinda sad but glad that he finally met that someone.

  4. 19 thoughts on “Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin’s Wedding Ceremony in Bali

    awww their speeches are so sweet but ruby’s is kinda so wifely! lol she’s so outgoing and eager, hard to imangine her waiting for him. hahaha

    i love their wedding photoshoot. so classy.

    love the dedicated songs. so emotional. 😀

  5. 19 thoughts on “Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin’s Wedding Ceremony in Bali

    I was stalking this wedding last night, I manage to capture so many good photos!! Yours is good too <3 I am so happy for these two!!

  6. 19 thoughts on “Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin’s Wedding Ceremony in Bali

    Just a feeling though, hopefully Joe is not gonna get that ugly uninvited headline like what happened to zhao liying, everyone is already so happy.

    That was really some EXOTIC beautiful flowers! I love those flower colors. It really did happened too fast!
    I still love the old qiong yao songs, all her old songs are unbeatable. Wished Alec Su and Zhou Jie were there to sing it instead!!!!

  7. 19 thoughts on “Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin’s Wedding Ceremony in Bali

    Wallace and Ruby look so happy together! Wallace has never looked LESS awkward/sulky/brooding – finally his moment to be (and look) happy. Honestly I’ve always liked Wallace, but generally he’s never really been my fav or my style either. But this time is the one time I’ll say he outshine Hu Ge for once in my eyes because he looks positively awesome and happy here. Never looked better.

    Ruby also. I’m not as much of a fan of her morning outfit (the red dress) but honestly she’s never looked more beautiful! Absolutely glowing! I feel like this is a very equally matched couple. Friends as much as they are a couple. Other couples have a very obvious romantic feel with the guy showering lavish love at the girl, but with them, they have this really zen and sturdy foundation of emotions, where they’re friends, soul mates (in the I-understand-you way not the purely romantic connotation), lovers, companions. They’re very much equals in the relationship in every way, I just get the feeling. Of them all, maybe they’re the least cheesy melty love type, but also the most steady, rock-solid, I-think-they’ll-grow-old-and-die-together type.

  8. 19 thoughts on “Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin’s Wedding Ceremony in Bali

    Lol. In this clip recorded by fellow co-star Jason Tsou, the song playing in the background is “Lets Not Be Friends Anymore” sang by the one and only Eric Chou (The Way We Were OST). Awww. No longer friends. Spin such a new meaning to the whole song. =P

  9. 19 thoughts on “Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin’s Wedding Ceremony in Bali

    Someone should introduce Lin Chiling to Hu Ge!

  10. 19 thoughts on “Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin’s Wedding Ceremony in Bali

    Your song choice brought tears to my eyes. And the fact that it’s live? Ooof. I belong to the older age group here for sure, having gotten married around the same time when HZGG aired back in 1998. So many tears shed for the characters and I remember being teased by hubby for crying, and repeating the same cycle of sobbing every time I rewatch the series.

    Wallace and Ruby are such a beautiful couple. Wallace is 36 and Ruby is 4 years older. I don’t know if others know about the dating myth that 4 years is the best age difference between couples. I just love that they have been friends over 10 years and finally let their feelings out to the other and it still worked out! SO HAPPY!

    Love their wedding photoshoot too. Classy and romantic.

    Thanks for all the updates!!

  11. 19 thoughts on “Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin’s Wedding Ceremony in Bali

    Does anyone know the location for Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu’s wedding? I’m wondering how far it was from this Bulgari resort. I may have to meet an acquaintance in Bali, so I’m curious. Thanks.

    • 19 thoughts on “Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin’s Wedding Ceremony in Bali

      lol. very random. but it’s AYANA Resort and Spa Bali.

  12. 19 thoughts on “Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin’s Wedding Ceremony in Bali

    Oh my God, why i feel like crying now… not for a sad reason, but a happy one. congratulation for this couple… so beautiful <3
    their speech tho. how lovely….

    suddenly reminds me of a song, marry your daughter by Brian McKnight.

    and the gang… wow… i love this concept. the wedding party with the ones we're close to.

    the girls are so pretty and hu ge is love!
    ps : my fave dress is Liu Tao's dress.

  13. 19 thoughts on “Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin’s Wedding Ceremony in Bali

    Our pretty couple!!! Congrats for them!! So beautiful and lovely!! l hope their marriage lasts long for 100 years!

    So happy and excited that Bingbing and Vicki attended the wedding, as well as Shu Qi and Hu Ge, and everyone else!!! Sad though Liying couldn’t come T______T l was hoping another HZGG cast would come too. Next up is Bingbing and Hu Ge maybe? LOL Hu Ge still not find his girl!

  14. 19 thoughts on “Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin’s Wedding Ceremony in Bali

    Maybe Hu Ge will married Ruby’s cousin who get the bouquet ???? I am naughty hahaha.

    Anyway, congratulations for both of them. Really happy for them. Cannot wait for little Wallaby ^^

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