Princess Agents: Episodes 28 – 30 Recap “The Golden Cage.”

My poor puppies! Trapped and just trying to stay alive amidst the assassination attempts. When a dog is pushed into a corner, all it has left is two sets of sharp teeth…. – Kap

Thes recaps are written by Maymay, Candora, and Kath. 🙂

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Episode 28 (written by Maymay):

On Yuwen Yue’s orders, Yue Qi leads a group of men to ambush the pugilists hired to assassinate Yan Xun. News reach Wei Shu Ye, who is relieved that Yuwen Yue is protecting Yan Xun in the shadows.

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Life for Yan Xun, Chu Qiao and Zhong Yu in Ying Ge Manor does not get any easier. They have to check the well water every day before consumption. Worried of being poisoned, Zhong Yu suggests breeding some rats to test the food. Because some poisons may manifest later, they decide on eating food only 2 days later after testing them….This means they would be eating rotten food since the weather is hot these days but it would still be better than them being dead.

Zhong Yu meets with the four sisters who were supposed to help in the prison break. The sisters refuse to return to Northern Yan. They insist on staying despite the danger and assist Zhong Yu in the quest to free Yan Xun.

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Back in Ying Ge Manor, Yan Xun and Chu Qiao are vigilant, keeping possible weapons close and setting warning traps. And not for nothing too for that night itself, more assassins drop by. Chu Qiao, Yan Xun and Zhong Yu take them down easily. The guards come afterwards, unapologetic for being late to the rescue but demand that they be disarmed. Yan Xun and gang comply. On the roof, a stealthy figure slips away. Yan Xun takes the first watch that night.

That batch of assassins were sent by the Da Liang spies, with the intention to test Chu Qiao. The Da Liang Princess is satisfied that Chu Qiao does not seem to be related to Feng Yun Ling as she claimed.

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Yuwen Huai and Wei Shu You arrive at Ying Ge Manor to cause trouble. They demand to search the premise again for weapons. These two are being their hateful selves again. Yan Xun is only concerned they might discover Chu Qiao. Chu Qiao hides her face with bandages (she is supposed to be dead). She is eventually led out before everyone. Yan Xun explains she was injured in the fight last night. The two baddies are insistent on examining her wounds – in other words – look at her face. It doesn’t look like they suspect anything but more like they wanted to humiliate him and his attendants.

Luckily, Princess Yuan Chun is here to interrupt them. She gives a satisfying smack down to Yuwen Huai and Wei Shu You, belittling their very existence. Yuwen Huai tries to stop her from getting close to Yan Xun. Princess Yuan Chun does not mince her words, insults him properly and sends him away. Oh yes.

Zhong Yu feels bad that Chu Qiao has to hide like this…but it is for the better. This way she would not be taken away …and she would not be Yan Xun’s Achilles’ heel.

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In the house, Yuan Chun is a little disappointed that Yan Xun is passive and unresponsive. She asks that he tells her jokes, stories or reminisce about their childhood – trying to cheer him up. Yan Xun reminds her how he’s lost his family, his country and not even allowed to mourn their passing. Does she expect him to joke with her as though nothing has happened? A contrite Yuan Chun apologizes for her insensitivity. Yan Xun tells her that they can never go back to how they were once. The Yan Xun of past has died, the one before her does not know how long he has to live.

He still has some brotherly feelings for her but warns her to stay away from him. Yuan Chun tries to play dumb but Yan Xun would not have any of that. In tears, Yuan Chun apologizes on her father’s behalf, knowing that her father is at fault. When she mentions his father alleged rebellion, Yan Xun slams his hand in silent anger. She feels sad and guilty over his predicament. Even though she is uneasy with the change in his attitude, she stubbornly insists that she will protect him since he has got no one left.

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She changes the subject – she brought him food from the palace. She pesters him into taking a bite of the food. He reluctantly does so. Much later, Chu Qiao finds him weakened. Zhong Yu checks his pulse, surprised to find that he’s been poisoned by the princess. Chu Qiao disagrees, concluding that it’s more likely that others used the Princess as a means to poison Yan Xun. Yan Xun needs a medication that is rather difficult to find. Zhong Yu delays the effects of the poison while Chu Qiao sets out in search of the antidote.

