Running Man: Episode 164 “Good bye, Yoo Hubby.”

 photo RM16458.jpg

Yoo Ah In. Usually known as Yoo Hubby around here. *winks* Hey, I only have two hubbies (in Korea) okay? This lad and the other one. I want to say I chose wisely. When the military calls for one, I’d still have the other one. 😉 Can anyone confirm that this man’s birth year is indeed 1986? With his screaming and baby face, I keep thinking he’s 15. hee. I was so excited last week when I found out that he’ll be on Running Man! Because the first sentence that came out was, “YESH! I can watch him in something that won’t suck!” Let’s just be peaceful and end with: his projects don’t mesh well with me.

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