Winners for Magnolia Awards 2017 at 23rd Shanghai TV Festival

Translated the winners list! Will add pictures tomorrow cause I’m too exhausted. *panda eyes*

Congratulations to all the winners! All the non-idol dramas on the list of course.

UPDATE (6/18): Added pictures!

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22nd Shanghai International Film and TV Festival

YESH! Find your favorites walking the red carpet for their respected dramas at the 22nd Shanghai TV Festival! But noooo to another red carpet event. Lol. The Legend of Mi Yue is the biggest winner of the night for the Magnolia Awards. All shades of purple on the ladies though. Variety girls!

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Reel & Real Couples @ Shanghai TV Festival 2013

 photo e2fa0e01-8665-4792-8acf-7856036c20f4.jpg

A festival packed with stars in many Asian countries. But it’s the couples + a few favorites that I’m interested in. Some are reel, while some are REAL. Are you past the guessing stage? Wedding bells soon for any?

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