Run Brother Episode 5 Season 4: “Guests Running Man.”

I haven’t watched any variety shows lately. But then I saw the promo for this episode and couldn’t resist posting it. Round 2 of the epic battle between the two sides of Running Man. It’s a good thing they mix and match the the teams into pairs! Much more fun! Whoever paired Kwang Soo and Wong Cho Lam is hysterical!! The height difference couldn’t get any better than this. Will watch this episode when I get home from work!

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Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

Another gathering, this one slightly bigger because everyone has weibo! There are some Korean stars thrown in the mix as well, among them my favorites from Running Man! Did you guys vote? I did. Lol. Zhao Li Ying and Kris Wu are both Weibo Queen and King respectively. Nick was the top dog and lost to Kris in the last few days!

I don’t think I have all awards figured out yet. Too many.

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Running Man: Episode 172 “Suspicious Big Bear…”

Is there a rule somewhere that the bigger the man, the softer he is? Or maybe it’s because of his crush? Yea. That’s the answer. After one year (really?!! A year really flashed by…), the big teddy bear joins Running Man again. They love him enough to do a 3-episode special, and this is the second part. Exo boys also have a cameo part in the nametag game. Exo’s fans, forgive me, as I no longer follow Kpop so their names escape me (Boy 1, Boy 2, it is. Seriously, 11 boys?!! Oh SM…) The nation’s first love also comes to visit, playing and laughing along with the PD’s matchmaking skills.

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Running Man Episode 115: Muddy Love Game


Yoo Jae Suk trolling the remaining teams. Hee!

Loved these two episodes! I enjoyed seeing one of my top actresses with the family, but that tiny part of me wished the PD has saved the X-Man concept for Yoon Eun Hye (if she ever comes on) instead, or at least someone with a stronger connection to the show X-Man, like Kim Jong Min?

This is a spazzing post. That is all!

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