Running Man: Episode 164 “Good bye, Yoo Hubby.”

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Yoo Ah In. Usually known as Yoo Hubby around here. *winks* Hey, I only have two hubbies (in Korea) okay? This lad and the other one. I want to say I chose wisely. When the military calls for one, I’d still have the other one. 😉 Can anyone confirm that this man’s birth year is indeed 1986? With his screaming and baby face, I keep thinking he’s 15. hee. I was so excited last week when I found out that he’ll be on Running Man! Because the first sentence that came out was, “YESH! I can watch him in something that won’t suck!” Let’s just be peaceful and end with: his projects don’t mesh well with me.

This week’s theme is inheritance. The family is divided into two groups – older daughter, Kim Hae Sook, and her three quite-old sons – Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, and Kim Jong Kook.

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On the other table we have Younger daughter’s family. Wife Ji Hyo, Husband Gary, and three mischievous sons – Haha, Kwang Soo, and Yoo Ah In, the nation’s rebel. Haha adds: “Yay! We’re a family of clubbers!” heh. So I guess everyone knows about Ah In’s clubbing tendencies!

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1st Game is my personal favorite and I’m excited that both of my hubbies got to play it! Water Canon Flying Chair! HAR HAR!

The mothers will compete each round through a card game, Hwatu. If you pick the doomed card – ddong gwang, your sons will be dunked in the water. Kim Jong Kook cheekily wonders, “So mother won’t be flying with us?” Immediately, he earns a few shoulder slaps from Hae Sook Umma, “Be quiet! I raised you with milk and you dare suggest me do that?” HA.

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On the other side, we have a variety noobie, Yoo Hubby asking a silly question, “How we do get over there (the pool).” Jae Suk: “We walk of course.” XD I absolutely adore Giraffe’s ridiculous face, like he’s the Variety regular, laughing at the newcomer.

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5 Rounds. Each round has 3 games. Judging from the guys’ reaction, the water must be cold. I feel kinda bad now…can’t we have them play in warmer pool?

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1st game and Ji Hyo umma sends her two sons into the air. Watching from the side with Appa Gary, Ah In says he likes it, “I want to fly too!” A drenched Kwang Soo replies, “Once you land in the water, you’ll know how foolish you’re being!”

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2nd Game, Ah In tells Ji Hyo to pick the card on the far left, while Gary tells her to pick the right one. She listens to her youngest son though but I like that she adds, “I already listened to Dad’s request last round.”

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When Ji Hyo picks up the doomed card, Ah In dies in laughter and shouts, “Our family is doomed!” Gary: “What did I tell you! This is what you get for not listening to me.” hehe.

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Thankfully, the 3rd game, Hae Sook’s dry spell is finally lifted, launching Impala and Grasshopper into the air with their horror-stricken faces. hee!! I’m having so much fun with screen shots.

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Jae Suk’s response: “YAHAW! The party has now started!”

But when he’s sitting in the chair and undergoing the tense moment, he quickly coos, “Umma, I don’t want to fall in the water anymore~~~” haha. Jae Suk is cracking me up!

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Down to the last two cards again. Gary suggests the card in front, while Yoo Hubby points to the left AGAIN. Ji Hyo goes with her son’s choice once more…and this is what happens:

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The doused men are switched out and at some point HAHA points to a dead grasshopper floating in the water. Jae Suk feels sympathy for his own kind and carries the corpse to peace. ROFL!

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You’re just gonna laugh at everything huh? ^^

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YAY! Yoo Hubby and Kang Appa are finally up for the chair! Hey, I have to see a drenched Yoo Ah In on Running Man! That’s the law!

1st game and Hae Sook continues to let her sons soar up high, to Sparta’s dismay. heehee. The hilarious part is Yoo Hubby screaming like a little girl next to them. Can’t wait to see his face next. 😛

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The son and husband having a mental breakdown as the ladies contemplate. Finally, Hae Sook ends the agony for everyone and allows her sons another trip into the water. OMG. When can I see Ah In in the water?!! He’s just laughing. DUNK HIM DUNK HIM! 🙂

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Oh lookie. He has such small fingers!! You’re the nation’s rebel dude, stop letting me see these cute, petite side of yours.

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Last round. Ah In stays in the chair while Kwang Soo joins him (That means Gary is the only dry male?) Jae Suk pleads with his mom, “Umma, please send Ah In flying.” *raises hand* Me too! Please! He adorably shakes his head. haha. What now boy, I thought you wanted to fly in the first place?

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Ji Hyo assures everyone, “Don’t worry, I’ll send Ah In off,” which prompts a wave of Wae from him, “Why? Why all of a sudden Mom?” 😀

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Ask and you shall receive, Ji Hyo selects the doomed card…but only Kwang Soo flies into the air. Thanks machine malfunction. Seriously! Is it so hard to see my hubby in the water?

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Nope. The PD orders Kwang Soo to get on the chair and do it again. While he’s complaining, the chairs shoot them up. Yoo Hubby’s dumbfounded face while claiming that it’s fun! hehe!! That’s the spirit!

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Jae Suk chants Goodbye to water games (winter is approaching!) and in the end says goodbye to Ah In too, suggesting that he goes flying next. Ji Hyo joins the fun by waving goodbye to him and keenly chooses the doomed card on her first try. ROFL!!

