The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

Well guys. We have waited 100 years for this ultimate episode. Here it is for you to rave and rant. More of the latter on my end.

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The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 RECAP:

Finally, the battle between the good sects and evil sects comes to a showdown. The divider is clear. Ghost King demands for the Zhu Xian Sword to be handed over. Only then will he spare the lives of the kiddies. Yea, he’s asking the most stubborn man of the Sect, Bu Yi. First mistake.

 photo 53Chu-1.jpg

Massive fight breaks out! Bu Yi takes on Ghost King single-handedly while the others do their own thing. This scene must be difficult to filmed with small battles everywhere.

 photo 53Chu-2.jpg

Bi Yao arrives and scours the scene for her man. When she tries to get to Xiao Fan, Xue Qi intervenes and they fight.

 photo 53Chu-3.jpg

Lol. Xiao Fan’s face when his match stick is grabbed head-on! XD Ghost King is like, try waving it around me nao!

 photo 53Chu-4.jpg


 photo 53Chu-5.jpg

Xiao Fan is injured, signaling the appearance of Sect Leader. He aims thousand of swords at Ghost King’s barrier.

 photo 53Chu-7.jpg


 photo 53Chu-8.jpg

Bi Yao looks worried. I’m glad you noticed your father….sometimes.

 photo 53Chu-9.jpg

Sect leader defeats Ghost King and Qing Long rushes him away. Now it’s just Sect Leader facing Xiao Fan.

 photo 53Chu-10.jpg

 photo 53Chu-11.jpg

Sect Leader grows evil for that minute, he thinks that Xiao Fan with two types of powers in his body + the powerful demonic match stick = great threat of the future. He can’t let the tiger return to the mountain… He then activates some sort of power from the sword to immobilize everyone in that whole arena, each with a few swords coming at them (and them stopping the swords at bay.)

 photo 53Chu-12.jpg

Xiao Fan lies on the ground like he’s at the beach in Hawaii.

 photo 53Chu-14.jpg

Then he realizes it’s not a beach and Sect Leader wants to kill him. “What did I do wrong?!” Too late, buddy. Should’ve taken Bi Yao’s offer to run away!

 photo 53Chu-16.jpg

While everyone else is immobilized by the sword’s power, Bi Yao screams and breaks away from it, flying towards danger with her own magnetic love field. Pretty awesome.

 photo 53Chu-17.jpg

 photo 53Chu-18.jpg

 photo 53Chu-19.jpg

She activates the power (Love Curse) from the Bell and chants some poetry! Lol. The last line is the most important: “Because of love, death is not regretful.”

 photo 53Chu-20.jpg

 photo 53Chu-21.jpg

Sect Leader Hmpppps his power and the sword breaks through the enchanted Bell and Bi Yao’s Broken-hearted bracelet, piercing right through her tiny frame, lighting up the surrounding. Beautiful shots.

 photo 53Chu-22.jpg

 photo 53Chu-24.jpg

 photo 53Chu-25.jpg

 photo 53Chu-26.jpg

Performing ballet while she’s at it. XD

 photo 53Chu-27.jpg

 photo 53Chu-28.jpg

And she falls…

 photo 53Chu-29.jpg

Xiao Fan’s shocked.

 photo 53Chu-30.jpg

 photo 53Chu-32.jpg

 photo 53Chu-33.jpg

She mumbles the last words, “Xiao Fan…” And closes her eyes…

 photo 53Chu-34.jpg

 photo 53Chu-36.jpg

Xiao Fan finally shows some emotions in his eyes.

 photo 53Chu-37.jpg

 photo 53Chu-40.jpg

The immediate aftermath is him sitting at Ghost King’s residence, recalling his memories with Bi Yao. WHAT? You guys cheated me of the whole thing! I expected more from this scene. The reaction shots of those closest to Bi Yao. You guys stole that from me. Unforgivable.

 photo 53Chu-42.jpg

Qing Long approaches the seemingly dead man, “Zhang Xiao Fan. Zhang Xiao Fan! I know you need time to recuperate but time does not wait for you. There are things you must do now.”

