[Download] Kmovie: Wandeukee OST

Aww! So cute! I need to catch this drama when subtitle is released…!!

Tracklist: Mostly instrumentals

01. Now Is The Time
02. Where The Winds Are Blowing
03. Go For It
04. The Game
05. Road To Meet
06. Happy Dinner
07. Family
08. Date
09. Punch
10. Would You
11. My Mom
12. Hug
13. Her Story
14. Wondering
15. Happy Ending

Download OST here

Alice: Let me clarify before you guys label me as a player! I only have two hubbies in the Korean Entertainment (not counting idol boys, ajusshi crushes, hehe). Innocent Kim Hubby aside, Yoo Hubby is the other one. There’s something about this man that just calls for undivided attention. He’s so smexy! It must be that twinkle of mischief in his eyes…or is it the flirtatious smile? Me thinks it’s them lips! Check out picture below:

Who could resist?
Image credit to cine21
  1. 4 thoughts on “[Download] Kmovie: Wandeukee OST

    alice……i think i just died and went to heaven. that picture of YAI is stunningly mesmerizing….OMGGGG  ♥____♥

    it's unfair…you called dips on the two hottest guys!!! soong joong ki is MINEEEEEEE then.

  2. 4 thoughts on “[Download] Kmovie: Wandeukee OST

    You know, what really does it for me with Yoo Ah In is his voice…*shivers at the thought*…oh his voice is incredible (and that's something he has in common with Song Joong Ki, they both have voices that drive me crazy)! And of course he's got that something about him, that je ne sais quoi that just draws you in even if you try to resist ;o)

    I can't wait to see this movie when it's subbed!! I'm sure it'll have to be because I'm sure Ah In's fans will be right on it ^^

    Is this OST good? Have you listened through it? ♥

  3. 4 thoughts on “[Download] Kmovie: Wandeukee OST

    LilialJoo, believe me. I know what you mean!

    Ahhhh….you're absolutely right Maggie! I kinda forget his smoldering, low voice. That scene with Yong Ha begging Geulro not to leave…was beautiful. Should I go and rewatch my Scandal Dvds? heehee!!

    As for the soundtrack itself, I'm disappointed, was hoping for some nice songs but mostly instrumentals. I only like two of them. So you wouldn't be missing out any good stuffs if you don't download. This page is merely my excuse to post that picture! =D Alice is shooo shallow sometimes….

  4. 4 thoughts on “[Download] Kmovie: Wandeukee OST

    Oh that scene…I actually cried so much when I saw it the first time. It was beautiful and superbly acted!! 

    And any excuse for posting gorgeous pictures is quite welcome hehe ^^ I'm all for it!! Hehehe

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