Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

Another gathering, this one slightly bigger because everyone has weibo! There are some Korean stars thrown in the mix as well, among them my favorites from Running Man! Did you guys vote? I did. Lol. Zhao Li Ying and Kris Wu are both Weibo Queen and King respectively. Nick was the top dog and lost to Kris in the last few days!

I don’t think I have all awards figured out yet. Too many.

Today, let’s start with Zhao Li Ying. She wears two outfits. A gown and a pantsuit. I love the pantsuit much better and the messy hairstyle. Beside being crowned the Weibo Queen (Over 3 million followers!), she also takes home Favorite Female Actress of the Year. Our poor girl has been hopping from press conferences to award show nonstop. She was at the PC for The Legend of Zu then to PC for movie The Ultimate Challenge, and now this, in the span of two-something days. Take some rest Missy!

 photo WeiboFif 4.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 5.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 3.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 2.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 1.1.jpg

CEO of Weibo/Sina presents the award to her.

 photo WeiboFif 1.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 6.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 7.jpg

Kris Wu, Weibo King of the year. Stephen Chow and Jia Nai Liang’s daughter present the award to him. He also snatches home the New Actor Award.

 photo WeiboFif 9.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 10.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 8.jpg

Zhou Dong Yu walking with her co-star from The Ark Of Mr. Chow, Dong Zi Jian. Her off-shoulder dress is so chic!!

 photo WeiboFif 13.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 12.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 11.jpg

Cecilia Cheung in a light pink gown.

 photo WeiboFif 17.jpg

Liu Tao and her co-stars from Nirvana In Fire snapping photos together. She goes home with Actress with Real Talents/Strengths of the Year.

 photo WeiboFif 18.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 19.jpg

Jin Dong fixing the helm of her dress…..

 photo WeiboFif 20.gif

Package of two – Jin Dong and Nick Wang with producer Hou Hong Liang. Their awards from left to right, Actor with Real Talents/Strengths, Best Producer, and Fung Wang Character of the Year.

 photo WeiboFif 21.jpg

Tell me you three are wearing socks…

 photo WeiboFif 24.jpg

Good boys with villain Liu Yi Jun. Lol.

 photo WeiboFif 23.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 22.jpg

Jin Dong continues to slay me with his mannerism. Gentle guiding Liu Tao down the stage.

 photo WeiboFif 25.jpg

Kiddo boy Leo Wu is stacking up them suits in his wardrobe, ain’t he? He’s literally at every event. XD

 photo WeiboFif 26.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 27.jpg

Liu Min Tao and Liu Yi Jun. I like what elder sis is wearing. A little sexy there. *wink wink*

 photo WeiboFif 28.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 29.jpg

Chen Xiao and ladylove Michelle Chen. I can’t help but point out this might be the first event where Li Ying and the couple are together in the same space. These two are so evidently in love with each other. The best to all.

 photo WeiboFif 30.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 31.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 32.jpg

Yao Chen.

 photo WeiboFif 33.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 34.jpg

Ma Su. She wins Breakthrough Actress of the Year.

 photo WeiboFif 35.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 36.jpg

Su Mang. President and CEO of Trends Media Group and also executive publisher of Harper’s Bazaar in China. Dang, woman! I’m envious of the stars you get to see every day and the accomplishments you have made!

 photo WeiboFif 37.jpg

Model Lynn Hung.

 photo WeiboFif 38.jpg

Aww. So cute. Alec Su and his darling actress, Sandra Ma, from The Left Ear.

 photo WeiboFif 39.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 40.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 41.jpg

Looking sexy with the bare back, Sandra!

 photo WeiboFif 41.1.jpg

Actress Li Yi Xiao.

 photo WeiboFif 42.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 43.jpg

Jia Nai Liang and his daughter.

 photo WeiboFif 46.jpg

Leo Luo Yun Xi (My Sunshine). Handsome and I like the dark purple patterned suit.

 photo WeiboFif 48.jpg

Wong Cho Lam and his wife, Leanne Li.

 photo WeiboFif 50.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 51.jpg

Ryan Zheng Kai and co-star from Ex-Files 2, Amber Kuo.

