22nd Shanghai International Film and TV Festival Part 2

Can’t believe I’m doing Part 2 for this darn festival! If yesterday was for local TV dramas, today is the hottest star gathering in the movie world.

My favorite group is probably Once Upon A Time cast with Yang Yang, Liu Yi Fei, and their peanut son, Peng Zi Su, in the movie adaptation of Three Lives Three Worlds – Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (三生三世十里桃花).

 photo Shang 84.jpg

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Bounty Hunters (赏金猎人) crew with Lee Min Ho, Tang Yan, Wallace Chung, Karena Ng, and Jeremy Tsui.

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Ha Ji Won, Bolin Chen, and Chun Jung Myung for Risking Life for Love (致命恋爱). Blue is absolutely stunning against the red backdrop. Ji Won always knows how to rock the red carpet.

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William Chan and Tina Tang for I Love That Crazy Little Thing (那件疯狂的小事叫爱情).

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Tang Yan changes into a new dress and walks with Han Geng for Chinese Odyssey 3 (大话西游). Tang Yan’s legs are so frightening-looking that I advise her to cover it up….

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Fan Bing Bing arrives with Tony Leung, alongside Huang Xiao Ming and Angelababy for League of Gods (封神传奇). Angela married the right man, Ah Ming is very attentive to her and her golden dress. Don’t know what mane Miss Fan is sporting.

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Fan Bing Bing then walks with her crew from Legend of Ravaging Dynasty (爵迹).

 photo Shang 121.jpg

 photo Shang 124.jpg

Tony Wang Duo, Lin Yun, and Aarif Rahman. I love Aarif but he’s starting to look more and more like Ken doll. What’s going on boo?

 photo Shang 123.jpg

Nope, this does not work for me on Kris Wu.

 photo Shang 122.jpg

 photo Shang 125.jpg

Nana Ou Yang walks for Beautiful Accident (美好的意外). She is so adorable.

 photo Shang 127.jpg

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Nicholas Tse, Sean Lau, Tong Li Ya, and Vengo Gao for Heartfall Arises (惊天破). I’m in love with Tong Li Ya’s gown. Sparkly and well-fitted!

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Kris Wu and Liu Yi Fei walk twice and now for their youthful film, Never Gone (致青春2) with Kingscar Jin. YESH! Kris, you nailed the patterned coat this time. My favorite look on the male tonight.

 photo Shang 138.jpg

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 photo Shang 135.jpg

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Kris, please smile more. It’s more approachable!

 photo Shang 140.jpg

Song Ji Hyo and Michael Chen for Shanghai Express (超级快递).

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Jackie Chan takes Liu Tao‘s hand for Ordinary People (普通人).

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Charmaine Sheh and Nick Cheung for Line Walker the Movie (使徒行者).

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My War (我的战争) with Wang Luo Dan, Tony Yang, and Liu Ye. That summer dress on Luo Dan is fresh and relaxing to the eyes.

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The handsome HANDSOME cast of Cold War 2 (寒战2) led by Chow Yun Fat. That man is so adorable kneeling with the youngins. In oldies, we have Chow Yun Fat, Aaron Kwon, and Tony Leung. The youngins are led by Eddie Peng, Aarif Rahman, and Tony Yang. *__*

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The definition of class.

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The Precipice Game (魔轮) with Ruby Lin, Peter Ho, and Kingscar Jin.

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Three (三人行) with Louis Koo and Wallace Chung.

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Wallace Chung with Lee Jung Jae for Tik Tok (惊天大逆转). Wallace is everywhere in this red carpet event. The man has multiple movies out at the same time!

 photo Shang 174.jpg

New Eternal Waves (永不消逝的电波) with Aaron Kwok, Zhang Han, Simon Yam, and Zhang Lan Xin. Zhao Li Ying already skipped filming yesterday so she couldn’t attend today and I’m like girl!! Why do you pick to be lonely on the red carpet!! Sigh. I guess it’s a good thing too since the focus is solely on her when she walks by herself. But it hurts my heart ya’ll!!

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Ada Choi, Julian Cheung, and Bowie Lam for Z Strom II (S风暴). I don’t remember whether they have paired up in a TVB drama before…

 photo Shang 171.jpg

 photo Shang 172.jpg

My Best Friend’s Wedding (我最好朋友的婚礼) with Shu Qi and Victoria Song. Male lead William Feng wasn’t there.

 photo Shang 151.jpg

Victoria looks amazing. Her fitted black grown makes her look tall and classy, unlike Tang Yan’s similar dress, which is too small in the chest area. This is probably my favorite look of the night, along with another.

 photo Shang 152.jpg

 photo Shang 153.jpg

I don’t know who let Shu Qi leave the house looking like she’s the matron of the household but that person should be banned from entering her closet from here on out!

 photo Shang 154.jpg

The fun and lively group of Railroad Tigers (铁道飞虎) led by Jackie Chan. Awww, too bad Nick Wang isn’t there! I want to see him goofy with the boys!

 photo Shang 141.jpg

 photo Shang 142.jpg

Darren Wang. Kiddo, you are adorable.

 photo Shang 143.jpg

Huang Zi Tao.

 photo Shang 144.jpg

Kim Ji Won.

 photo Shang 107.jpg

 photo Shang 106.jpg

My Best Dressed Females: Tong Li Ya, Victoria Song, Liu Tao
My Best Dressed Males: Chow Yun Fat, Kris Wu, Bolin Chen, Han Geng

Via: Sina

  1. 13 thoughts on “22nd Shanghai International Film and TV Festival Part 2

    Don’t really like Victoria but she looked amazing in that dress! I think her hairline is approaching Tang Yan territory though.