Xiao Fan: “Forcing me to come here…is to kill me?” Qing Long: “If killing you can bring her back, I would’ve done so myself. But things have reached this stage, talking is meaningless. Everything that happened is not what you nor I wanted. Xiao Fan: “Let me see her one more time.” Qing Long tells him Ghost King wants to talk to him first.

 photo 53Chu-43.jpg

 photo 53Chu-46.jpg

Ghost King explains that bringing him back here is to prevent him from being killed by Qing Yun people. “Bi Yao’s determination to protect you has preceded my expectations.” He finally understands her wishes. Xiao Fan: “You really think so? If you care about her, you shouldn’t have brought her to Qing Yun.” Ghost King: “Believe it or not, it’s your choice. These past years, I’ve always wanted to glorify Ghost King’s sect, but I’m definitely not the type without feeling, forsaking his wife and kid.” If he knew today would happen, he wouldn’t let Xiao Fan go when they kidnapped him. Xiao Fan replies that it’s too late to regret.

 photo 53Chu-47.jpg

Ghost King: “Do you regret it?” Xiao Fan shakes his head (what?!!): “I don’t know.” After seeing the future in that well, he keeps wishing they wouldn’t go to Qing Yun. And even if they came, he thought she would remain down the mountains. “And even if she came up the mountains, you would protect her.” You really think that silly girl would stay out of the fight? She was right in calling you an idiot!

 photo 53Chu-49.jpg

Ghost King calls it destiny, impossible to change. “Why can’t you be the one to die?” Lol. He doesn’t know what Bi Yao has done wrong to deserve this fate. Xiao Fan admits it’s his fault. He just didn’t expect…. Ghost King finishes his sentence, “You didn’t expect?! Didn’t expect your respectable Sect Leader to aim the Zhu Xian Sword at YOU? Didn’t expect that the Evil Sects that come out of your mouth to be the ones to protect you? You see it now? The thing you guys call as the evil sects??!”

Right now, Ghost King only wants to save Bi Yao. He’s heard of the magical stone in Kong San mountains that saved Xiao Fan’s life before. It’s a hope they are willing to believe. He’s too injured to help Xiao Fan and reveals that there is still a part of Bi Yao’s soul detained in the Bell. Oh…..However, the sword energy still runs in her body and within a few days, her body might not even survive it. To preserve her body for seven days (to make it back to Yudu), they will use one technique from the Heaven book. Which requires a deep love and some familial blood.

 photo 53Chu-50.jpg

Xiao Fan visits Bi Yao in her perfect make-up and beautiful costume. “Bi Yao, do you know why no matter many times you approached me with one last request but I can’t do it? Because I know every time I reject your offer, you can always come up with other solutions to live well. Only then can we see other again.” He knows she will chase him to depths of ocean to get her request. And every time they split up, he felt extremely sad. “Because every time I can feel your importance growing in my life, how precious it is.” He reflects and doesn’t understand why he didn’t accept her request to leave this war with her.

 photo 53Chu-53.jpg

 photo 53Chu-52.jpg

Ghost King arrives and they begin performing the technique, which requires a peaceful state of mind for 6 hours.

 photo 53Chu-55.jpg

You Ji reprimands herself for not protecting Bi Yao. Qing Long tells her to stop that, no one could’ve stopped the power delivered by Zhu Xian Sword. She turns to him and yells at him for not listening to her in the beginning. They should’ve stopped Bi Yao from interacting with Xiao Fan. Ha. I love how she’s the clear-headed one while Qing Long is about love. Lol.

Wild Dog interrupts them and warns of two frenemies-turned-foes.

 photo 53Chu-56.jpg

 photo 53Chu-57.jpg

 photo 53Chu-58.jpg

Oh It’s these two. Blood-bug dude and Cang Song, showing off his new evil white lights. They want to kill Ghost King and take over his sect. I thought they would kill Qing Long but I’m glad Ghost King arrive in time to save him!! (But really, do we need this scene? Useless. I would rather check on other important folks.)

 photo 53Chu-59.jpg

 photo 53Chu-60.jpg

Finally at Qing Yun…. Sect Leader recuperates in seclusion. Bu Yi tells the kids that with the sect leaders injured, they need to step up their game and take charge of protecting Qing Yun. Shu Shu has already returned to Yudu to guard the city and seek out info about the evil sect. Jing Yu asks about Xiao Fan’s whereabouts but no one knows. Xue Qi raises her opinion. She thinks they should be proactive and attack the last bits of them? Gurl, you crazy too!

 photo 53Chu-61.jpg

Jing Yu follows up her thought with Xiao Fan’s plan from before. Let the evil sects fight among themselves. Bu Yi is impressed with their strategies (Really, old man?!) Senior brother wants to become a spy again and pry out more info. Jing Yu volunteers to help too and Bu Yi asks Xue Qi to meet up with Shu Shu in Yudu.