 photo WeiboFif 52.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 53.jpg

Yuan Shan Shan looking really at ease and prettier! That panda purse is too adorable. 😀

 photo WeiboFif 55.jpg

Chen Teng and Ma Li.

 photo WeiboFif 56.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 57.jpg

This kid looks like a vampire. Lol. Hua Chen Yu, Super Boy Winner in 2013.

 photo WeiboFif 58.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 59.jpg

Li Xin Ai.

 photo WeiboFif 60.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 61.jpg

Ada Choi, her husband Max Zhang, and their good friend Athena Chu. So cute.

 photo WeiboFif 65.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 66.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 62.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 64.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 63.jpg

Wang Qian Yuan.

 photo WeiboFif 91.jpg

Running Man’s trio in Song Ji Hyo, Kang Gary, and Lee Kwang Soo.

 photo WeiboFif 14.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 15.jpg

Korean Boyband, BEAST. Seeing Doo Joon reminds me I still need to watch Splish Splash Love with him and Kim Seul Gi!

 photo WeiboFif 83.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 89.jpg

JYP and Nichkhun.

 photo WeiboFif 44.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 45.jpg

Group Pictures.

 photo WeiboFif 70.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 71.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 72.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 73.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 74.jpg

Huang Xiao Ming, Hai Qing, and Jerry Lee.

 photo WeiboFif 75.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 77.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 78.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 81.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 82.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 84.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 85.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 87.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 88.jpg

 photo WeiboFif 90.jpg

CEO with a selfie stick. LOL.

 photo WeiboFif 86.jpg

Via: Sina

  1. 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

    Wow! That efficiency♡ the awards ceremony took place laat night and you updated your blog so quickly! Thanks for the effort, loved reading it!

  2. 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

    Thanks Kappy! I love Liying’s jumpsuit dress. Her dress when receiving the award, however, is a little boring to me :D. I don’t think she won the Queen of Weibo because of the number of her followers (if so, the award should go to Yao Chen who has something like 78-79 millions), but maybe the number of the mentions of her names in weibosphere.

    My favorite gown from the pictures above is Sandra Ma’s. I dunno, at the front it doesn’t look like something you’d wear for a rather formal evening event, but the edgy hairstyle definitely elevates it! She always looks absolutely happy and carefree around Alec.

    My heart is broken for the no-socks display, I’ll just look at their faces and pretend the bottom part is never shown, LOLOLOL.

    These popularity awards, though… *sigh* They give it to everyone, it’s like wedding souvenirs.

    • 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

      I think she won the Queen of Weibo due to (online) votes!

      • 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

        Oh, they held an online voting? Oh well, I can see her easily getting all those votes.

        BTW, I just realized Sandra was actually wearing some kind of sorority cardigan, backwards (how come I didn’t see it at the first place?). Pretty creative (tho perhaps not original), I love the effect.

    • 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

      Yep, fan voting. Li Ying wouldn’t win if it was based on followers, I only mentioned that because it was a good jump since Flower aired.

      She might be Alec’s favorite in the movie! Love her whole look!

  3. 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

    Yes, do watch Splash Splash Love. For only two episodes, it packed in like all the goodness of the universe. Doojoon and Seul Gi are an otp made from the heavens. I stupid love it so much.

  4. 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

    I loved splash splash love so much too….so much so I have taken to watching Let’s Eat for Doojoon. LOL.

  5. 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

    Wu Lei’s suits are so sharp and nice! I also really love his hair. I also really like his pocket square! And Jin Dong’s vest(?) thingy under his suit jacket. And really like Wang Kai’s burgundy. Too bad Hu Ge’s not there, but he definitely needs some rest — he’s like everywhere this(last?) year. Ever since Grade One Freshman, I’ve been really liking Yuan Shan Shan as a person, so she’s looking pretty radiant at this event. Her hair is AWESOME! Really love it. I think the short/wavy hair really suits her. Makes her look more energetic and lively. Personally I don’t really like wide pant legs and flares, but it looks nice on her. Song Ji Hyo’s sharp-shouldered dress looks surprisingly nice on her. Gary and Kwang Soo’s smiles are so genuine and cute, like they’re actually excited to be there. No offense to ZLY; I ADORE her, but really, her smile looks more like, pose-and-look-pretty-for-the-camera-with-my-obligatory-smile. She’s probably tired of all these events.

