[Teaser] Kmovie: Wandeukee

So what is our Moony Man Yoo Ah In been up to lately? Nothing much. His new movie drops a teaser yesterday! A story about the coming-of-age of a teenager who likes to spend his time troubling the students than hitting the books. In high school, he meets Teacher Lee (Kim Yun Seok) and the two eventually develop a strong bond. Aw. Sounds like Teacher Kang in Dream High.


Alice: Uh, Directors, anyone? Please cast this charismatic beast (my hubby) as a lead in a drama a.s.a.p. A two-hour long movie is NOT ENOUGH for his oozing intensity and smexiness! MOARRRRR!!

Question: Does anyone know what Wandeukee means?

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    Wandeuk is a name; Wandeukee is how you would call out the name.. 🙂

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    I'm most definitely excited about this!!! There's not been enough Yoo Ah In to go around lately, not even close!!! It's been like a drought ;___;
    The teaser is great, looks like the movie's gonna be a really good one and I predict it will probably make me cry at least once. Oh and was that a glimpse of Ahjussi from City Hunter that I caught???

    It still amazes me how he can switch between MAN and BOY so distinctively and yet be equally as believable as both 0.o

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    Ah, I see, thanks şizo-mizo! ;)Maggie, Ajusshi is the new "hit" person. He's everywhere. WITH THE SAME HAIRSTYLE! So cute.The moment Yoo Ah In puts on his mane-of-glory, he's the MAN. After he removes it, he's an audacious little boy. hehe

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    I like how he's always cast as a fighter/troublemaker type.

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