Wow. This whole scene…. I felt the coldness.

 photo 53Chu-62.jpg

Qin Wu Yan (you handsome thing) reminds Ghost King not to let other sects know of his injuries. Ghost King asks what plans he has and Wu Yan says he will side with Ghost King no matter what. “It’s just my Shifu…” Ghost King promises to help him find the antidote to free him from his Shifu.

 photo 53Chu-63.jpg

 photo 53Chu-64.jpg

Ping Er and You Ji enter. Ping Er is released by Mr. Ghost and promises to help Ghost King. Of course, he doesn’t believe her after she released Jing Yu last episode but You Ji speaks up for her behalf. After the ladies know that Xiao Fan and Wild Dog have left for Yudu, they are concerned he might get killed. Wu Yan volunteers to help Xiao Fan. He says he does want to see Bi Yao live well. “This sentiment is no different from that of Zhang Xiao Fan’s.”

 photo 53Chu-65.jpg

The last few minutes of episode 55 is Xiao Fan visiting the beautiful piece of land he went before with Bi Yao. He sees her smiling at him. “Bi Yao, wait for me. I will definitely return.” She nods at his promise.

 photo 53Chu-66.jpg

 photo 53Chu-67.jpg

 photo 53Chu-68.jpg

 photo 53Chu-70.jpg

 photo 53Chu-71.jpg

 photo 53Chu-73.jpg

—- END —-

Kap: What an episode. What a letdown. After Bi Yao’s sacrifice, I felt strangely detached to the whole drama. She is a friend not only to Xiao Fan but her sacrifice seems only to affect him. We are cheated of what the others feel about the whole ideal. The immediate aftermath was never shown. Shu Shu, Jing Yu, Qing Long, Wu Yan etc. Nothing? Are you freakin kidding me?! When the Qing Yun kids were planning to attack the Evil Sect, I just wanted to off all of them. How heartless and cold they were. Especially Lin Jing Yu!

What I Dislike:
– Too many characters, less development for each core member
– The overall plot was everywhere, I had a hard time remembering their purpose for each mission
– Weak chemistry between the Xiao Fan and Bi Yao. Yes, they went through many, many (and maybe too many) life-and-death situations but there wasn’t cooking time for them to realize the meaning of each sacrifice. With Xiao Fan, it’s a normal thing for him to jump in front of death to save any of his friends. This equals to the lack of distinction when it came to his ladylove. I didn’t feel XF-BY’s love until the rainy night and he took her hand.
– Li Yi Feng gave a very impassive performance for me. He was very detached throughout. The emotional punch was not there when he talked to corpse Bi Yao.
– Bi Yao’s micro-focused attitude on Xiao Fan. I wanted her to relax and think about something else. It was no struggle for her to say, “I can leave my dad and be with you!” (Truth be told, Ghost King’s sect is heaven on Earth! Those flowers! That bridge!)
– Qing Yun men. When they keep saying Qing Yun is home but they got treated like crap and still refused to leave. “Because it is where I grew up. My home.” I wish one would break out of the mold and make a home for themselves with dignity. *major side eye*

What I Like:
+ Bi Yao and her support system – Qing Long, You Ji, Daddy. How glad was I that her daddy was different from Nicky in Zu Legend? I love Qing Long and his brotherly conversations with her. Can’t wait for Qing Long’s transformation into Guo Jing. Heh.
+ The last few episodes where everyone questioned what is evil and what is good. Unlike Hua Qian Gu, I didn’t hate Qing Yun Sect leaders. They were sometimes annoying but I didn’t get murderous. Lol.
+ Bu Yi plundering down the bridge and breaking it like King Kong!
+ Qin Wu Yan: I’m so sad I won’t get to see him arguing with Bi Yao again. I still don’t know whether he likes Bi Yao for real or was just testing her. One thing is for sure, he craves the unconditional love Bi Yao has for Xiao Fan and wants something like that in life. The little gathering he had before they left revealed a lot about this lonely man who was always deserted and used. He came out of that environment knowing how to use people instead and never fully trusting. At least Mao Zi Jun said he has more screen time in Season 2. Those of you still watching, smile!

