The Legend of Chusen: Episode 6 – 10 “Competitions.”

Finally, I’ve made it! These episodes were both hard and easy to write, all for the same reason: nothing really happened. Lol.

The Legend of Chusen (Novel Aspirations) Episode 6 Summary:

 photo Chu06-1.jpg

More than half of this episode pertains to very trivial events. It’s the beginning of the Seven Palace Martial Arts Competition, held every 60 years between all of Qing Xun sects at Tong Tian Palace. A good excuse to put all of our players in the same playground. The disciples participating in the event must pass by the Red Bridge and hear a speech from Sect Leader. Xiao Fan meets and chatters with Jing Yu about time and when Jing Yu casually tells him to treat this competition as a place to gain experience, Xiao Fan doesn’t like the idea. He thinks to himself, “Getting experience? Why does everyone say that? Will I definitely lose? Why doesn’t anyone believe in my hard work? I can do it!” The quarreling thought puts his staff in a great mood and it glows brightly, triggering Magical Dragon’s spidey senses and it wakes up, creating dark clouds and strong winds. And just like five years ago, Jing Yu stands protectively before Xiao Fan while the Dragon smells him up after not giving way to Sect Leader’s interference. So rude, dragon. XD

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Inside Yu Qing Palace, Sect Leader tells them how the competition will go this year. Each disciple will pick a ball from the box and the number in the ball will decide the order of the fight. One lucky disciple will get a free pass to Round 2 if he/she picks Ball #1. And who else could it be but lucky boy, Xiao Fan. Ling Er teases, “Xiao Fan, it’s useless if you get into the second round anyway. How about you give it to me?” He’s about to give it to her too but Da Ren stops the joke. Sigh, there’s a truth to every joke, people. Ling Er is skidding close to the mean line.

The Legend of Chusen (Novel Aspirations) Episode 7 Summary:

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Unable to sleep, Xiao Fan wanders the night and let me just say he’s a gluttony for misery. He spots Ling Er sneaking around to meet… Qi Hao. They have a romantic date under the moon, in which he confesses his feeling. “I haven’t been able to forget you, even at night!” Jubilant and shy, she tells him to call her Ling Er, like her mom and dad. They embrace and our lover boy watches from afar in plain sight. You see what ALWAYS happen when you don’t sleep like a normal person? Heaven punishes you! Just as they leave, the Guardian dragon leaps out from the water, scaring Xiao Fan. His evil staff rolls out and the Dragon sniffs at it and glares at Xiao Fan before disappearing into the waters.

 photo Chu07-4.jpg

Sect Leader and his fellow brothers and sister gather around to discuss his failing at prying out information from the Guardian Dragon (who fell asleep during their would-be chat.) Lol. But there’s one more thing to discuss and Sect Leader calls forward the handsome Yi Cai. He tells the Masters about his discovery during his spy years. What dedication, he was sent to spy in the evil sect for five years?! He doesn’t know much other than the fact that the evil manual called Heaven’s Book has made an appearance again. It’s said that whoever masters the five levels of the book is invincible. Rumor has that the book is located in a bat cave (lol), and two other righteous sects have already set their eyes on defending the place at Kong San Mountain.

Sect Leader has a plan to send the top Four Ranking Disciples of the Competition to Kong San Mountain. One stone hits two birds: One, they can investigate the matter, and two, they can gain experience and increase their cultivation. It’s a brilliant idea, everybody agrees.

 photo Chu07-6.jpg photo Chu07-5.jpg

1st Round. Ling Er is the first from her own sect to face another disciple and she’s doing one heck of a job with her red belt transforming into a silk ball, trapping her opponent in it. She wins the round and Bu Yi can’t help but brag that she’s his daughter after all. Poor Xiao Fan watches her fight with cheers and smiles, until she runs past him to bask in Qi Hao’s compliments.

 photo Chu07-9.jpg

Shu Shu heads over to his friend and says in a laid back tone that he won, yet it means nothing to him because he yearns for a different lifestyle; one where he can read books and enjoy flowers. He leans closer to Xiao Fan and entreats to have the monkey Xiao Gui. It’s a NO, NO, NO for Xiao Fan. Shu Shu pulls out his last resort… a porn book in exchange for Xiao Gui. LOL. Their furtive glances around crack me up.

 photo Chu07-10.jpg photo Chu07-11.jpg

Xiao Fan looks over to Ling Er and Qi Hao and says dejectedly, “There are just some things that I’m not worthy of having…” To cheer up his friend, Shu Shu takes him to the treasures room, only to discover they have been moved elsewhere. Elder Cang Song and Shu Chang (not the actress! heh) enter the same room in hopes of storing Qing Yun’s treasure – the Nine Rites Precious Cauldron in a safe place. Elder Shu Chang even places a prohibition spell around it.