In the cover of the night, Chu Qiao slips out over the walls after distracting the guards away. In town, she tries many pharmacies before finally finding one who has stock of the rare medicine. It’s expensive and he pretty much tells her to come back with more monies. She is annoyed that he is basically extorting money from her. She threatens him with her dagger and he immediately complies with her requests. She slips back into the manor but is discovered by the guards. Unwilling to divulge anything and risk putting Yan Xun in greater danger, she allows herself to be beaten. (How does one not love her? – Kap)

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She watches and cares over Yan Xun until he regains consciousness. He comes to and sees the bruises on her face. She brushes it off as nothing, explaining that she received a little beating when she slipped out for medicine. He is worried but she reassures him that she’s fine. They can always take revenge later. His heart hurts for her but knew that they have to lay low like she says.

He quietly sips the medicine she risked her life for.

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Elsewhere, our ice prince Yuwen Yue is still his brooding self, perhaps more so now that he thinks Xing Er aka Chu Qiao is dead. (I really like his ost song but lordy that was way too abrupt). He revisits her room and other places, haunted by memories of the times they spent together. The silver bell has been repaired and he now fixes it to his sword – to remind him of her? Aww.

Yan Xun and the girls have been getting by but feel that in the long run they would be exhausted by the strains of endless assassination attempts. They are aware that the King has no choice but to keep Yan Xun alive to keep the other nobles in check so the plan is to let the King know that many people are after Yan Xun behind the King’s back.

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Yuwen Huai manipulates and indirectly persuades the opium-taking (and not the brightest bulb) Wei Shu You to kill Yan Xun. If Wei Shu You manages to accomplish that, all is good. Even if he fails, the blame will be squarely at the Wei’s family door. He also orders that his men assist Wei Shu You in secret.

The vampiric looking Wei Shu You leads a group of men to Ying Ge Manor. Yuwen Yue also receives news that Yuwen Huai’s men are quietly heading there and sets out too.

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As usual, Chu Qiao and Yan Xun are ready for any attacks. Yan Xun is particularly itching for a fight to release his bottled frustrations. They hear movements on the roof. A few masked men approach the bed but find it empty. Yan Xun sneaks up on them from the top of the bed and viciously takes them down. Chu Qiao follows suit with the other intruders. The fight moves outside where Wei Shu You and his men are waiting.

Episode 29 (written by Candora):

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Under Yuwen Huai’s scheme, Wei Shu You and his men sneak into Yan Xun’s manor aiming to kill him. With A Chu and Zhong Yu fending off the shooters on the roof, Yan Xun can focus on his battle with Wei Shu You. One slash one kick, Yan Xun easily overpowers him. The king’s guards arrive after the commotion and Yan Xun tells them that he’s the one that killed and injured those people. Do what they must.

A Chu and Zhong Yu cannot rush out to help Yan Xun. It would do more harm than help. Instead, A Chu comes up with a plan to ask princess Chun Er for help. Zhong Yu leaves a message to Chun Er that Yan Xun is in danger and needs her help.

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Because the king will be investigating this incident, Yuwen Huai sends his people to clean up the corpses. But before they can get rid of the evidence, A Chu stops their plan. She catches the fire before it can reach the corpses but in doing so, a guard is able to sneak up and slash her in the back. Yuwen Yue also leads his guards to stop Yuwen Huai’s guards from further actions.

The king is drinking and eating in his bed chamber. A maid named Lan Er comes to serve him. One minute, she tells him that she is his person and the next she snuggles next to him on his bed. The eunuch urgently reports that there’s an urgent matter that the king need to deal with. Before he leaves, the king promoted Lan Er to a low status consort.

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In front of Yan Xun, Wei Shu You, Yuwen Huai, and Yuan Song, the king asks what happened. Yan Xun tells him that he killed those people to protect himself from Wei Shu You’s attempted murder. Wei Shu You turns the table and tells the king that he is just doing his duty to patrol the manor. He finds Yan Xun trying to escape therefore had his man attacked. Yuwen Huai joins in and supports Wei Shu You by presenting a report that states no assassins were found within the manor. Yuwen Huai also verbally attacks Yan Xun by comparing him to his dad to arise the king’s suspicions.

