More Cdramas To Air: Half a Lifelong Romance, New Face, Mermaid Prince, Irreplaceable Love, Eternal Love Rain, Fate

Sorry for the lack of updates guys! Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving or week wherever you are. Below are 6 more dramas to add to your list of November premieres. This is not even the end yet… Lol.

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Douban’s Top Rated Chinese Romance Novels and their Adaptations

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In the last few years, I’ve gone through several drama droughts, where I wasn’t interested in any of the dramas coming out. As the popularity of IP adaptations continued to surge and seeing the more light-hearted comedies released, I decided it was time to venture into the source medium.

However, where to start was always puzzling and how should I prioritise this growing list of Chinese novels I accumulated? I’m not sure if I’m alone in this, but after a while I became overwhelmed and now those books on my TBR list just sit there, whilst I find other novels to read. I normally visit Douban when I want to find a new novel to read, but Douban has three ways of arranging their novels; their comprehensive arrangement (whatever that may mean), arrange by date or arrange by rating. As the ratings lover that I am, here is a list of highest rated romance novels on Douban.

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Affair of Half a Lifetime remake secures Jiang Xin and Joe Cheng

The new drama adaptation of Eileen Chang’s melo novel, Affair of Half a Lifetime, has been ongoing for two years already and it has finally kicked off filming today! There are two other adaptations: a movie version (Eighteen Springs) with Leon Lai, Anita Mui and Jacklyn Wu, and a drama version in 2003 with Ruby Lin, Patrick Tang, and Jiang Qin Qin. I’m iffy about the novel because of the story line but hopefully, they will edit out a huge chunk of the crapshow the female lead goes through? Because how could you put a person through that much, right?

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Half a Lifelong Romance courts Andy Yang Zi and Tony Yang

Nooooooooo. Please nooooooo. Why am I panicking? It is too melo and involves the R element! There are two adaptations so far: a movie version (Eighteen Springs) with Leon Lai, Anita Mui and Jacklyn Wu, and a drama version in 2003 with Ruby Lin, Patrick Tang, and Jiang Qin Qin called Affair of Half a Lifetime. The novel written by Eileen Chang has been translated into many languages, including English for those who are interested. I have watched the drama version before but I do not remember the content. Once I read the synopsis again, flashes of unpleasant scenes flooded through my brain.

Anyone else who felt different? I do admit I watched this drama when I was too young and never went back so…

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