A commotion brings out Xiao Fan and Shu Shu outside. The school’s beauty, Xue Qi, has seriously injured Shu Shu’s senior brother during her round. Shu Shu clamps up when they name her as the culprit. X)

 photo Chu07-12.jpg

That night, Xiao Fan spends with Shu Shu, and the two friends chatter about tomorrow’s competition. Xiao Fan has accepted the fact that he isn’t nervous because he will lose no matter yet. Shu Shu disagrees and says that something hasn’t clicked yet for Xiao Fan and once it clicks, he would have no problem with cultivation anymore. That’s right Shu Shu! Tell your muddle-headed friend!

Xiao Fan sits up and confesses about feeling empty despite the destruction of Lie Xie’s sect. He thinks that the book keeper doesn’t have much to do with the massacre at Grass Temple Village and looks forward to more investigation. The mention of Ghost King’s sect stirs a small interest in Xiao Fan and even Shu Shu has heard that Bi Yao is his beautiful daughter. “Her heart can’t be too bad right?” Xiao Fan mutters a quiet Oh.

 photo Chu07-15.jpg photo Chu07-14.jpg

Speak of the devil’s daughter and here she is. We see Bi Yao at her mother’s grave. She recalls the day of her mother’s death and how mother had created the explosion mid-air as a diversion for them to escape into a deep, dark cave. She heals Bi Yao with her bracelet and gave it to her. “Bi Yao, you must hang in there. Don’t hate your father. You will understand when you grow up. Tell your father I don’t regret it.” Dang, the little actress is so good!

 photo Chu07-16.jpg

Being trapped in the cave with little light shining down, mother and daughter had lost track of time. Mother grew tired and weak and finally succumbed to a never-ending slumber. So Bi Yao was stuck with her mother’s corpse for the days she spent in that cave? That’s cruel, show.

Back to the present, Bi Yao proudly tells mom that she has avenged for her and also found the little boy who snuck her food during her cave imprisonment. Her voice then takes on a defensive edge because Jing Yu keeps insisting that good and evil be separated. “He even tells me we have no fate!” Such nonsense talk, she says.

 photo Chu07-26.jpg photo Chu07-23.jpg

Her father, Ghost King, speaks up quietly from behind. “Xiao Chi, our daughter is becoming more and more like you in your youth. No one can control her.” (Lol, I have heard this line before!) Hearing his voice rankles her mood and she makes a point of ignoring him by rolling up her fist and supporting her face, a stance that says I don’t want to talk to you. But it’s all an impish act and once dad says she even stole Qing Yun’s herb to help heal his old injury, she cracks a smile on the other side and complains to mom. “Mom, I brought him medicine but what use is it? Now I can’t go anywhere!”

Not complying to her request, he continues, “Jianghu is dangerous and forever changing. It’s all for our daughter’s good.” However, when the time comes, he will allow her down the mountains, on the promise that she won’t go to Qing Yun sect. In the mean time, they will wait for news from their spy. Spy? Bi Yao perks up at that.

 photo Chu07-32.jpg photo Chu07-34.jpg

Cang Song, dressed in his all black thief costume, sneaks into the treasure room to steal the Precious Cauldron. Thankfully, the prohibition spell proves itself useful and the bells jingle off to a distance. Cang Song escapes past Xue Qi’s meditation area, tailed by sparkly dots released by Shu Shu. Alas, they fail to capture him and Shu Shu asks Xue Qi to spend the night at their palace for, yunno, safety reasons. His father, Shu Chang, sputters at the idea, leaving Shu Shu as a hopeless romantic. He places a hand on Xiao Fan’s shoulder, “Did you see the way Xue Qi look at me just now? Bright eyes full of affection?” Lol. This kid. I think your next invention should be a pair of glasses!

Xiao Fan tells him straight up he’s overthinking it but Shu Shu brushes it off, how would Xiao Fan know anything about romance if he fails to pursue Ling Er? He advises Xiao Fan to take the initiative.

