Kisses & Hugs in the trailer of Idol Cdrama “The Four”

TF (8)
Looking angry aren’t we? Who stole ya’ll happypants?

Taking a brief break from my boring lecture notes and how wonderful is it to see colors in motion!? Wee~~!! Upcoming remake of drama The Four, featuring a line of young faces recently releases a 4-minute preview, showcasing their expensive production materials to the fans. In the midst of fighting corruption and upholding justice, our four guards find themselves declaring love and receiving confessions. Who is your favorite pairing?

Meet the boys:

Zhang Han as Ling Xie (Cold Blood)

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Yang Yang as Wu Qing (Heartless). He looks like a fragile scholar!

TF (6)

Mao Zi Jun as Tei Shou (Iron Fist)

TF (5)

Willian Chan as Zhui Ming (Chaser). Those challenging eyebrows. My favorite Zhui Ming is forever Wallace Chung.

TF (3)


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The girls:

Wu Ying Jie (Gui Gui) ‎as Ling Yi Yi. She’s everywhere! Her smile just brightens my day okay. 🙂

Her character is described as simple, mischievous, and impulsive. She loves Iron Fist wholeheartedly but can’t grasp why his heart doesn’t move because of her love. Girl, his name is more like Iron Heart. Unfortunately, Yi Yi is used by the enemies and her body becomes poisonous. (I’m skeptical about this part but grateful for translation.)

TF (20)

Janine Chang ‎as Chu Li Yang

An escaped maiden who is bright and kind, a cover up for her crafty personality. She’s coupled with Zhang Han and they make a bickering pair.

TF (18)

Jia Qing as Ji Yao Hua (Familiar? She’s Ah Zhu/Ah Zhi in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils)

Fierce and stubborn, her father’s Official rank makes it easier for her to become a leading female guard. When it comes to love, she’s a tortured soul. Being in love and betrothed to Cold Blood, his blooming love with Li Yang leaves her vulnerable in the hands of our villain, An Shi Di (Mickey He).

TF (19)

Bai Bing as Jiu Wei Hu

A woman who practices dark magic and is able to transform into a fox-like demon. She lives for her sick husband and will do anything to secure another breath for him, including the murders she’s appointed to by the bad guys.

TF (21)

Picture of Gui Gui and Mao Zi Jun on set. They’re adorable and my favorites so far (though I have reservations for the character Iron Fist keke). And yesh, Taecyeon, she has another oppa. She has many many oppas. 😛

TF (16)

TF (15)

TF (14)

A ball of energy, this girl.

TF (13)

Cute! I hope we get to see them chummy like below and not her pining after him repeatedly. God knows I hated that aspect in the 2000 version with Korean actor Cha In Pyo. The love story in that version makes no sense.

TF (12)

TF (11)


Character Translation thanks to Xie.
Pictures from Weibo, baidu, Ent.

  1. 6 thoughts on “Kisses & Hugs in the trailer of Idol Cdrama “The Four”

    I saw the trailer for this drama a few days ago but couldn’t figure out the main pairings. Thanks for clearing that up! 🙂 Any idea when this will start airing? I hope it’s sooner rather than later!

    • 6 thoughts on “Kisses & Hugs in the trailer of Idol Cdrama “The Four”

      I’m confused myself ( 😛 ) because I don’t know most of the newbies, except for the obvious ones. According to the trailer, each boy does get a separate love interest, but their profiles might not be available yet. Only the well-known actresses (aka significant characters) have character summaries.

      Airing time. I dunno. Hopefully, soon. 😀

  2. 6 thoughts on “Kisses & Hugs in the trailer of Idol Cdrama “The Four”

    After watching the 2008 version, amazing with a few hits and misses here and there, I can’t help but compare these two. How come Heartless isn’t in a wheelchair? Where is Cold Blood’s scar? and supposedly Cold Blood is suppose to have a sister, what the heck right? I think this thing will be a big fat fail, on the bright side you know Gui Gui will bring a smile to our faces, hopefully her Taecyeon oppa won’t get too jelly. Why must Mickey He, Yuan Shan Shan and Zong Feng Yan be in this? Ahh my head is spinning a million miles thinking about this!

    • 6 thoughts on “Kisses & Hugs in the trailer of Idol Cdrama “The Four”

      Oh! I forgot about the wheelchair brother, the majority of the past versions have the eldest guard in a wheelchair with awesome traps and flying weapons. I guess they changed many things. It’s the idol version now.

      Breathe! heh.

      • 6 thoughts on “Kisses & Hugs in the trailer of Idol Cdrama “The Four”

        Breathing, slightly. There’s just so many changes in this that makes one head spins. One would think with all these changes, Lu Zheng is behind this. LOL. I’m curious as to why there’s no mention of Iron Fist’s sister also.

  3. 6 thoughts on “Kisses & Hugs in the trailer of Idol Cdrama “The Four”

    Zhang Han… I’m in!!! LOL

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