I’m too tired to go on…. Your turn.

  1. 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

    Yassss this is Amazing, I couldn’t possibly compare to you~
    The pictures . . . <3
    I love it, thank you Kappy ^_^

    • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

      No comparison, maknae. Everyone is different. I’m a dinosaur at this. Lol. You’ll find a way to make yours the way you like it! =)

    • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

      We all know Kappy is a big Zhao Liying fan. She always does justice to her photos and her projects…. You will find some stars you are particularly fond of too. And you want to write about them as best as possible. And it will be done in your own style…
      It will be interesting to read who you are fond of…

  2. 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

    oh lord, how long i have waited to let it out.

    this episode is definitely poorly edited. it made me feel cheated too!!! her sacrifice wasn’t the talk of town at all. lol. jing yu, you heartless brat and i thought you changed since living with that white haired dude in seclusion. nope, not at all. even shu shu wasn’t shown at all after the fight. so funny. well, it’s not like he’s around a lot anyway, always shipped to yudu for no good reason.

    shu shu should be paired with xiao han instead. they are cute.

    chusen is draggy. draggy, and draggy!! i don’t know any people’s names after episode 20. lol.

    how are they gonna make a convincing jump ship in season 2 with xiao fan and xue qi?!! O___O that isn’t a small sacrifice one can overlook. so dramatic.

    i wanted to see at least a hint of ghost tear. NOTHING?!! I have to wait until next year?!! ughhh.

    this drama was pretty. one plus for me. xD

    • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

      Oh yea, disservice to Shu Shu too!

  3. 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

    I thought this season was ending with Xiao Fan turning evil? There’s no cliffhanger to this ending at all.

    • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

      I think everyone expected to see at least evil Xiao Fan walking out of Ghost King’s cave. But nope. Not even that. Lol.

  4. 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

    Between this finale and the U.S. elections, I’m not sure which was more disappointing. Tomorrow…

    • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

      *lol* ..this comment is really funny 😀

  5. 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

    So so upset. I felt cheated too. Like no one even knew of Biyao’s sacrifice. So no reactions. So so lame. And I have to wait for next year for the next 18 episodes??!! I don’t even know if I care anymore by then.

    Everything just happens at snail’s pace in this drama. At least even though HQG wasn’t universally loved (only me here I think), it was at least never boring! I was so bored by so many scenes. But I stuck through the whole drama, even the unreasonable 1 week break..and this is it?! XueQi remains so unlikeable I don’t know how to ship her with XiaoFan. Are they for real?

    I supposed now I can just go and find the book instead.

    • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

      I hated the fact no one asked the Sect Leader anything at all!!

      Lol @HQG. Yes, it wasn’t boring and got my snarky side out. Chusen, I had no snark for it. XD

  6. 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

    What a disappointing ending! BY’s sacrifice was downplayed by the sloppy editing. It was a highly anticipated scene, and I expected more from it. Where are the reactions from her family and friends? I know she’s not the main lead, ZXF is, but at least give her a proper closure.

    • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

      That was the moment for Yi Feng to act out his anguish and let it SCREAMMMMMMMMMM. But nope. Nada.

      • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

        Well, if you guys read the book you should know that Zhang Xiao Fan and Lu Xue Qi,both are emotionless.very little expression from both of them. Even there is some expression they will soon cover it with cold expression. I haven’t finish watching, but from what you guys say I really feel cheated too. The ending was too pushed just like lao jiu men. They cut the scene too much so the story became unreasonable.

  7. 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers


    They screw everyone up in this drama, Xue Qi, Xiao Fan, Bi Yao, Shu Shu, etc. Screwed!

    LOL@Hawaii beach. I was in the middle of crying that reading that line.

    • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

      Sorry dear, maybe Season 2 will help!

  8. 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

    This drama is shit. Sorry.

    I have never seen LYF acted so badly in all his dramas before. Man, this has to be the worst. We know all his character is supposed to love Biyao but he didn’t emote any of such feelings on his face/eyes at all, just that blank, wide-eyed look all the time, I have never wanted to punch LYF so much, LOL.

    I agree that the scene immediately after Biyao’s sacrifice is shit. The one big part of the novel is pedestrian.

    Biyao, just remain asleep. Xiaofan does not deserve you.