The Legend of Chusen (Novel Aspirations) Episode 8 Summary:

 photo Chu08-1.jpg

To Xiao Fan, taking initiative means cooking her more food. Unfortunately, the person he meets outside the girls’ dorm is cold beauty Xue Qi instead of bubbly Ling Er. When asked if she could do him a favor, Xue Qi shoots him down but then her sharp gaze softens a little and she tells him Ling Er and Qi Hao went out early in the morning for their training already.

 photo Chu08-3.jpg

He stops Xue Qi again and asks her to give Ling Er the food. Now he pisses her off for sure and she tells him directly that just because he pulled the Number 1 stick doesn’t mean he will be just as lucky throughout the competition if he doesn’t practice. Xiao Fan scurries away after she tells him to stop doing these pointless things. Alone on the red bridge, Xiao Fan eats the desert and throws the rest over the cliff. When he thinks about all the people who don’t have trust in his ability to win, the staff glows red again. Interesting.

 photo Chu08-6.jpg photo Chu08-5.jpg

2nd Round. Xiao Fan against Chu Yu Hong. His beloved senior brothers bets for the opponent’s side. How nice of you guys. Senior brother Da Ren has the decency to tell them to stop making Xiao Fen lose his nerves.

Oh Heavens! Poor Xiao Fan! No one from his sect is there to watch him. They’re either busy fighting their own battle or using the excuse of not pressuring him. Sigh. The spectators laugh at him, calling him shameless and telling to step down already. Troubled by their words, Xiao Fan fails to register his opponent’s flashy entrance on stage. Not to be looked upon as condescending towards his fellow junior brother, Chu Yu Hong chooses to NOT unsheathe his sword upon seeing Xian Fan’s weapon of choice as a fire torch. I kinda like you, dude.

 photo Chu08-8.jpg

When Xiao Fan is thrown to the ground, Yu Hong offers a helping hand. Xiao Fan: “Senior brother, I’m okay. Please put all your energy into the fight. Don’t be merciful.” Yu Hong hesitates to go all out, and Xiao Fan goads him, “Are you looking down on me?” Nope, no siree.

Sword unsheathed and after a few blows, the sword cuts Xiao Fan’s pretty face. A few drops of blood fall onto his staff and it glows hungrily. Xiao Fan recalls all the deaths and injustice in his life and uses all his energy to discharge a surge of power towards Yu Hong, disarming him. Yu Hong coughs up blood, drawing a commotion in the spectators, and they call Xiao Fan’s weapon a demonic object. Yu Hong tells them to stop accusing Xiao Fan and says it’s him who was careless.

Aww Jing Yu wasn’t there as well and he takes issues with no one from Da Zhu Palace supporting Xiao Fan on his first fight. I like how intense he glares at Bu Yi from a distance. That shifu only cares about his face!

 photo Chu08-11.jpg photo Chu08-10.jpg

Our trio of troublemakers – Shu Shu, Xiao Fan, and Xue Qi, agree to guard the Precious Cauldron that night, assuming that the mysterious man will likely appear again to steal. Xue Qi takes in Xiao Fan’s demeanor and tells him his antagonistic aura will only cause trouble later on, so be careful. He doesn’t think much of her warning, not understanding her meaning. Shu Shu arrives then with his treasures and another fake cauldron. They want to trade the cauldron and lure out the thief.

 photo Chu08-13.jpg photo Chu08-12.jpg

Just as they are done with the trading, Cang Song and his swarm of crows appear to steal the real cauldron in the magical bag. Shu Shu is injured and gives Xiao Fan the seal to take back the bag. Xue Qi and Xiao Fan chase after Cang Song, only to be quickly defeated. In the last second, Xiao Fan uses the seal to snatch the bag back to his possession. Jing Yu’s appearance helps their number and Cang Song has no choice but retreats. He plays good cop in the morning, chiding the three disciples for thinking their plan was smart.

Bu Yi makes a scene, calling Xiao Fan a bird that can fly, winning and not bothering to report it to his Shifu. I’m so tired of this man and his constant badgering of Xiao Fan’s spirit. He makes everyone feel like crap and then leaves the scene. Really dude? Arg. Shifu’s wife explains that all their disciples lost yesterday so now they only have Ling Er and Xiao Fan left. Everyone agrees and chirps that Xiao Fan only won because he was lucky. When asked what happened, Xiao Fan tells them that halfway through the battle, his opponent had diarrhea. “I was only lucky.” That hurts my heart.

 photo Chu08-15.jpg photo Chu08-16.jpg

Next day at his second round, Da Ren and 6th Brother cheer for Xiao Fan, and then tell him they are going to support Ling Er at her battle instead. You guys. Let me calm down a bit. In their place, Jing Yu steps into view, nodding to Xiao Fan. He nods back, a fraction of his spirit restored. With just one blow today, he sends his opponent several feet back, winning the second round without breaking a sweat. That look on Jing Yu is worrying, as is the whispering among the spectators.

