Princess Agents Discussion Post Week 6: Episodes 41 – 48

I’m in the minority, I do not want a second season, with or without the original cast. After the hellish world the director and writer put me through with 60+ episodes, why would I want them to do it again? They will possibly add more unnecessary plot lines to make it another 60+ production, with Chu Qiao fainting every episode, she might have amnesia again in season 2. Lol. Filming up to the ice lake arc is to me sufficient, it’s a defining moment where Chu Qiao knows about Yue’s feelings, the rest of the chapters…. more battles and Yan Xun’s cruelty. I don’t need those, either!

Anyway, this will be a tough week to watch as everything descends into madness. Hold on to your seat!

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Princess Agents: Episodes 35 – 37 Recap “Foxy Prince’s Arrival.”

He’s here! He’s here! Our foxy Prince is here! Like a burst of fresh air. With everyone faces hanging on doom and gloom, it’s nice to see some smiles around. Why I adore Xiao Che so much in the novel: he’s a delightful mix of pre-massacre Yan Xun with his abundance of sunshine and Yue’s slyness and intelligence. Like the best candy in the world! ❤

My snarky side came today so memes are here. Thanks Maymay who helped with these recaps!

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Princess Agents: Episodes 31 – 34 Recap “Avenging Angel’s first kills.”

While our avenging angel gets his first kills done, we are still plodding along in the grand scheme of things. We are still stuck in Chang’An! LORD. We need to move faster, stop with the silly side-plots that doesn’t add to the story! Get behind Chu Qiao’s identity and let us know how she feels!

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Princess Agents: Episodes 28 – 30 Recap “The Golden Cage.”

My poor puppies! Trapped and just trying to stay alive amidst the assassination attempts. When a dog is pushed into a corner, all it has left is two sets of sharp teeth…. – Kap

Thes recaps are written by Maymay, Candora, and Kath. 🙂

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Princess Agents Discussion Post Week 5: Episodes 33 – 40

Based on the July Schedule they uploaded last night, there’s a possibility of having 66+ episodes? Nobody knows how many episodes it will have now. Same schedule for July (mon-thursday, 2 ep/night). I know you guys are happy but the recapping team is exhausted. Lol.

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Princess Agents: Episodes 24 – 27 Recap “Massacre of hope and innocence.”

These episodes gutted me. Shawn Dou’s TV debut performance will be one to remember. While he’s deemed at losing the love of his life later on, Shawn got the meatier role, thanks to Li Ying. Lol!

Everyone loses something in these episodes, some more than others. It didn’t feel draggy to me at all – and this is coming from someone who read the novel, caught the episodes live, recapped, and then screencapped them. Essentially, I watched them at least four times. I didn’t know my puny-sized body had that much tears. These episodes are critical because they set off the trajectories of all our major players. It’s a game-changer and I wish it happened earlier, cutting out all the unnecessary maid krap so we can have more time with our “grown-up/jaded” characters and their future, more interesting developments. We have more characters to meet and it’s taking forever to get to them!

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Princess Agents Discussion Post Week 4: Episodes 25 – 32

We are half-way through the drama….

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Princess Agents: Episodes 21 – 23 Recap “Stupid King and Evil Folks.”

Just a note, we are recapping the uncut version and episode 24 is only available on Monday since it contains scenes not yet in the TV (broadcast) version from HNTV, so it’s not allowed release.

These three episodes are recapped by Maymay and Candora! Please don’t forget the ladies’ hard work! ❤ ❤ ❤

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