    And season 2 does not deserve an audience.


    • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

      I lol-ed so much reading this comment. Tusu and your way with words. XD

      • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

        Glad you had a laugh after this disappointing episode – wait, the entire drama.


  9. 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

    OMG, I’m with you Kap. I feel like they just rushed everything at the end. I’m like really, no one was affected with Bi Yao’s sacrifice???????? The rain came then they cut it to Xian Fang sitting in the garden…… I feel like Bi Yao’s sacrifice scene doesn’t end at where she was in his chest. And no one question why the sect leader wanted to kill Xian Fang too. I’m so mad at them production team. I’m probably not going to watch season 2.

    • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

      They rushed to Bi Yao’s scene and then let the whole episode drag afterwards. Weird editing choice! Lol.

    • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

      I see, I see what y’all mean now, it was super weird! I quickly rushed to go see that last episode now and bi yao DID died beautifully, and she does look very dead! Instead of a coma… looks like she was pierced through the sword and not die…?
      BY death scene was the thing that brought me to the very top of the roller coaster, and I expect to have all the fun when going down that coaster, but then it slowly went backward instead..nope nope…too much excitement for you viewers, we’re moving back to our usual melodrama-scenes. No wonder why it’s such a big joke to everyone!

      Just right exactly after the moment (2-3 seconds) BY died, a brand new day started without anyone reflecting on anything at all, only some people were sad for BY…and that was it.

  10. 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

    Glad that I dropped this after ep 30. Just couldn’t muster up much enthusiasm. Nowhere was the only place this drama headed fast towards.

    • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

      I even marathoned this series during the week break just to be ready….and then I got this. Jokes on me!

      • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

        Quite unfortunate this drama wasted many people’s time. When I watched a 30-min (?) making-of video in which the director citied Legend of the Ancient Sword as the model, warning lights started flashing in my mind. Of course when no one mentioned how the story was adapted, YIKES!!!

        • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

          I don’t know how I landed into one of their BTS clips, but everyone looked like they had lots of fun though! And it was quite entertaining to watch than the real drama, so they probably didn’t regret wasting that much time away. Finding that naughty side of Yang Zi in real life was quite amazing!

  11. 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

    After eps 40, I gave up. I feel the writer did not have a clear direction. Lots of ideas and plots but no clear storyline. Unlike the traditional Wuxi writer like Jin Yong. I feel the remarks of good stories are better than all the new writers this days. Lots just have no clue how to write a great Wuxi story.

    • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

      Yep. Hence they remake his novels the most! He does have a lot of great characters and stories to tell.

      • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

        So true! Can’t compare to Jin Yong and even Gu Long. I feel their stories and characters development are more complete. The xianxia stuff don’t work for me.

    • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

      The novel is indeed cant be compared to Jin Yong level, but it is still pretty good. The drama butchered the real story and the characters so bad, that it became draggy like this. The first 10 episodes of the drama was actually not bad. In my opinion, if they followed the pace of those episodes and dont drag/mess the story and the characters that much, Biyao should’ve slept on around epi 25.

      • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

        I did enjoy the beginning of the drama thus I lasted till eps 40 and it just reached my limits and I gave up….Lol…I love a good Wuxia drama!

  12. 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

    Oh gosh…they could have at least ended with a final shot of Xiao Fan becoming “evil”…not that it would redeem the drama but still at least give us some emotional payoff >_>

    The first 10 or so episodes were good and then it just went downhill from there. So many boring scenes that did nothing for developing the characters or progressing the plot. I was originally hopeful that LYF could prove us wrong about his acting but he was perpetually blank-faced. Pretty idol dramas can be entertaining but Chusen was dull and pointless. If Pixar can tell a memorable love story that makes people cry in less than 10 minutes (in the movie Up), I don’t understand why Chusen had 51 episodes/41 hours and still failed to make me feel anything for the main couples (Xiao Fan/Bi Yao and Xiao Fan/Xue Qi).

    I am waiting for Princess Agents and Legend of the Dragon Pearl now since I do like the rest of the cast and want to see them in better dramas. I feel like I’m ranting a lot LOL so I’ll end with something positive: Mao Zi Jun is underrated and quite good-looking XD

    • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

      Ending with Xiao Fan in his evil robe would make me feel less upset/cheated. About 5% because I was waiting to see his wrath released in some type of form, yunno? But he immediately reverted to his calm self afterwards. LOL!