 photo Chu08-19.jpg

Xiao Fan broods in his bamboo tree forest, trying to comprehend how he won the fights. Was it his martial arts or the power of the torch/staff? Is it controlling him? Jing Yu interrupts his reverie and brings up his winning battles, citing that it’s no longer luck. Everyone is talking about Da Zhu Palace’s martial arts techniques. Curious of his friend’s recent wins, Jing Yu asks to spar with Xiao Fan. He refuses at first but Jing Yu persists with his request and the two friends ready their weapon. The glint in their eyes holds no mercy as they look at each other. Aww, you two are friends!

 photo Chu08-24.jpg

They fight and Xiao Fan ends up on the losing end. Not deterred by Xiao Fan, Jing Yu asks what move he used during his two battles, and Xiao Fan, now annoyed, says he only used cheap tricks to win, happy? No, Jing Yu is not easily pleased with that plain answer and calls Xiao Fan a liar. Those words strike a nerve with Xiao Fan and he tightens his fist.

Jing Yu continues, “Where did you get your treasure from?”

Xiao Fan: “I have never lied. I cannot tell you where this treasure came from.”

Is Jing Yu worried about his friend going down the dark path? Intense, it was though.

 photo Chu08-29.jpg photo Chu08-30.jpg

Xiao Fan’s third round against Shu Shu’s senior brother, Peng Shang. It’s so cute that Shu Shu asks Peng Shang to be merciful. heh. Xiao Fan doesn’t see them yet but his senior brothers have come to support him today. After exchanging a few blows, Peng Shang shouts at Xiao Fan to start attacking and stop avoiding. That does the trick and our boy stands guard in one place while Peng Shang swipes his sword repeatedly, cutting into Xiao Fan’s clothing, causing him to bleed in multiple places. And you know it, his staff glows red at the contact of blood and Xiao Fan channels its energy to blast Peng Shang away.

The crowd goes wild, speculating that he used demonic treasure to win the battle yet again. Shu Shu runs up the stage in a fake show of rage to protect Xiao Fan from the wrath of his sect brothers. He punches Xiao Fan in the face. I’m glad that Xiao Fan’s senior brothers jump in to detain the other disciples from shredding him to pieces. Few.

Elder Shu Chang and Bu Yi hop on stage them to stop the escalation of violence. First time ever Bu Yi looks pained at the injuries on Xiao Fan’s body. He lifts a hand to touch but Xiao Fan backs away instinctively. Aww.

 photo Chu08-33.jpg photo Chu08-34.jpg

Back at Da Zhu Palace, all the disciples (except Ling Er), kneels before Bu Yi’s inspection. He stops before Xiao Fan and asks the same question everybody has been wondering. “How did you beat Peng Shang?”

Hesitating for a few moments, Xiao Fan finally speaks up about his newly acquired treasure and Bu Yi sneers at him, “You really are the dark horse now.” Then Shifu reveals that in order for one to match with a treasure weapon, one has to master the fourth level of Qing Yun sect. He bellows, “Can you tell me how you skipped the third level and learned the fourth level without my teaching?!” Oh krap. Ling Er got him in trouble this time since she gave him the manual and told him to cheat and learn the 4th level.

Xiao Fan glances quickly at Ling Er but she’s in a turmoil now. Her mom sees her panicked expression and figures it out herself, while Bu Yi rages on about how secretly learning martial arts behind your Shifu is an act of taboo. A light punishment is a reflection of ten years and a severe one is being kicked out of Qing Yun sect. Xiao Fan snaps up at that.

The Legend of Chusen (Novel Aspirations) Episode 9 Summary:

 photo Chu09-1.jpg

Hearing the severity of the punishment, Ling Er steps down and almost blurts out the truth but Mom grips her arm and shakes her head. Really, mom? Now I dislike you too!

Infuriated, Bu Yi picks up the poor boy with his power and slams him with both fists, rendering him on the ground, spurting out blood. Oh MY GOSH. I cannot stand Bu Yi anymore. His violence against Xiao Fan drives me off the wall because it’s uncalled and unnecessary. Of course, when Xiao Fan wakes up and says he feels better, Da Ren guesses that Shifu’s hits were purposely heavy-handed to clear him of bruised blood. What?!

 photo Chu09-4.jpg photo Chu09-5.jpg

Xiao Fan’s fourth round is up against Lu Xue Qi. Oh man. They banter back and forth, asking about each other’s injuries. With both being injured prior to their battle, Xue Qi muses that no one is at a disadvantage. She tells him to go at it with all his power because, she, unlike Peng Chang, won’t hold back. Holy cow, is Xue Qi borrowing Lightning into her sword? That’s badass. Xiao Fan recognizes the thunder driven spell technique and recalls it was last used by the killer of Grass Temple Village.

 photo Chu09-9.jpg photo Chu09-6.jpg

His mind brings him back to the memories of those innocent years, however, he’s not an invisible being in the dream. The not-so-hooded man sees him and asks about the red pearl he gave him five years ago. Unlike the instruction from before to toss the red pearl away, the man tells Xiao Fan that it feeds on blood. “The more people you kill, the more powerful it becomes. With your increasing magic, we can destroy Qing Yun.” The man disappears then and Xue Qi descends near the place calling out Xiao Fan’s name.

