22nd Shanghai International Film and TV Festival

YESH! Find your favorites walking the red carpet for their respected dramas at the 22nd Shanghai TV Festival! But noooo to another red carpet event. Lol. The Legend of Mi Yue is the biggest winner of the night for the Magnolia Awards. All shades of purple on the ladies though. Variety girls!

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Zhang Han’s The Rhapsody Of A Summer Dream holds press conference and reveals cast

So I’m done being twelve but that doesn’t mean I’m happy with the bait-and-switch drama behind this project! The confusion and anger on the net was understandable. Zhu Yi Long and Song Yi are now playing the supporting characters in the novel adaptation of The Rhapsody Of A Summer Dream (夏梦狂诗曲 ) written by Jun Zi Yi Ze. Zhang Han plays producer and male lead. His female lead is none other Korean actress, Go Joon Hee (She Was Pretty). Such a cruel twist of fate. Instead of promoting their own supporting actors to first lead, the production team promotes Korea’s supporting actress to first lead. (nothing against Joon Hee, I like her). *side eye everyone with power real hard* I was and still am raging my fist in the air at this division of labor!

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Zhu Yi Long and Song Yi pair up in music-themed drama The Rhapsody Of A Summer Dream

Oh yes! YES! I’m on this ship! Song Yi (The Disguiser) and Zhu Yi Long (Xin Xiao Shi Yi Lang) are both signed up to headline a new novel adaptation of The Rhapsody Of A Summer Dream (夏梦狂诗曲 ) written by Jun Zi Yi Ze. Synopsis of the novel follows violinist genius (Song Yi) who lost both of her parents at a young age and lives to seek revenge. For the longest time, music was her life and she started out following the footsteps of her dad. But now, every time she closes her eyes, she remembers the pool of blood forming around his head, and only wants to wear black while performing. After a betrayal that costs her a limb, she disappears and reappears five years later under a new identity, armed with a talented violinist under her teaching. She begins her revenge plan by getting close to an old friend (Zhu Yi Long), second son of a large corporation, who has a talent in numbers and stock market. It looks like his family adopted her when she was younger and some jealousy emerged among the kids. I only skimmed through the novel so am still not sure about the latter details.

BUT SO EXCITED FOR SONG YI! She’s been taking lessons in violins. =D

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