Running Man: Episode 147 “Strongest flower of all!”

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Kim Hubby: “Did I do better this time K-shi?”

Yes! Yes, you did hunnie. C’mon guys! He’s improved since his last RM guest stint. Right? As much as I love this dude, his previous episode was terrible. The PD is partly to blame for their lame concept. They know that the bulk of entertainment happens when the members interact with each other and the guests. By giving Soo Hyun a water gun, did they expect him to shoot humor out of it ALONE?! He may be a star but he’s not at the level where he could entertain people by himself. DUHHH!

This boy is adorable! Like a little kid. Just look at that kitty smile. Won’t you buy him the world?

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Blue Team with Soo Hyun, Yoo Jae Suk, and Giraffe! Love their uniforms. ^^;

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Green team is our same old Trio: Ace, Gary, and Grandpa. But today they finally settle into their roles. Impala is now the stubborn father of Ji Hyo, refusing Gary’s proposal at every turn. ๐Ÿ˜€

Gary is so kute with his bashful smile, in response to Ji Hyo: “You’re more handsome than Kim Soo Hyun. On Mondays, Gary is the best looking.” Awwwwwwwww!!

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Joking around now huh Sparta? *bumps into green team Ji Hyo: “Oops, I thought you were grass!”

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More Soo Hyun and Kittie laughing:

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Soo Hyun has found his calling guys (beside acting)! RUNNING! He’s fast. It looks like he weighs no more than a feather when he sprints and jumps.

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Just look at his troubled expression. He doesn’t know WHAT TO DO when the baton falls. haha XD

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Giraffe dragging Jae Suk out of the acupuncture mat. Ow. Owwww!!

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Then he goes and slips….

 photo RM147-16.jpg

….and falls on his back. It looks like it might have hurt though. tsk tsk.

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Green Team’s Gary’s transformation: Mr. Electrical Skeleton power up!

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While Impala is concentrating on running, Gary asks: “Will you give your daughter to me?”

Ji Suk Jin: “No, I can’t give her to you!” ๐Ÿ˜›

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Red Team’s turn.

Have you seen anyone who looks as happy as Hyun Woo while running? Not to forget his shrieks. ๐Ÿ˜†

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Well, his turn for Electrical Skeleton scanning time:

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Jae Suk’s idea to hold the baton…..*fails* I kinda die.

 photo RM147-24.jpg

Soo Hyun’s belated realization that they didn’t pass. —Embarrassed Smile—

Jae Suk & Giraffe’s thoughts: “What’s this kid cheering about??!!”

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Gwang Soo’s brilliant conclusion regarding his teammates: “My team is full of idiots.”

Turns to Soo Hyun: “He’s nothing but a good looking idiot.” HAHHAHA!!

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Having had enough of Sparta’s forceful discipline, HaHa’s air fist him from behind. Guess who speaks up?

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Cheeky Gwang Soo snitches on HaHa. Lol.

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Monday Couple’s epic moment. The trading of hats.

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PD: “A Leessang‘s hat?”
Ji Hyo: “Who? Me?” *looks at hat and laughs*

Gary steps down from his flying chair and inserts another awesome line, “Just ask me for my heart instead.” Cue! Everyone oohhhsss and ahhsss.


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Impala: “I think my daughter does like you!”

Gary: “Yes, Father. Just let me have her hand!”

Impala: “No, I still oppose.” xD

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Iron Man meets Bat Man: hehe

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Ji Hyo’s really good at this game (minus her little moment with my hubby! ๐Ÿ˜› )

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Behind the scene:

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Gary: “You raised your daughter very well!”
Impala: “She’s got everything!”
Gary: “Yes, she does.”
Impala: “That’s why I can’t give her to you!” Stubborn aren’t we? heehee.

Not only you Haha, I can’t get used to YJS’s no glasses face either. BAHA!

Trolling our Ace.

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Your turn to hit the water, Soo Hyun. Doesn’t it look like he’s beat boxing/dancing?

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Gwang Soo’s mischief again, he has several well-played scenes in this episode. He’s getting good.

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The kiddies laughing in their corner…if only Park Ki Woong was also here!!

 photo RM147-44.jpg

The family just watching from the sideline. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Ji Suk Jin’s observation is spot on. Soo Hyun is very fast on his feet, but he doesn’t have a sense of direction at all. Running around searching for pots in the most suspicious-looking places ever. ๐Ÿ˜›

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When he does find the right spot, all his wet towels end up hanging on a tree. hahaha

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Alas, he succeeds in embracing Miss Chicki. Sorry Yeon Woo. You’re replaced.

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Last game. Don’t underestimate the power of Ji Hyo’s fanboys! Green Team having the least number of players win over the monstrous competitions!