In reality, their bodies are stuck standing, but their minds are dragged into the world of hatred created by Xiao Fan’s mind.

Xue Qi tells him it’s the demon of his heart. “Don’t let it control you!”

 photo Chu09-10.jpg photo Chu09-12.jpg

Too late, his eyes glow red with black mist surrounding them. He attacks Xue Qi relentlessly until she strikes him with her lightning power, knocking the demon out of his body. Smart on the uptake, Xue Qi deduces that they are stuck in his memory and need to find a way out of it. The escaped black mist wreaks havoc on the village, suffocating everyone with its poison gas form. Recognizing the painful memory, Xiao Fan promises to get Xue Qi out of here safely. He only has one request once they are out. “Kill me.” Whaaa?

 photo Chu09-22.jpg

He locates the mist and struggles against it. Xue Qi: “Think of something happy! Demon heart comes from hate. You need to weaken its power. Don’t you have any happy memories?” Oh, so sad. She grabs onto his arms and they stay locked in that position. “Wake up, Zhang Xiao Fan! You cannot give up!”

With their power combined, they are lifted into air, each screaming out in agony. Explosion happens in the dream and in reality, the two are split apart, knocked unconscious.

 photo Chu09-25.jpg

Cut to Ghost King’s mansion. OMG. This show cracks me up. While people from the good sects are battling and scraping each other, people from the evil sect are having tea party and playing chess. HAHAHA. XD Beautiful residence, like heaven on earth.

 photo Chu09-27.jpg photo Chu09-31.jpg

While Bi Yao makes tea at the adjacent table, Ghost King plays chess with one of his four guards. This is Qing Long (William Yang Xu Wen) and he reports about the four winning disciples of Qing Yun. Bi Yao’s smiles brightly at Jing Yu’s name and scoffs to hear Xiao Fan making it to the final four. Ghost King: “You know him? How is he?”

 photo Chu09-30.jpg

Bi Yao: “Ordinary and weak.” LOL. Girl, don’t kick the horse when it’s down!

Qing Long adds that Xiao Fan has obtained a special treasure, enabling him to win all the battles, to the surprise of all the Sect Leaders. Ghost King turns to his daughter, chiding her for calling him ordinary when he stumbled upon such a rare treasure. It’s a special destiny.

 photo Chu09-34.jpg photo Chu09-36.jpg

She purses her lips and sips the teacup she just gave to Qing Long. HA. When she hears about the disciples being sent to Kong San mountain, she sidles up close to dad, hoping to be sent there as a spy as well. Dad sees her mischief and says that they will wait, letting the other evil sects have a go at it first. Annoyed with his response, she sweeps back to her tea-making. Qing Long and Dad both smile at her attitude. They are so cute! I’m so glad Li Ying has a good drama dad who loves her.

After a month of recuperating, Xiao Fan and Bu Yi have a honest discussion about the staff. Bu Yi and the other Sect Leaders have examined the object carefully. On the outside, it is a harmless treasure, but it secretly contains a murderous streak, absorbing its owner’s fresh blood to draw power. A technique only taught in evil sects. Since he’s fated as the owner, Bu Yi hands him over to the Sect Elders to decide his fate.

 photo Chu09-37.jpg photo Chu09-38.jpg

Cang Song lines up first to use his leaf-looking treasure. An object to detect Xiao Fan’s body of any demonic skills. The process goes on longer than it should because Cang Song grows vicious by the minute and Sect Leader has to step in to announce that Xiao Fan is clean. Bu Yi bursts into relieved laughter, but Cang Song claims that Xiao Fan is crafty and evil, a definite spy from the evil sect. Bu Yi glares at him and calls bullcrap on his theory without evidence. Did …did Bu Yi just roll his eyes at Cang Song? HAHA.

Bu Yi: “If my disciple is a member from the evil sect, then your Lin Jing Yu is also one!”

Cang Song: “How could you compare my disciple to your stupid one?!”

Lol. So wrong. So hilarious. This is why the evil sect will win! I’m glad that Xue Qi’s Shifu also speaks up for Xiao Fan. Sect Leader stops his younger siblings from having their pent-up brawls right there on court.