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Last round and the PD asks the moms to say a few words to their sons. Ji Hyo speaks happily, “Goodbye Ah In.” He laughs and then makes a crying baby face. Ignored by Ji Hyo, Kwang Soo yells, “Am I supposed to sit here like a scarecrow?!!” HAHAH

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When everyone keeps saying goodbye to Yoo Hubby, he asks curiously, “Don’t we want to win the resort? (Why is my own family abandoning me?) But alas, Ji Hyo’s magic hands strike the gold again.

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How cute are they waving goodbye to the cameras in mid-air?

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2nd Game involves battles of the senses. Which I will skip and cover the 3rd game about stealing songpyun. It’s similar to the animal hats game we had before. The first team to collect 10 songpyun in their pot wins!

Yoo Hubby is like a beast. Under five minutes and he’s already a pregnant woman with multiple songpyun in his belly.

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The first fight between Mother and Son. Cracks me up when Kwang Soo sneaks under her for a few moments without alarming her!

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More hands touching everywhere. Yoo Hubby dashes away after snatching Jae Suk’s. He’s so sneaky.

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Haha betrays Kwang Soo when he’s forced to speak by Sparta. Oh gosh. I feel like Kwang Soo must be very light. They flip him over easily.

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Gary peacefully feeding the rabbits while Ji Hyo throws a tantrum at Kwang Soo. ha. The other team successfully tricks the whole family about Kwang So’s non-existent-this-time-only betrayal.

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When he returns to the broken family, Gary teases, “We shouldn’t have had him. Next week, go study abroad!” HAHA! The solution to all troubled kids in Korea?

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Last game is cooking! YOO HUBBY is a clubber and he also COOKS?! Someone won’t starve. 😉

But let’s get some Monday Couple Moments. Gary inching closer to help Ji Hyo. HaHa: “Today’s is out parents’ anniversary. We might get another brother!” Kwang Soo laughs, “Don’t joke like that hyung!” and moves in to cackle.

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This looks like an image from Family Outing! The Dumb & Dumber’s scandalous talks.

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When Gary sees Kwang Soo cutting a pear with scissors, he quips, “I had you for no reason!” 😛 Looks like we have another pair of dynamics in this episode.

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Gary: “Everything you do bugs me!”
Gwang Soo: “Do you think I’m going to leave the house just because you’re acting like this?

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So the scheme is to kick 2nd son out? LOL

100 guests to vote for their favorite dish. Yoo Hubby’s team clinches the gold ladle! ^_^

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Overall a great episode. Lots of funny lines were born. Yoo Hubby mixed well with the cast and he has the skills to join variety. Exaggerated faces and big actions, he nailed them all. Hae Sook was also on fire with her comments, especially, “You know why you guys all look different? Cause you have different fathers!” And when she bugged the MC guy. heh.

  1. 4 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 164 “Good bye, Yoo Hubby.”

    man, i had to wait ALL WEEKend to wait for this page. so hard i justed to spazz and ruin the episode for you. aren’t I cute?

    LOL@ “YESH! I can watch him in something that won’t suck!”

    Fashion king down the drain…and what’s the name of the drama with kim tae hee?

    im gonna watch his movie with kim hae sook. seem like a good movie for the whole family. saving money to protect one’s mom. isn’t that univerally sweet?

    i loved this episode. yoo ah in is like a little kid brother in here. his reactions crack me up. never knew he can cook! kim hae suk umma fails so bad i die. she was like let me go get a drink while this kimchi soup is boiling. LOL!

    gary and kwang soo are adorable as the failed son and grumpy paps. hahah

    • 4 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 164 “Good bye, Yoo Hubby.”

      Thanks for the patience, little frea. 😉

      I agree, seems like an emotional movie since his mother isn’t well. Might need tissues. 🙁

  2. 4 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 164 “Good bye, Yoo Hubby.”

    I finally watched it. Hilarious!! Best parts for me was when YJS made his way trying to rescue his little green buddy drowning in the water. Did you check out how scared Wife Ji Hyo was? Oooh, so her Achilles Heel are insects. Interesting. Mines too. And, I enjoyed the final cook off. That was… Family Outing déjà vu. No one can boss SpartaKook around like Hyori. LOL! Gary was funny, and Monday Couple act so natural as a married couple in this episode. It’s a bit surreal.

    Ah In surprised me too. His taste palates are extraordinary. Hmm, I’m so curious how deep fried gummy worms taste like now. Kappy sure knows how to pick ’em. Your Yoo Hubby is a sensible cook.

    • 4 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 164 “Good bye, Yoo Hubby.”

      Yep yep. I saw Ji Hyo inching far away. ha. I remember in one of the earlier episodes, she did list out her fears – insects, mom (heh), and…I can’t remember the last one.

      I was wishing for Hyori to appear and boss Sparta. 😛 He sat there like a King, chewing and chewing! XD

      Monday Couple will kill me. I keep wanting to step off this ship (keep my head clear) but they keep reeling this weak-hearted fangirl back with their sweet chemistry, week after week. /Helpless.

      I still can’t believe they fried gummy worms and he guessed it right. Surely, if anyone wants to poison us, he’d be able to taste out the scheme! 😛

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