Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 11)

Who is the long-legged beauty above? We have many beauties this episode!

Run Brother: Episode 11 [Broadcast date: 1/8/15]

Guests: Lynn Hung, Bea Hayden, Zhang Lan Xin, Sui He, and Leanne Li.

Preview of New Show to replace Run Brother in two weeks. Basically a battle between Run Brother and Challenger Alliance called Ace Vs Ace.

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    can’t wait to watch this episode!

    thanks for the preview of the new show!!! so it looks like all casts of hurry up brother are there? i actually just found out that there are only two more episodes left in season 3 and got really really bummed out!!! lol

    i will definitely check out the new show. i hope some fan group takes on subbing it. 😀

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    I really wanted to like this season’s Running Man but the show just gets worse and worse. No wonder their ratings are steadily decreasing. I really think they made a mistake adding Lu Han into the group.

    • 6 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 11)

      i may be in the minority but i love running man china. 😀 i have tried watching a few other variety shows and have found none of the magic that RM seems to hold for me. and i have actually warmed up to luhan.

      do you have a link to the ratings for season 3 by chance? i’m curious what their rating is. i only saw 1 that said the episode 8 with sun li was the highest in the show’s history.


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    Any idea when they will air the episodes from their trip to Australia? I am curious as to the result of their highly controversial trip Down Under.

    They came to Adelaide and left with a trail of controversies behind. The Chinese have different expectations and work ethics. For example, they booked meals for the entire crew but cancelled those meals at the last minute and expected not to pay a single cent for the loss local businesses suffered because of their irresponsible behaviour. To this day, many local businesses here are trying to claim the agreed payment from the chinese RM’s trip to Australia. I know a couple of restaurant owners here who said that the RM team even dared to ask for free meals in return for free ads. No offence but such unethical trade doesn’t work in Aus and also, who wants your ad when ppl here mostly do not know or care about RM China? You also can’t force our local businesses to advertise in China since it was not in the agreement at the first place. Many of us here who knows of RM China can only shake our heads and feel really disappointed in their unethical way of doing business. Shameful!

    Couple of years ago when RM Korea came to Australia and filmed in Melbourne (my family’s from Melbourne), there were only praises and good memories. My SIL who had the opportunity to watch them as they filmed in the city had only good words for the careful planning and the polite manner the artiste treated the public. In contrast, a friend of mine who was involved with the RM China’s crew as local staff here said the Chinese artiste have big airs about them. Not warm or polite and they pretty much kept to themselves individually most of the time. Maybe this is because they are all super-stars by themselves and they only come together to film RM.

    Business-wise, at least the Koreans are ethical and know that you should pay for what you use. No such things are freebies just because you are some big artiste in Korea or China. Even Hollywood big shots don’t get freebies here. We do ethical business and fair trading. No under table dodgy stuffs.

    Today, our local station SBS 2 aired the third episode of RM Korea’s Australian trip (2014). From today onwards, SBS 2 will air old episodes of RM Korea to introduce the Australian public to RM. I look forward to RM Korea’s success here following the success of China’s dating show, If You Are The One. Hopefully, bit by bit, the Aussie public will be exposed to the Asian entertainment industry which is clearly different to Hollywood and the local Aussie entertainment.

    • 6 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 11)

      I remember reading this but now that you have brought it up for being involved, I’m really upset and disappointed that it really did happen. Such unethical trade and attitude doesn’t work anywhere! RM Korea is always well-organized and kind to the places they visit. I have never heard of any negativity about the team.

      The shooting place for Episode 12 is listed as Adelaide, Australia. I’m keen to find out what they will say.

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        I’m living in Adelaide now though originally from Melbourne. RM China will go to many places I’m familiar with, including Flinders Uni which is my alma mater. I look forward to seeing all those places I frequent in tv and aired to an International audience! Yeah, I was really disappointed by their unethical dealings here too. It is really unfortunate! 🙁

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