After they sit down and cool down, Bu Yi voices his opinion one more time, making a heartfelt speech.

 photo Chu09-41.jpg photo Chu09-42.jpg

Bu Yi: “This child’s cultivation isn’t high. His wins had to do with the treasure. But if we get to the bottom of things, it is because he has a fearless heart. A disciple who has poor martial arts and used his bravery and persistence to break into the top four rankings. A growth as good as that, can we just say it doesn’t count? We can’t go against our word. In all these years, we have been like father and son. I know this child very well. He may be a bit stupid, but his heart is very kind. Sect Leader Senior Brother, I am willing to use my life to guarantee that Zhang Xiao Fan has nothing to do with the evil sect.”

Awww. Slow clap. I like you again. Lol.

Solution? Shu Chang gets the staff so his son (Shu Shu) and wife can play with it. If nothing evil comes of it, he will return it to Xiao Fan.

The Legend of Chusen (Novel Aspirations) Episode 10 Summary :

 photo Chu10-1.jpg photo Chu10-3.jpg

As promised, the four winning disciples have a chance to learn one technique stored in Qing Yun’s Precious Cauldron with a burst of increase in internal energy. They form a circle around the cauldron. When Xiao Fan’s turn comes around, he gets a special treatment from the cauldron, being pulled forward and half-a-minute worth of energy transfer. Lol. Xue Qi eyes him suspiciously before she leaves. HEH.

 photo Chu10-4.jpg photo Chu10-5.jpg

Shu Shu meekly follows Xiao Fan and explains why he punched him the other day, but Xiao Fan thought it through and understood he did it to protect him. Shu Shu grins, he believes Xiao Fan because he trusts Xiao Fan’s nature and his own eye in making friends. That line hits Jing Yu’s guilty conscience and he steps forward to apologize and hand a bottle of medicine to Xiao Fan.

Shu Shu advises Jing Yu not to follow his Shifu’s footsteps, being suspicious of this and that, rendering Jing Yu defensive for his Shifu. Not intimidated by Jing Yu, Shu Shu wants some clarification – a weapon doesn’t distinguish between good and evil. A weapon’s nature is determined by the user and not by the weapon, right? “Yes…” So long as the user is kind and devoid of unkind thoughts, he should wield the supposedly demonic weapon with ease.

 photo Chu10-6.jpg photo Chu10-7.jpg

Oh no! The handsome Yi Cai, Sect Leader’s disciple has turned to the dark side. He drinks blood from a magical beast, given by Ghost King to increase his power. However, there’s a hefty price to pay. Every full moon, he turns into a bloodthirty monster. His beastly form involves long claws, disheveled hair, and dressed in all black. He runs past Xiao Fan and Jing Yu, who are discussing about life, and hides in a corner to wait. He attacks and scratches Jing Yu on the hand, forcing Xiao Fan to attack back, and our little deer notices that he can finally use his power at will.

 photo Chu10-9.jpg

Shifu Cang Song enters the fight and chases after the beast, warning the two disciples to go back. Yi Cai runs to Qing Long and he tells him to escape quickly. Cang Song confronts the new intruder and asks who is he, but Qing Long calls him by his name and reveals that just because all the people of Lie Xie Sect have died, it doesn’t mean no one knows his secret anymore. “Just wait, our Master will come to find you.”

 photo Chu10-10.jpg photo Chu10-14.jpg

The hour goes by and Yi Cai returns to semi normal. Qing Long walks up to him and tsks tsks at his pathetic self. He stops Yi Cai from attacking him and pins the boy against the tree, mocking him as a man with evil ambitions, now helpless to do anything to change his fate. Yi Cai spits back that he won’t be under his control, and Qing Long scoffs at that. “Don’t say it so definitely. You’ll need me.” He taunts him about the antidote and says no more.

 photo Chu10-18.jpg photo Chu10-19.jpg

Bu Yi and Xiao Fan have another heart-to-heart. Wow, two times in a row? What, is it Christmas? Bu Yi has just denied Ling Er her biggest desire: marrying Qi Hao. He expresses his dislike towards Qi Hao’s arrogance and says Ling Er could like anyone else – including Xiao Fan, and he would be okay. Xiao Fan sputters for a second and says he’s not worthy of her love. When Bu Yi insists they are a perfect pair, Xiao Fan stops him with a finality in his tone. He confesses that he really loves her, but the person she loves isn’t him. To him, Qi Hao seems to like her a lot too. He pampers her, spoils her, consoles her. “I believe that Qi Hao Senior Brother will change because he loves her. Maybe in your eyes, he isn’t perfect. But a perfect person is useless if she doesn’t love him.” Aww Xiao Fan!