Chun Er cuts Yuwen Huai off and reports to the king that the corpses of the assassins are found and do belong to Wei Shu You. The king orders Yuan Song and Yuwen Huai to identity if the corpses belong to Wei household. Once the corpses are confirmed to belong to Wei Shu You, Yuwen Huai again flips his statement and accuses those corpses to be Yan Bei’s spies. Since Yan Shi Cheng wanted to rebel, it makes sense that there would be spies among the higher up officials.

 photo Agent29-10.jpg
[The Royal Siblings and their identical Glare, so cute. – Kap]

At this point Wei Shu You starts to become mentally unstable, twitching due to Yuwen Huai’s medicine. He points out that Yan Xun is hiding two highly skilled people next to him but Yan Xun denies his statement. Without thinking, he angrily shouts that Yan Xun is lying. If not for those highly skilled people, his people would have killed Yan Xun already. The king bursts in anger but soon calms down. After he punishes Wei Shu You with only 20 hits, he dismisses them all.

On their way out, Yuwen Huai praises Yan Xun for this scheming mindset. Chun Er rushes over and yells at Yuwen Huai. After he leaves, Chun Er hands Yan Xun medicine for his injury but he thanks her and walks away without taking it.

 photo Agent29-12.jpg

Wei Shu Ye (the good cousin) also approaches Yan Xun and apologizes for his situation. When Yan Xun what does he wants, he tells him that if he doesn’t like Chun Er he should not lead her on. [Dude, nobody needs to lead Yuan Chun, she puts the leash on voluntarily. – Kap]

Zhong Yu and A Chu wait for Yan Xun to return. He returns and tells them the result. They deduce that the king doesn’t want to punish Wei Shu You in order to keep peace with his officials and keep Yan Xun’s on his toes.

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Inside the room, Yan Xun finds out that A Chu is injured. She tells him that she’s okay but he still wants to rush out to find medicine for her. She holds him back tightly from behind and tells him to be patient. There are too many assassins outside who want to kill them. If they step out, more likely they will be killed. Thinking about his parents and his family, he decides to be patient.

On the other side, Yuwen Yue gathers his guards and charges toward Ji Le Ge to visit third household’s madame, who has been imprisoned there for the past 16 years. His guards open the path for him and he easily enters the manor. He easily diffuses all the traps in the manor and enters the chamber where the 3rd madame resides.

 photo Agent29-42.jpg

Once Yuwen Yue arrives, he gets straight to the point and asks her for information regarding his mom. Everyone tells him that the flower on the dress that his mom wore at Ji Le Ge indicates that she is a low class concubine but two months ago when he finally got ahold of the dress, he found that the flower sewed on the dress represented the status of a main wife instead. Because of the similarity of the two flowers and someone purposely ruined the flower, there was a mixed up.

The third madame tells him that was her dress. Yuwen Yue realizes that his mother was framed 16 years ago. Because she was caught drunk with Yuwen Xi and wearing an unknown dress, she was accused of adultery.

 photo Agent29-43.jpg

3rd madame tells Yuwen Yue that it was all a lie from Yuwen Xi. His mother was with her that night. 3rd madame is the daughter of the Xie household of the Nan dynasty and his mom’s aunt. That night, his mother came to visit 3rd madame and they drank some wine together. His mom stayed the night and changed into the dress provided by the 3rd madame. To guard against Yuwen Xi, they set up all the traps. But Yuwen Xi use those traps to imprison 3rd madame for the last 16 years. When asked why didn’t Yuwen Xi kill her, she shouts that it’s because he was greedy and wanted to work with Da Liang people. She calms down afterward and tells Yuwen Yue that she’s done talking for the day. If he wants to hear more, they will have to take it slowly.