      They shouldn’t have cut out the episodes and divided them into 2 seasons. The weird cutoff does not make me want to watch “more.”

  13. 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

    Well Kappy you know your superb photo sifting skills paid off! ^_^ I tried to get into Legend of Chusen but it never happened. Besides…slow paced is not my style ?

    • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

      Been sifting through pictures since the age of 14.5. XD

  14. 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

    HAHA what I love so much about this series is reading all these funny comments, Kap u r so funny on the recaps, especially about that beach in Hawaii. Lets see if they can get some good actors for season II to lure us into this again.

    • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

      At least you had some laughs, Yoyo! XD

      Season 2 has the same cast. Lol. They just divided the episodes up and called it two seasons.

  15. 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

    This drama was really disappointing… No character development and it felt lagging. Sigh…

    Anyway, I hope they do release an instrumental OST because those background songs were beautiful!!!

  16. 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

    I’m with all of you. I feel so cheated and VERY VERY disappointed. As for season 2, I would only watch it if Bi Yao and Xiao Fen finally together. Which not going to happen, so me and season 2, not going to happen too. because the girl sacrifices herself for the guy and the guy end up fall for another girl who will try to kill him along with the evil sect. NO NO NO No NO… I rather not have Bi Yao in season two to see all of that happening. dying for the one she love is better than dying from a heart break.

  17. 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

    I’ve always been a silent lurker but I finally need to speak up since I’ve actually caught the drama when it finished airing. I couldn’t share my dislike for Journey of Flower when it came out but I can do so for this drama. I also need to AIR out my issues. >.<” I watched this english subbed so bear with me if the names are misspelt.

    The writer and director should learn how to be a contractor to cover all the p(l)ot holes in this
    story. How dost drama annoy me? Let me name the ways.


    Jing Yu’s romance with Ping Er, where was the development? How many scenes did they have in total together? It took me THAT many scenes to even convince me that Xiao Fan even liked Bi Yao. Grrrr, random plot device. It’s like they didn’t want him to be alone or something.

    Are they going to continue the quest for Heaven Book in season 2?

    What happened to Senior Brother Xiao (shouldn’t he die or something because of what he did to Jing Yu)? Can Jing Yu kill him in season 2?

    WHERE was the CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT for all that buildup of hatred and vengeance from Cang Song? I felt like there LITERALLY was not enough scenes between Cang Song and Jian Yi for me to understand how important Jian Yi was to Cang Song. (There was ONE scene in the beginning of their past together, at least that’s all I remember) I feel like he let out that entire monologue and I’m like, can we get reenactment please (instead of all those damn flashbacks)?

    Flashbacks, Lord. I can literally start this drama on episode 27 and still understand the love story between Xiao Fan and Bi Yao. At the last episode, I was like, I get it. You have moments together, can there be another way to move the story forward? Like film OTHER scenes together instead of making us watch the SAME scenes 10 times over?

    After ALL this, I’m still like, I want them to be together but it’s like he’s ditching her for the blank-faced Xue Qi? Why? Roll eyes.


    The only thing commendable about this drama are the effects and cinematography. I’m actually REALLY motivated to visit all those places they filmed. Such beauty.

    Btw Kappy, LOVE YOUR SITE! Finally showing you da love. Love your recaps too. I guess I can see why you stopped recapping the drama. Looking forward to more of your work. 🙂


    • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

      HA! Well, thanks for airing out your rave (for me!) and rant (for Chusen)!

      Nodding my head with your points. Especially about the sudden development between Cang Song and Jian Yi. During his whole monologue, I was wondering who he was referring to. Lol. With the extent of his emotional outburst, I thought I missed something major. XD But nope, nada, nothing!

      I lasted longer with Hua Qian Gu. Lol. More so because there were always something for me to be snarky about. =]

  18. 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

    definitely there is season2 ,,on 8 december,however exculisvely for vip member (QQ),however the official broadcastin would be on january or february next year.

  19. 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

    Ahh, the most memorable scene in the book. Late to the game, but there is how things went down in the book. Personally, I think the drama version is forcing its emotions too much, but end up somewhat failing at it. Also keep in mind that Biyao’s sacrifice is about 1/3 of the way through the book, and majority of the book is about the length Xiao Fan/Gui Li will go trying to revive and Xue Qi’s struggle to face Xiao Fan as her enemy. Zhuxian actually has a literary style in its prose and it is dotted with many poetic sentences, a rarity in modern Xianxia. I’ll try my best to translate the original and you’ll be the judge on how well the drama did it.

