Running Man: Episode 272 “Hulky Challenges.”

It’s been a long time since I felt the thrilling need to recap an episode of Running Man. I still watch them here and there because I like the cast and their interactions. But Episode 271 and 272 kicked the challenge up a notch for our team of tricksters and thinkers, requiring them not only to work together but tugging along 85 more guests to bring us three full hours of thrilling games, unmet challenges, and a whole lot of unexpected entertainment in every walk of life.

Warning: Lots of fangirling and upset emotions. I’m like 12 when my family is losing. XD

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Running Man: Episode 236 “Real Men.”

This episode was worth the wait. I watched without subtitle and found it entertaining and intense. A lot of guests are invited to challenge our Running Man team. I didn’t recognize the new idols, except for Kwang Hee so their names will be added later when the official list is out. Lol. I might write more to this post if I’m not too tired after work tomorrow. For now, enjoy the gifs and the real men moments. 😛

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Running Man: Episode 230 “The New Pretty Boys.”

My, my, my. Have I been THAT out of the loop with K-ent? Five pretty boys are invited on Running Man and I only recognize two! Did you know all five or are we on the same boat? The things about pretty boys and pretty idols being on Running Man is that I get to cackle with glee when our Kim Jong Kook throws them around like stick figures. Stop preening in front of the cameras and hit the gym lads!

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Running Man: Episode 209 “Muddy Sculptures.”

 photo RM209-35.jpg

Wooohoo! Finally, a Running Man episode for me to spazz. This episode killed me. Not sure how many times I peed in my pants. It’s a testament to our Running Man’s charms that despite having 8 guests (!!) in one episode, they shine through and through, until the very end. Even if they become unrecognizable at some point. 😉

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Running Man: Episode 164 “Good bye, Yoo Hubby.”

 photo RM16458.jpg

Yoo Ah In. Usually known as Yoo Hubby around here. *winks* Hey, I only have two hubbies (in Korea) okay? This lad and the other one. I want to say I chose wisely. When the military calls for one, I’d still have the other one. 😉 Can anyone confirm that this man’s birth year is indeed 1986? With his screaming and baby face, I keep thinking he’s 15. hee. I was so excited last week when I found out that he’ll be on Running Man! Because the first sentence that came out was, “YESH! I can watch him in something that won’t suck!” Let’s just be peaceful and end with: his projects don’t mesh well with me.

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Running Man: Episode 163 “Better late than never.”

 photo RM163-7.jpg

I wasn’t gonna write about this episode but it’s a historical moment for us Monday Couple fans that I feel the need to document it down somewhere for future spazzing sections. Big Bang visited again but only three members came this time. I was a teeny disappointed because TOP didn’t make it. I wanted to see him all down and dirty ya know, since he’s always squeaky clean, prim and proper (the impression I have of him.) XD

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Running Man: Episode 159 “More precious than gold.”

 photo RM159-90.jpg

Woohoo. I basically had to peel myself away from the Big Bang Theory to watch this wonderful episode. There are many funny moments but the highlights belong to the well-developed pair that we have come to love and adore – the Monday Couple. Just when I complained to my friends that they rarely have scenes together nowadays – BOOM, this happens. It doesn’t start out with a bang but the momentum picks up as we watch and by the end of it all, I struggle to swim out of my own goo of sweet honey… Who am I kidding? I do NOT want to get out at ALL. Reality, please step aside, this incorrigible fan girl has no time for you.

 photo yct19.gif

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Running Man: Episode 156 “Cute Aliens.”

 photo RM156-1.jpg

Pssh. If aliens are this cute and fun, heck they can crash my party any time. I don’t follow nor listen to their music, but strangely I know the names of all 2NE1 members (just 4, I know)? Does this happen to you guys too? Like their names just stick into your memory? They’re surprisingly very mellow and down-to-earth (ha!) Cute episode, I was laughing non-stop in the second game and last game. What can I say, water games make me a happy viewer!

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