    • 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

      Yea, Li Ying’s smile wasn’t her best last night. I was holding my breath waiting for her to show some teeth! Lol.

      She’s exhausted so I understand.

      I was mesmerized by Dong Yu’s legs too. So smooth and healthy-looking. heh.

    • 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

      Either she is exhausted or it could also be the fact that her ex was there? Or both. I love both her looks. She looks very beautiful in both outfit.

  6. 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

    Also, Zhou Dong Yu’s dress looks good yes, but her legs look fantastic too! She’s so tiny and skinny and willowy, but her legs, while really thin, don’t look unhealthily so.

  7. 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

    Thank you for this post!

    Aww…Li Ying, poor her. She’s too busy. I wish she could rest a bit, she’s been overworking. Strangely, her face is bright as always. The power of gene? Beauty facial? Make up? However, l could somehow see that she’s tired. At first she was smiling brightly, but then she changed into this “professional smile”. Maybe because her ex was there looking so happy? Or maybe she didn’t have any friends there attend the award? l think she only knew Li Yi Xiao there. Before, she attended the award with Wallace Huo, Hu Ge, William Chan, Nicky Wu, etc and she looked happy and cheerful. How l wish that Li Ying will find another guy! So she can kick Chen Xiao’s face with her stiletto! >___<

    l love Ji-hyo's gown! Super simple and sleek~ Running Man is really popular everywhere! And Nichkhun…. OMG, his face is the smallest from the group! l wonder if him and Li Ying stand side by side, who is smaller? LOL

    • 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

      I think she was lonely at the event too. If you watched some clips, everyone was hanging out in small groups talking and chatting but her friends weren’t really there… 🙁 Nana did post a weibo message congratulating Li Ying Aka hubby though. heh! Sisterhood FTW!

      Aww, don’t be like that. They were lovely together, and even if they are now apart, it’s healthy to be kind and amicable.

      • 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

        Speaking of ZLY, Kap, have you seen the newest Happy Camp episode? (Lol am I like the only who follows that show like religiously?) ZLY’s in it, along with Nicky, William, I think LYF, Yang Mi, Lu Han, and a whole bunch of other people. I’m about to watch it now 😀

        • 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

          I’m gonna watch it tomorrow. =D It’s a special episode where they air all the cut “scenes” from previous episodes (such as Zu, Witness, and Mr. Six, etc).

          Let me know how it goes!!

        • 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

          No wonder! I was wondering why those specific crews appeared and why Xie Na was there for some and not others, and why they were wearing diff clothes! Actually it was REALLY funny. I thought the Zu section (also the longest section) was by far the funniest. ZLY and Xie Na’s friendship is so obvious and sweet. They do small things, like Xie Na resting head on ZLY’s shoulder, ZLY cradling Xie Na’s arm (absentmindedly) etc. Plus ZLY got more screen time, and the chemistry and friendships between the Zu members were really natural and funny. I thought it was way better than the original Zu Happy Fam episode.

        • 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

          YEP! I loved the friendships she formed with the girls (namely Kristy, Nana, and Xie Na) through Up Idols. She’s nicknamed as “the boss” and the “hubby” in the group. =D

          I can’t believe how much they cut from the original episodes! Zu has the longest segment so I was really happy. She’s so close to Nicky and their parody of HZGG killed me. Her panting and trying to be steady and stab “Zi Wei” Nicky. hahhaha XD William used his speed and height to steal the head gear but got stuck with Hello Kitty cause Li Ying acted cool and refused to take it back. LOL. It really showed how close these people are and I loved it.

          I also want some unaired footage from the time with Ma Ke and Zhang Dan Feng too!

        • 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

          Also cuz in the original episode they did competition pair games, while here there was more talking and witty banter involved, and they pulled out the more traditional, group games that I think are waaay more funny than their recent end-of-2015-spy-competition-game trend.

