Yoo Ah In’s tv projects before his army enlistment

I haven’t talked at all about kdramas in these past few months and there are quite a few dramas I’m interested in the fall! Yoo Hubby is filming left and right to make sure that fans will see him every so often onscreen during his 2-year army enlistment. After he comes back, my baby boo Kim Soo Hyun will be next. Fair enough…

——> ♦ Remember the time when I talked about the potential explosion that will happen if Yoo Ah In pairs up with my girlcrush, Moon Geun Young? Well, that became true last year when both were confirmed for the movie about Prince Sado, The Throne, and his tragic death – locked up in a rice box by his very own father, King Yeong Jo of Joseon. Yes, this is the Nth adaptation of the same story. Yoo Ah In will play the titular role of Crown Prince Sado while Miss Moon Geun Young will play his wife, Lady Hye Gyeong. Ah! They need a drama after this. PULEASE! Check out the stills and riveting trailers below. The movie will come out on September 16th!


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Press conference today!

 photo Ah 11.jpg


The Cast answering questions for Naver Live Talk. Yoo Ah In leaning close to tease our Moonie!! SO CUTE!! NEW SHIP.

Full Interview here.

——> ♦ Yoo Hubby’s second project that I’m interested in is SBS drama, Six Flying Dragons, where he wears a beautiful mane of glory for a saguek. He’s playing Yi Bang Won, the future King Tae Jong of Joseon. The only thing that got eyebrows quirking is his female lead being…. Shin Se Kyung. *breathe* They worked together previously in Disaster Fashion Beggar. It wasn’t a work I’d recommend to anyone. It’s been years so I will wait and judge her fairly. *fingers crossed*


I still like his hair in Sungkyunkwan Scandal because it’s more manly. This straight hair is just too pretty!

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 photo Ah 5.jpg

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 photo Ah 6.jpg

Shin Se Kyung. Can someone please give her a role where she dresses nice and is rich?

 photo Ah 4.jpg

 photo Ah 8.jpg

 photo Ah 9.jpg

Byun Yo Han looking mighty sexy as the bodyguard to Yoo’s enemy. He romanced Song Ji Hyo in Ex-Girlfriend Club just a few months ago.

 photo Ah 7.jpg

 photo Ah 2.jpg

 photo Ah 3.jpg


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  1. 8 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In’s tv projects before his army enlistment

    that sado movie is gonna break my heart. looks like they are going with the version where he’s a little mentally unstable?

    he still looks good with the straight hair though!! i can’t wait for it!! also, moon has a drama out at the same time with sung jae (the monkey haired dude from school 2015)! so double yay!

    Byun Yo Han looks so different in saguek!

  2. 8 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In’s tv projects before his army enlistment

    Moon Geun Young will comeback with new drama, i wish she would romance Yoo Ah In or any other actor but idol! oh nooo.. poor her. i wish she could reject that project. but also wish this project can make her even popular.. you know her previous dramas didnt really make it 🙁

    im waiting for Six Flying Dragons, i never like SSK’s acting.bad. but not as bad as Jin se-yeon and Go Sung-hee haha.. no offense.. 😀

    waaahh byun yo han looks hot. this oppa is getting mature and mature.. lols

  3. 8 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In’s tv projects before his army enlistment

    I’m excite about the movie , he does look cute with Moon Geun Young , I agree about the need for a dram with them. The drama though, kinda wish the leading lady was different .

  4. 8 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In’s tv projects before his army enlistment

    Yep! I’m aware of Moon’s drama too but since there’s no promo material yet, nothing to post. Lol. I’m okay with Sung Jae but the fact that Kim Jae Wook isn’t the lead anymore/or did he completely exit – makes me upset. =/

  5. 8 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In’s tv projects before his army enlistment

    OMG KAPTAIN, didn’t know that you interested in Yoo Ah In *jaw drop icon”, great actor but so underrated, the fact that you like him will make me like you so much more, not that I’m not already but this just add more to the love lol.
    I wonder what’s your opinion on Secret Love Affair (I started to notice him from this drama).

    • 8 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In’s tv projects before his army enlistment

      Thank yous ♥ ♥ ♥! I love Yoo Ah In since Sungkyunkwan Scandal. his broody hiccupy self makes him adorable and endearing.

      I haven’t been in the mood for a drama like Secret Love Affair – but I saw clips after clips of the drama on youtube. So many kisses and such fireworks in their acting and chemistry.

      It’s a good thing he’s garnering more recognition in the movie world. =D

  6. 8 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In’s tv projects before his army enlistment

    u know Kap, i think the main reason why I never bother to find the time to check out Sungkyunkwan Scandal was because YAI wasn’t the lead and i don’t really care for the main leads lol, but I’ve also read somewhere about YAI cute hiccup and that his acting was really good in SS. but is SS that good? and does YAI had that much screen time in this drama?

    when you’re in the mood for heavier darker type of drama, you should really check out SLA, his chemistry with the female lead was exploding (i’m talking about nuclear bomb type of chemistry haha) despite the huge age gap. normally this type of dark full of life philosophy type of drama isn’t my cup of tea but YAI and his female onscreen partner chemistry and acting were so good that I was willing to sit through the whole depressing theme of the drama and the ending (i won’t say much about the ending to avoid spoiling it for you, but all i can say is i hated it lol).
    try to google “secret love affair photoshoot”, the chemistry even exude from those pix lol. YAI’s acting in SLA was phenomenal, dare I say the best of his career until now.

    talking about movie, I’m actually more excited about his other movie, Veteran, than this one. The Throne is just way too depressing for my taste atm.

    I also want to take this opportunity to tell you how much i appreciate this wonderful blog of yours. I really like how you cover not only Mainland C-drama, you also have HK, Taiwanese, Korean, etc…
    I also enjoy reading your ( and Keane) posts supplement with witty and funny comments on movies, dramas, and actors.
    I like how this blog creates such a friendly and relax atmosphere (at least that’s how i feel), i feel like i can just comment on lot of things without offending people because for some reason i notice many visitors at this blog have quite open mind, which’s a very good thing because it helps create not only a peaceful environment but also make this place more diverse and interesting.
    I’ve been around in this cyber world for a while and rarely cross such enjoyable drama website. so thank you again for creating a friendly and enjoyable place for me (and many others, i assume).

    • 8 thoughts on “Yoo Ah In’s tv projects before his army enlistment

      Thanks for the kind words! I try to keep the peace in here but I’m also thankful that most readers who drop by are always respectful and open-minded to different opinions, which makes my work easier! =)

      SS was really addicting when I first watched it. On rewatch, I skipped most of the scenes just to see the bromance. hehe. Ah In did a good really job portraying his character and he has chemistry with everyone – even with the tree he always sits on. He has limited screen time though. He looks so good in both messy hair and saguek scholar hair.

      I think I posted the photoshoot somewhere and yes, it was exploding in all areas of life. XD

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