    Daoxuan using his last magical power, combines all of swords Qi into the Seven coloured Zhuxian sword. With thouderous sounds, it is coming towards Zhang Xiaofan like titans of the past.
    “Ahh!”Not only the demon sects are in shock, even people of the righteous sect was in shock of disbelief. Tian Buyi and Shu Ru face are white, Tian ling’er faints into the ground.
    Beside then, Lu Xueqi tightly holding the Heavenly Sword of Tianya, face white without a trace of blood, her sword shaking in her hand.
    The sword is not even close to the ground, yet cracks already appear all around him. A wild wind envelopes him, nothing other than sudden death now awaits hime.
    Zhang Xiaofan ‘s eye stood still, his body surround by the sword’s Qi, unable to escape. He could look at sword’s murderous aura as it is coming for him.
    This sound shook the earth, yet the sword is unyielding, for it is a weapon that will kill the gods and Buddha himself with heart or regret. It is still coming for him, his fate now sealed: he will shatter into ten thousand pieces.
    Suddenly, all heaven and earth has become quiet, even the thunderous Zhuxian Sword spell seems to hold its breath.
    That familiar and loving hand appears beside Zhang Xiaofan, with mystical, crisp sound of bells, pushed him aside.
    A incantation, silent for ten thousand years, now lightly recounts for the beloved.
    “The Sprits in the nine steps of Hell, The Gods and Demons in all heavenly realms. With my blood and body, as a sacrifice….”
    She stood in the howling winds, with a red eye looking lightly at Zhang Xiaofan, her face white as ghost, yet showing a hint of smile.
    The wind is flapping her green dress, as if in a dance. It is the saddest and most beautiful scenery in the world.
    Zhang Xiaofan’s heart sunk.
    Suddenly, he tries to speak, but the wind stops him; He crazily lead towards, yet was bounced back by a mysterious force. His eye filled with red tears, slowly running across his cheeks.
    The girl in the wind opens her arms, face a sword seemly capable of destroying the entire world.
    ……三生七世,永堕阎罗,只为情故,虽死不悔…… 剧烈的狂风突然转了方向,变成了围绕在碧瑶身边的巨大漩涡,那个婉约而美丽的女子被狂风推上半空,迎著那七彩流转的巨剑。
    “Three Lives and seven worlds, forever cast in the realm of Asura, for love its only cause, in death I shall not regret….” The howling wind suddenly changed its direction, forming a gigantic vortex around Biyao. That delicate, yet beautiful girl was hurled up in the air, in the path of that seven coloured sword.
    In that moment, she was in the light between Heaven and Earth.
    In moments….
    Countless blood cloud appears out of her body, forming a jade like crimson wall in front of her. At the same time, from her pale face, nine purple smoke steams out and shoots inside that wall of blood.
    That blood wall suddenly boils, heated by the flames of love, heated by all the fires of romance and fires of heartaches…. It casts an exquisite ray of light, against the heavens.
    And collapse with Zhuxian main sword
    and light so bright, no one dared to open their eye.
    The sound cannot be described in words, shook the entire universe. The seemly invisible Zhuxian sword now flies backwards, it’s focus sword qi is now whirling mess. On the Tongtian peak, montains shook, rocks dislodges, countless cracks appears on the cliff face. It is as though the end of the world is coming.
    Almost invisibly, a thin and tragic body slowly falls gently back to earth.
    In all heaven and all earth, all is silent; only one voice reverberates in between.
    A infinite darkness envelopes the world. He shivers, does not dare to move, does not dare to face, does not dare to wake up.
    Yet, he still woke up.
    His shivering arms, slowly embraces, and slowly opens, his eye gradually opens, facing this reality took his entire courage.

    • 44 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Episode 55 (Season 1) Finale Spoilers

      Thanks for the detailed translation, xingfenzhen. At this point, I can’t really tell which version is better because this show really doesn’t pull any other emotion from me except for exasperation and a weird curiosity to see how it ends.

      For me, it was the discontinuity of the aftermath of Bi Yao’s sacrifice that broke everything apart.

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