Fashion King releases 3 teasers – Yoo Ah In’s hair!


haha, sorry, but I just had to add that hair part. When it’s not styled properly, the hair on Yoo Hubby looks like patches of grass attached to his small head. I misssssssss my Yoo Hubby mucho! My attention has been on Kim Hubby all these months. πŸ˜›

Sadly though, Fashion King slowly loses me in terms of its attractiveness. Somehow, the storyline lacks the hooking element when I watch the trailers. Your thoughts?

11-Minute Preview:

In a corner, I pray that Yuri’s character and acting is much better than her group mate’s performance in Wild Romance. That is all, drama gods!

Fashion King premieres on Monday 3/19/12.

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    im with you there alice…i like YAI since SS, like everyone else…but there’s something lacking about this one for sure.

    oh snsd girls…i guess they are slowly taking over dramaland since they can’t be shaking lollipops forever. lol. πŸ˜›

    the other dude is lee jae hoon? how’s he? good?

  2. 5 thoughts on “Fashion King releases 3 teasers – Yoo Ah In’s hair!

    YOO & SHIN are my dream couple. They are the leads in my fan-fiction story that won first place in Couch Kimchi Anniversary Contest last year. Even before Fashion King secured its cast, I already have these two lovely creatures in my mind romancing each other so this drama is like a realization of my dream.

    I’m going to support this show whatever path it takes. Be it the “makjang” road or the “cliche” street! I’m so excited for this because this would be my first ever DRAMA RECAP PROJECT on my blog. ^^ Hihi πŸ™‚

    LEE JE HOON also adds my overflowing excitement! He’s not a head-turner but boy! The moment he acts, you’ll find yourself captive under his spell. Watch him on The Front Line and Bleak Night and you’ll get what I mean! HE IS SUCH A BRILLIANT ACTOR!!!

    • 5 thoughts on “Fashion King releases 3 teasers – Yoo Ah In’s hair!

      Ah, Purple Lee! We have a fanfic writer in the house?

      Glad your wish came true. Now let’s make mine become a reality too! My dream couple for Yoo Hubby is with Moon Geun Young. hehe. These two are folks I would pay money to watch. Charismatic and intense in their own charms, I’m waiting for the day they share the same screen. πŸ˜€

      And good luck with your first drama recap! It’s such a long process but enjoyable to rave (when things go your way) and rant (when things take an evil turn!). ^_^

      Frea, Purple Lee says LJH is good. Be happy dear, be happy!

      • 5 thoughts on “Fashion King releases 3 teasers – Yoo Ah In’s hair!

        The title of my fanfiction story for the two is THE GOLDEN ROPE πŸ™‚ Hihi!
        Check the synopsis if you have time :

        MOON & YOO? Yay! You got me on-board. Moon Geun Young is one of the female stars that I adore and highly respect because of her exceptional acting chops. As for me, I would love to see her do a project with Song Joong Ki and Lee Min Ho. Hehe . . . ^^ I hope both of us got our wishes. πŸ˜‰

        Thank you also for the encouragement about the recap! I’m really excited. By the way, how did you capture those wonderful drama screen shots of yours? Is there a program that can make it easier to do screen captures?

        • 5 thoughts on “Fashion King releases 3 teasers – Yoo Ah In’s hair!

          I love the title of your story, Purple Lee. I’m imagining pretty imagery.

          hah! Moon and Lee Min Ho would be uber cute, especially the height difference!

          As for screen captures, any video programs should have an option to screencap. Some people like VLC player but I like GOM player because it hasn’t failed me in anything…yet. The video quality is also important if you want to get HQ pictures. Lastly, my screencaps are usually bright and colorful because I put them through a round of coloring in photoshop. Most bloggers don’t do this but I like my pictures different. πŸ™‚ Hope this helps!

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