The Brightest Star In The Sky with Huang Zi Tao and Janice Wu Qian drops first posters

The Brightest Star in the Sky (夜空中最闪亮的星) is an upcoming modern drama about the entertainment industry, led by Huang Zi Tao and Janice Wu Qian. It’s essentially a love story between the assistant and the star, how they grow to understand and guide each other toward their dream. Tao plays an arrogant, unruly idol singer who’s hard to manage and Janice plays his assistant, and it’s her mission to transform his unmanageable personality, correcting his shortcomings and making him a true star. Janice can’t escape the EXO boys, for real! Lol. Tao will also be writing the songs featured in the drama, double working as an actor and song-writer.

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Updates on Zhao Li Ying’s 29th Birthday with close friends

Our hard-working little bee bunny turns 29 today! She had a small party with her team before heading out later to attend the Golden Eagle Awards! I hope she picks a pretty gown! Get ready for picspams later. 😉

UPDATE: Princess Agents Crew Send a Video Message! And more birthday messages for Li Ying! 😀

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