Yoo Ah In’s tv projects before his army enlistment

I haven’t talked at all about kdramas in these past few months and there are quite a few dramas I’m interested in the fall! Yoo Hubby is filming left and right to make sure that fans will see him every so often onscreen during his 2-year army enlistment. After he comes back, my baby boo Kim Soo Hyun will be next. Fair enough…

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Running Man: Episode 164 “Good bye, Yoo Hubby.”

 photo RM16458.jpg

Yoo Ah In. Usually known as Yoo Hubby around here. *winks* Hey, I only have two hubbies (in Korea) okay? This lad and the other one. I want to say I chose wisely. When the military calls for one, I’d still have the other one. 😉 Can anyone confirm that this man’s birth year is indeed 1986? With his screaming and baby face, I keep thinking he’s 15. hee. I was so excited last week when I found out that he’ll be on Running Man! Because the first sentence that came out was, “YESH! I can watch him in something that won’t suck!” Let’s just be peaceful and end with: his projects don’t mesh well with me.

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Kaptain krapping about Fashion King’s Finale: “Krappy…”

 photo FK20-1.jpg

It’s not that shocking to some fans who saw the ending miles away. Like me, bam bam! If you have seen What Happened in Bali, the endings of both dramas fit each other like siblings. The story might have been slightly acceptable in WHIB, but both story lines are equally torturing! Funny how the writer lured you all into this false sense of security by saying “The ending won’t be as bad as WHIB.” I can’t stop laughing. So her definition of not-as-bad is killing only one character? Mind-boggling. The story is supposed to be about fashion, with a bunch of talents being thrown together and how they struggle to get to the top! But now? They all fight to stoop to the bottomless depths of hell.

My Young Young didn’t end up together, but they love each other until the end. Next time, guys. Next time.

His confession? She didn’t read. Her last words? He didn’t hear. Tragic.

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Fashion King releases 3 teasers – Yoo Ah In’s hair!


haha, sorry, but I just had to add that hair part. When it’s not styled properly, the hair on Yoo Hubby looks like patches of grass attached to his small head. I misssssssss my Yoo Hubby mucho! My attention has been on Kim Hubby all these months. 😛

Sadly though, Fashion King slowly loses me in terms of its attractiveness. Somehow, the storyline lacks the hooking element when I watch the trailers. Your thoughts?

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[Teaser] Kmovie: Wandeukee

So what is our Moony Man Yoo Ah In been up to lately? Nothing much. His new movie drops a teaser yesterday! A story about the coming-of-age of a teenager who likes to spend his time troubling the students than hitting the books. In high school, he meets Teacher Lee (Kim Yun Seok) and the two eventually develop a strong bond. Aw. Sounds like Teacher Kang in Dream High. Continue reading