    I liked both of Kris Wu’s looks, his proportions do look great in a suit. He and Liu Yifei looked pretty too.

    Ruby Lin is gorgeous!

  2. 13 thoughts on “22nd Shanghai International Film and TV Festival Part 2

    yay! thanks for another compilation. i know it took you long and past your bedtime again. lol. thanks!! <3<3

    i also like ruby's dress, though it's a little less skin than others. haha.

    william looks like a babo with his hair like that. kinda cute.

    yang yang's family is super super cute! that kid!! squeals!!!

    cold war 2…. did they invite the whole freakin tvb seniors to be in the movies? LOL.

  3. 13 thoughts on “22nd Shanghai International Film and TV Festival Part 2

    LOL Tao Tao never leaves home without his eyeliner 🙂

    Liu Yifei looks pretty 🙂

    Tang Yan looks anorexic

    Tong Liya’s dress is awesome but she needs to eat more

    Agree that Victoria Song is best dressed

    Shu Qi’s hair and makeup is on point but the white dress makes her look too matronly

    Aarif looks more like a Ken doll every time I see him LOL

    Ruby Lin I love you but WTF are you wearing??!

    Charmaine is looking sharp!

    Nicholas Tse is looking like a boss

    Fan Bingbing is gorgeous but I don’t get the top part of her dress. That circular fabric that looks like a giant bib needs to go

    Angelababy’s dress is awesome but Goddamn she REALLY needs a bra (or pick another dress)

    Agree that Kris Wu’s second suit is much better than the first

    • 13 thoughts on “22nd Shanghai International Film and TV Festival Part 2

      I actually really dig Ruby’s look lol. And Charmaine is just a teeensy bit off perfection as the sleeves are a bit weird, but overall she’s rocking it!

    • 13 thoughts on “22nd Shanghai International Film and TV Festival Part 2

      Had to chime in on TY as well — what is going on there??? Her first black dress seriously looked like it has been photoshopped since no normal human could possible have that thin of a waist with that height!!

    • 13 thoughts on “22nd Shanghai International Film and TV Festival Part 2

      Giant bib! LOL! It has flowers attached too! XD

  4. 13 thoughts on “22nd Shanghai International Film and TV Festival Part 2

    I’m with you, Kap, in proclaiming that the Three Lives (don’t care about its actual title) movie family is the favorite group. Pang Zi Su is super adorable and what a BEAUTIFUL family they create here. I find myself actually wishing that they are real, LOL.

    Mr. Chow Yun Fat also gets my vote as the best dressed actor of the bunch, followed by Chen Bolin and Eddie Peng. I think it’s not just the clothing that makes it for these gentlemen, but also the confidence of established movie stars and still being cool 🙂

    On the contrary I don’t dig the female stars in this batch. I haven’t commented in the previous post, but I can say that ZLY’s tattoo is quite brilliant, Wang Ou is quite ethereal, and my pick among the ladies will be Vivian — perfect combination of interesting gown, good hair style (half pulled and wavy? Niceeee) and pretty earrings.

    All in all, as usual the Chinese stars fashion choices in award events are never boring :). TBH, can’t say the same about their Korean counterparts.

    • 13 thoughts on “22nd Shanghai International Film and TV Festival Part 2

      Koreans stay in the safe zone of black and white. Lols.

    • 13 thoughts on “22nd Shanghai International Film and TV Festival Part 2

      Agreed. Mr. Chow’s confidence has become an art for the man! Smiling works too. 😉

  5. 13 thoughts on “22nd Shanghai International Film and TV Festival Part 2

    how come yang mi isnt partof the shanghai film festival?

  6. 13 thoughts on “22nd Shanghai International Film and TV Festival Part 2

    Thanks for another compilation!!

    Chow Yun Fat is my best dressed too. His ease and charisma and sense of fashion!! Could give the younger guys a run for their money at top speed!!

    Kim Ji Won, Victoria, and Ruby have my votes for best dressed! The funny thing is Tang Yan doesn’t look anorexic until she shows off her legs.

    Railroad tigers!! Nick isn’t there again!!!??

  7. 13 thoughts on “22nd Shanghai International Film and TV Festival Part 2

    Fan Bingbing really chose the wrong outfit.

  8. 13 thoughts on “22nd Shanghai International Film and TV Festival Part 2

    Song Ji hyo look so adorable with white warm dressed and so.beautiful.

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