Trailer of “Summer Fever” with George Hu & Gui Gui pulls heartstrings

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Oh Rana, I think you picked the right project. I love George and it’s great to see him as lead. In just 6 minutes, the trailer managed to make me feel immediate desperation for the doomed couple (or so we think, let’s pray). Gorgeous cinematography, coupled with a haunting theme song, this sure looks to be a tear-jerker.

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Synopsis: Summer is the height of tourist season on the island of Kinmen. In one particular summer, national pianist champion, Chen Wen Qing, came to the island to spend her summer vacation. Local boy, Lin Ming Kuan, was her tour guide. As their adventures on the island went on, Kuan gradually fell in love with her. Yet, he never revealed his feelings. He didn’t think he was good enough for her. He even pushed her away when he discovered that she felt the same way for him. [Credit: Viki]

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  • The first half confused me, so who is the main pairing? What’s the conflict? Then the last minute made me realize and scream, “Don’t die!” That’s too spoilery right there.
  • Gui Gui is adorable. This is my first time seeing her too (feel like I’ve been saying this line a lot lately), she may not be the most stunning beauty, but her overall persona is down-to-earth, and I love her smile. Pretty smile. She reminds me of Joe Chen, an actress with natural charms.
  • Tis called Summer Fever for a reason! Release it NAO! Not in September, rumor says!!
  • And if the trailer didn’t move you, watch this awesome, poignant fanmade video:

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  1. 5 thoughts on “Trailer of “Summer Fever” with George Hu & Gui Gui pulls heartstrings

    Gui Gui, is that her stage name? She’s cute, and her smile captivated me right off the bat. George isn’t the guy-next-door nor is he the manly type. Uhm, boy scout type? Like Lee Jang-woo. I think if Taiwan remakes YAB then George Hu would make an awesome Jeremy, what do you think?

    I don’t know if I should press the play button on these two clips…? I can’t take tragic endings…..

  2. 5 thoughts on “Trailer of “Summer Fever” with George Hu & Gui Gui pulls heartstrings

    Alice! this is so much better than I imagined it to be!
    Gui Gui and George look good together,
    I saw Gui Gui before in Brown Sugar Macchiato and I thought back then ” She has the brightest smile and personality”
    I only saw exactly 2:40 mins from the preview above and then my heart couldn’t take it
    This Drama is going to be awesome! XD
    Maybe you’d think I’m crazy but I love weird and sad endings !!
    Let’s just hope they release it as soon as possible, hey wait, I uploading it!!
    Oh No! uploading 2 dramas is going to messy ! 😛

  3. 5 thoughts on “Trailer of “Summer Fever” with George Hu & Gui Gui pulls heartstrings

    Keane, I think Gui Gui is like a nick/stage name everyone calls her by, her real name is Wu Ying Jie. George is a handsome boyscout. Hmmm….. Jeremy, I think he lacks the quirkiness of J but, hey, the boy proved me wrong when he played a mentally challenged adult in ToGetHer! He has potential! 😀

    Play the second clip, it’s beautifully done. Less spoilery. heh.

    Rana, They have the brightest and sweetest smile right? ^^

    I like melo but only once in a while. Sad endings depress me greatly. It’s gonna be messy, definitely. 😛

  4. 5 thoughts on “Trailer of “Summer Fever” with George Hu & Gui Gui pulls heartstrings

    She does have a pretty smile. George is handsome, nice features!! But the trailer is sad. 🙁

  5. 5 thoughts on “Trailer of “Summer Fever” with George Hu & Gui Gui pulls heartstrings

    Ooohh is that the guy from ToGetHer? Hmm… I can’t see him as Jeremy material… More like he could be the lead in a ___-To-love-you drama, like Joseph Chang or Baron Chen (yes, I know he wasn’t actually the lead but he was the lead in my heart). Gui Gui from Brown Sugar Macchiato as well… So pretty… The whole drama gives off a Wayward Kenting-ish vibe to me… but why so much sad TT_TT I hate watching melos… it’s like people think I don’t have enough real life angst so they add on doomed OTPs that could otherwise be so happy~ Crosses fingers and toes that the sad bits are all nightmares of the characters and presses play buttons~*

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