He kneels and asks Shifu to let them be. Moments later, a chirpy Ling Er skips her way to Xiao Fan and thanks him immensely for convincing dad. Sigh. Oh Love.

 photo Chu10-21.jpg

Well, well, well. Time to leave Qing Yun! YAY! Shu Shu and Xiao Fan leave on their own in Shu Shu’s flying fish aircraft. Somehow, I don’t think they will make it down the mountains in one piece. On their way to Kong san Mountain, the pair will visit Shu Shu’s sick grandfather first. Jing Yu and Xue Qi are scheduled to head to the moutains (not like they have a choice, since Shu Shu and Xiao Fan begin their journey without them. Lol.)

 photo Chu10-26.jpg photo Chu10-28.jpg

And of course, they don’t land in one piece. HA. Xiao Fan sprains his ankle (you really are the damsel in distress!) and they rest in an unoccupied house in the middle of the wood at night. Totally safe. Then we see Lie Xie sect’s surviving members, led by Lord Dog. Not to worry, they seem like a group of sentimental, harmless fools. They intend to rest for the night and when morning comes, they will rob the rich people of this town. Okay.

Shu Shu’s mischievois side rises to the occasion. He dresses up as a ghost and scares the living daylights out of Lord Dog’s gang, only to turn around and be scared out of his mind by a man wearing a mask.

 photo Chu10-29.jpg

He introduces himself as Gui Xian Sheng aka Mr. Ghost (Cheng Cheng) and this abandoned place is his home. Shu Shu takes issues with him for wearing an frightening mask (to cover his scars). “Can’t you wear a cute one?” Lol.

Mr. Ghost notices Xiao Fan’s sprained ankle and heals him on the spot. In the morning, he sees them out and the door closes with a thud behind them.

— END —

Kap: Finally! Our characters are off the mountain with the worst security system ever! Lol. I have been waiting for this day since day 1. Sect politics is my least favorite topic and the ongoing fights and competitions don’t get my mojo running. The fun begins when these rookies get challenged in real life jianghu. Nothing like real life experiences to get your character up and running with the rest of the world. And please show some character development as well. Xiao Fan is too naive and Jing Yu is too stiff in his unbending ways. The world is not just black and white, little one.

The topic evil rose several times in these episodes as well. Xiao Fan is not evil but what it does tell us is even the kindest person can harbor unkind thoughts in a moment of weakness. Whether or not they can conquer those thoughts and turn the table around and use it for good is always the meaty section of these martial arts stories. At the end of the day, the object is dead, and the person wielding it decides what comes of it.

 photo Chu10-22.jpg

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    heheh thanks again for the hard work! i was betting against you! lol. thought you would give up already. hehe.

    shu shu is now my favorite character! just love his bromance with xiao fan, despite it all. jing yu. i don’t know where they are going with him. i hope xue qi does end up seeing him in the end. happy ending for all? no? lol.

    finally william makes his appearance. i still have to judge his acting before seeing him as guo jing. he’s handsome and i like him with ghost and bi yao. they are a cute trio to watch.

    • 22 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen: Episode 6 – 10 “Competitions.”

      Why are you always betting against me frea? Lol. A battle against ZLY is a losing battle!

  2. 22 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen: Episode 6 – 10 “Competitions.”

    I haven’t read the novel; therefore, I’m judging the drama by itself. So far so good. I hope the pace picks up soon. It’s a bit boring at times.

    Also, BY and LXQ remind me of ZM and the other female lead from HSDS. I read that BY wasn’t very well-developed in the novel. I guess her importance will be clearer in the drama. Interesting thought from the production company.

    In spite of LYF’s weak performance, the beautiful costumes and sceneries really make up for it.

    • 22 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen: Episode 6 – 10 “Competitions.”

      I have only read snippets here and there, so judging the drama based on its own merits too. 🙂

      Let’s hope everyone gets a chance to be well-developed in the drama version!

  3. 22 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen: Episode 6 – 10 “Competitions.”

    I laughed so hard when you name the trio of troublemakers xiao fan, shi shu and xue qi…somehow the super cold and serious xue qi being part of that line was just so funny.

    • 22 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen: Episode 6 – 10 “Competitions.”

      Lol. I’m hoping to see her smile more. How can one not smile in Shu Shu’s presence? Maybe he should pretend to lend her the porn book…. heh.

      • 22 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen: Episode 6 – 10 “Competitions.”