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Adorable how they chase after Gary.

 photo RM147-55.jpg

Spot Ji Hyo?

 photo RM147-56.jpg

Our underdog Team!

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Gotta say, while it’s a Flower Boys Special, I’m grinning that it’s our Flower Girl who tops them all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

*goes back to studying*


  1. 10 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 147 “Strongest flower of all!”

    ROFL! OMG-sh, the flowery trims on the track jackets’ killing me…. origami tracksuits? LOL~

    Oh, it’s that cute boy from Korea’s Hana Kimi remake. I liked him very much in that show… what was it called?………………….. beautiful. you?

    Right, your hubby is out-n-about PR-ing for his new movie, correct? I will be on a lookout for that movie. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    God.of.Study.Kaptain-A. =p

    • 10 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 147 “Strongest flower of all!”

      hahah origami tracksuits! It does look like one!! ๐Ÿ˜›

      Yep, he is. I saw him in Queen Seon Duk. Cute cute pie.

      I’m looking forward to that movie too! 3 cutie pies in one movie acting as bumbling idiots while being super spies! It matches someone already! ROFF!!

      I tried to time myself and not go over 4 hours. Failed. I split the work into 2 days. Sleek reference. (>โ€ฟโ— )โœŒ

  2. 10 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 147 “Strongest flower of all!”

    i know right! if only park ki woong is there. him and his orange HAIR!!! LOL!!!

    yesh yesh, he was much better because hes around people!!! still couldn’t believe they had him traveled by himself all the long hour in his last guesting. terrible decision!!

    LEE HYUN WOO!!! YOU CUTE THING!! i still remember him hopping like a rabbit in you’re beautiful. too adorable!!!

    Jae Suk’s baton in mouth had me dying………..ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!

    Monday Couple, seriously, im shipping them as hard as Xman power couple. I think something is brewing underneath all this flirting!!! now we have an appa in law too!! jae suk’s line might come true!! dating each other before knowing it!! LOL

  3. 10 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 147 “Strongest flower of all!”

    Finished watching this episode just now. Saving the episode for a gloomy day. LOL!

    The Sun Embraces the Chicken, or vice versa. LMAO! Oh,Em.Gee. Kinda cruel how Soo-hyun wants his mother to do something w/ this chicken. With the King’s order, execute his concubine. Haha~ Wait, isn’t it a rooster? So, execute his eunuch?

    All those virgin fanboys and their divine powers…. wow! That’s like 100 x DFBBs*. Haha~ JI HYO~JI HYO~

    I thought it was terribly funny how Gary tried to run away from the fans. Did you see him push a few of them away? He wasn’t in the mood to celebrate w/ those guys after the final win. Those boys were a rambunctious crowd.

    *DFBBs = Dong Fong Bu Bais

  4. 10 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 147 “Strongest flower of all!”

    LOL. Kim Soo Hyun is like a monkey in this episode. Very eager to do everything and failing miserably.

    Can’t I wake up to that top picture every morning? Coffee is not needed, and I can save a few bucks. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I still believe there’s something going on! The running man wouldn’t joke like that if Ji Hyo is taken. (don’t stone me CEO fans, just a guess here)

    I think Gary was running away because they were pounding on him, it gets too close for comfort. lol. and I’m glad they won!!!

    “Gotta say, while itโ€™s a Flower Boys Special, Iโ€™m grinning that itโ€™s our Flower Girl who tops them all.”

    Truer words have never been spoken!!!

  5. 10 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 147 “Strongest flower of all!”

    What a great episode! lol just the sight of the acupuncture mats is soooo funny. I’m loving Jae Suk and Kwang Soo’s partnership now. Monday couple brightens my day. Ji Hyo is becoming more awesome every week. lol the amount of gold she’s won.

  6. 10 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 147 “Strongest flower of all!”

    This part is really cute too. Gwang Soo takes good care of his Noona Ji Hyo. He’s the first to get up when the bug bothered her. Of course, only a mili-second behind is Gary. Then the other boys got up too, except for Sparta, Kitty, and Cricket. They remain seated like bosses.

  7. 10 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 147 “Strongest flower of all!”

    โ€œJust ask me for my heart instead.โ€ Gary is so damn romantic!!!

    This episode was pretty good. I liked the “heavy towel” part! And Jihyo is really awesome in the games. And her catching the chicken for Haha was plain awesome =)

    I do agree that Kim Soo Hyun’s previous RM episode was damn boring. He was hiding most of the time. Too bad no name tag game this time. He would easily outrun most of them!

  8. 10 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 147 “Strongest flower of all!”

    can tell me music 40:41 in RM 147 ??

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