        • 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

          And watching these eps, I REALLY miss Xie Na. She’s awesome.

    • 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

      I hope she finds love soon (if she hasn’t already and is just keeping it hush-hush).

      In her interview footage from this event, someone asked her how she felt about Hu Ge’s romance being announced and she responded with the equivalent of “you never know, maybe I’ll announce my romance soon too” — which immediately led the crowd to asking “wait, so are you saying you’re IN a romance right now?” which she quickly denied. I’m absolutely positive that she’s open to dating, that she’s feeling like she should soon (she’s so traditional in her family values and such, and I think she’s starting to feel her age — plus she told people that she hoped she would get married this year).

      • 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

        I saw that interview too. She was really good and getting better at responding to journalists. Rumours (I saw someone mentioned in a few posts) had it that she is dating but so far no one could proved anything. I believed the Chinese paparazzi who exposed LYF and MC&CX wanted to expose her and Tang Yan but so far nothing. I will be happy to see her dating a nice bloke who will treat her nice. She deserve it. I have a feeling that she is more suited with someone who is a little mature.

  8. 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

    I live for your pics from these events n_n Is there any way to watch the show in its entirety?
    Not too impressed with Liu Tao’s dress since it can’t seem to decide if it wants to be office attire or evening gown lol. But happy that she won an award, she deserves it. I have to ask, did you translate the award title literally? It seems to me that giving someone an award titled “Real” talents/strengths may be off-putting to other actors. Maybe I’m assuming things lol.
    I’m really excited to see Wu Lei’s development in the future. I’ve only seen his acting twice and while he’s been a convincing actor, I’m really curious to see what other sides to him can he reveal to us. He’s only 15 so he’s got a really long road ahead of him and hopefully he can take on a successful path like Hu Ge.

    • 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

      I haven’t seen a full video of the show yet but if you youtube “微博之夜” there are clips you can watch. 🙂

      I tried to be as accurate as possible with the translation but the names are just awkward. Talented Actor and Actress of the Year may sound better.

  9. 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

    This event is more like a time for stars to socialize with influential people and make connections more than anything, cuz all the “awards” are pre-determined by Sina anyway. They get weibo users to vote and shit but it’s all just to get publicity cuz all the so-called “vote counts” are manipulated by Sina anyway what else can we expect from a govt that fakes everything

  10. 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

    Hu Ge is missing. I wonder it was planned from before or since the news of him dating? Love Li Ying jumpsuit. It suits her. One of my favourite is Liu Tao’s smart outfit. She looks so handsome in her outfit.

  11. 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

    Hey Kap, just to point out a small thing, It’s Shen Teng and Ma Li not Chen Teng. Lol the only reason I know that dude at all is because of his appearances on Happy Camp, most recently in the latest episode too. Lol. He’s pretty funny. Actually I’m not sure if it’s Shen Teng or Sheng Teng. I’m pretty sure it’s Shen Teng though.

    • 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

      Just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone on Happy Camp. 🙂 I also only know that guy from his Happy Camp episode!

  12. 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

    I’ve never taken Weibo Awards Night seriously but I just check out all the pictures for the glam. LOL.

    Loooooooove ZLY’s outfits. Her jumpsuit dress gives her the volume while her evening dress emphasizes her lines. Feels like this season’s evening gowns have a lot of designs going on at the sides.

    Hai Qing’s dress is very interesting but it makes her shoulders look broader and thicker than they actually are.

    • 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

      While I love LY’s loyalty to her people, I’m glad she changed stylists this year. I think her recent looks have been a lot more sophisticated and varied than what she was wearing previously.

  13. 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

    I spy almost the whole cast of Hurry Up Brother / Running Man China there. ^_^ what award did deng chao won for?

    Love dong yu’s dress!! So chic and modern! Also love zly’s pant suit and liu tao’s outifts!!

    • 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

      Deng Chao won for something called Character with Absolute Influence of the Year. I don’t know what that means. Lol.

      • 33 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

        I laughed at some of the titles. They were so “creative” with titles. It’s like they give it out like candies to those who attend.

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