        I will die laughing if that happens…I am shipping this couple so hard right now even though I know they will end up with other people. I am going to check out Legend of Dragon Pearls when it comes out.

        If you’re waiting for Xue Qi to smile then you’ll have to wait forever because she’s going to start crying soon.

  4. 22 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen: Episode 6 – 10 “Competitions.”

    Either Xiao Fan’s a boring one-dimensional character or the actor portraying him simply lacks the skill to draw the audience to this character. At this stage, everyone around him shone but Xiao Fan remains like a side character – easily forgettable! Story progressing slow with parts that made me nod off. Not a good sign.

  5. 22 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen: Episode 6 – 10 “Competitions.”

    Thanks for the recap! I have watched the episodes but reading themagain makes me feel complete. If that makes sense!

    I agreed with the majority. These episodes could have been condensed to two-three episodes max!

    Xiao Fan is so unremarkable and ordinary, I feel bad for them every time I see his face. They couldn’t have made a more….plain main character. But I think it’s done on purpose to show his changes later on.

    Not much on the ladies, unfortunately. Yang Zi is so stunning, she’s a perfect cold beauty. Li Ying looks pretty too when she is at home in that side-swept hairstyle. The new guard ….he is our 2016’s Guo Jing, right? I remember his face. Funny how he plays a bad guy here and a complete turn around as an idiot for Condor. Will keep my eyes on him.

    • 22 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen: Episode 6 – 10 “Competitions.”

      Yes, he’s the new Guo Jing. Bad boy then Good boy. Nice transition. ;D

  6. 22 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen: Episode 6 – 10 “Competitions.”

    Thanks for the recap! I actually enjoyed these episodes. I do wish some characters were developed more. I am still not feeling Xueqi. Her and Jingyu always look so annoyed. Is annoyance suppose to come with being powerful?
    Talking about Xueqi, I found it interesting that she has the same move as the masked man. She also felt his presence when escaping but said she didn’t see anyone leave. Hmmm, I wonder how these two could be connected.
    XiaoFan and Shushu are the best part so far, they are a funny duo and really pleasant to see. LYF improved a little from the first few episodes, I think the stupid character is really hard to pull off. I like BiYao but we didn’t get to see much of her.

    • 22 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen: Episode 6 – 10 “Competitions.”

      I think she only felt the presence passing by her back and never saw the figure in person, hence her answer to the boys. But it is interesting they used the same technique. She’s not his disciple and from the looks of things, her shifu hates Cang Song.

      • 22 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen: Episode 6 – 10 “Competitions.”

        The move she uses is a finishing move taught to highhly talented students. Generally only the elders would actual learn it since it requires high level inner cultivation to accomplish. In the book a lot of people where shocked XQ actually knew it. Only XQ couldn’t control ot either since she wasnt powerful enough.

        • 22 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen: Episode 6 – 10 “Competitions.”

          Ohh thanks for the info.

        • 22 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen: Episode 6 – 10 “Competitions.”

          Ah, Thanks Tyn! Makes sense to help narrow down the culprit!

  7. 22 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen: Episode 6 – 10 “Competitions.”

    Lol every day I watch the previews and I hope we get to see more Bi Yao.

    On episode 12 I finally saw Bi Yao in the preview – turns out that was her only scene 🙁

    I really hope ZLY comes on more, now that her character has re-entered in ep 13 (spoilers).

    Originally I thought Bi Yao was gonna appear and die early – but I guess they’re dragging Bi Yao out.

  8. 22 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen: Episode 6 – 10 “Competitions.”

    TOO FUNNY. I have to share with ya’ll. Chusen enters Rio Olympics. Last one had me peeing!

    THIS IS THE BEST. LOL. Sect Leader VS Cang Song. MUAHAHHA

  9. 22 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen: Episode 6 – 10 “Competitions.”

    I loved all ten of the first episodes! Li Yifeng is kind of adorable sometimes especially when playing the foil to shu shu’s antics. If taken at face value now Shu shu would be the typical lead…charismatic, skilled, inventive and the one pushing for adventure getting them in trouble. Xiao fan would be the Watson to his Holmes. As it is his character now is too much of a straight man to be lead but I like him. But I Love shu shu.

    I loved the battles too. So pretty

    And William looked so hot as a bad ass. I hope he still looks as hot as simple guo jing . His costume was solo pretty too. That green color and the detailed design and the cape.


  10. 22 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen: Episode 6 – 10 “Competitions.”

    I dropped this because of the Olympics but I hope to pick it up again, once I get over the fact that LYF is not that great as Xiaofan. I want to root for the male lead but it isn’t happening. Makes me wonder if QJJ or Chen Xiao could have played XF better?

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