[Randonmest plotline ever – Kap.]

 photo Agent29-44.jpg

Yuwen Huai returns to his manor and questions Yuwen Yue. Yuwen Yue tells him that he walked in himself. Yuwen Huai threatens to destroy his Qing Shan Manor as pay back. Yuwen Yue, however, is indifferent to the threat. He tells him that he already took the 3rd madame. He threatens Yuwen Huai back with the exposure of him working with Da Liang to the king. If the king finds out, he will not let Yuwen Huai off easily. [And why are you keeping that a secret, Yue? Your people are betraying the King of this country? You no care? – Kap.]

Yuwen Yue uses that piece of information and threatens Yuwen Huai to leave Chang An by requesting to go guard the graves of the royal family’s ancestors. Since Yuwen Yue will have to leave for the border in a few days, he gives Yuwen Huai those few days to submit his request. If not, he will expose Yuwen Huai working with Da Liang to the king. Without a choice, Yuwen Huai leaves in anger.

Wei consort receives news that the third madame had moved from Ji Le Ge to Qing Shan Yuan. She deduces that that’s the reason why Yuwen Huai requests to guard graves.

Back to Yan Xun, the royal guards arrive at his manor and tell him that they will be in charge of protecting him moving forward. They also give him his sword back on the order of Prince Yuan Song. They also tell him that for now on, people can come in and out of the manor with less regulations except for Yan Xun.

 photo Agent29-45.jpg

Zhong Yu brings a guy named A Jing to meet Yan Xun. The guy is the son of the generals under Yan Shi Cheng. He died during battle but order A Jing to go find Yan Xun. Yan Xun decides to keep him around as his personal guard.

Episode 30 (written by Kath):

 photo Agent30-3.jpg

Yue Qi reports to Yuwen Yue that a cenotaph (a monument erected for a person whose remains are missing) has been completed. It turns out that Yuwen Yue has built a grave for Xing Er, and in doing so, can’t help but relive all the memories he’s had with her. They flash across his mind, memories of him training her, and their moments together. (I really miss and loveeeee Xing Er’s hairstyle with the two braids twirled around her side into a braid. Just sayin’) He buries some of her treasured items into the ground. Yuwen Yue walks away from the tombstone and leaves her sword at the site. (But earlier! I swear he put it into the ground! What the heck, and wouldn’t someone steal it…unless it’s on his estate?)

He goes to see Yan Xun, but is told the prince isn’t feeling well, so Yuwen Yue leaves. He tells Yue Qi to inform him of any urgent news relating to Yan Xun. Both men ride out from the city, and it appears that Yuwen Yue is traveling somewhere far and for long (sent away to train in the army), instructing Yue Qi that he leaves the Qing Shan manor and Eyes of God under Yue Qi’s command should anything happen. Yuwen Yue rides across vast lands.

 photo Agent30-15.jpg photo Agent30-17.jpg

Chu Qiao and Yan Xun bury a jug of wine into the ground. She mentions that it smells like the moon. Yan Xan tells her to see the moon in Yanbei is prettier, and he promises when they go back, they’ll toast to the wine in three years. Chu Qiao says they need to be on the offense if they’re to make it out alive in three years, and not just play defense.

 photo Agent30-19.jpg photo Agent30-20.jpg

In the outskirts of the country, Dong Fang Ji is recounting the massacre story to Seventh Prince Yuan Che (Actor Jin Jia) in the military camp. The prince is shocked at the turn of events and the duke being killed. He blames himself for not having enough power to change the situation. Dong Fang Ji says he doesn’t want to go back now, despite initially wanting to help Yan Xun, but he feels he no longer can. The prince offers him a place to stay and aide him, at least until Dong Fang Ji has a better place to settle down. Dong Fang Ji accepts the offer. The prince is elated that someone will be smart enough to play chess with him. But Dong Fang Ji informs the prince that Yuwen Yue is being sent to the border as punishment for making the emperor angry, therefore, the prince will have a worthy opponent soon. The prince doesn’t believe someone from such a noble background would be able to endure the harsh environment of the military, and wouldn’t last. Dong Fang Ji however says he believes Yuwen Yue has more than meets the eye.

 photo Agent30-21.jpg

Yuwen Yue arrives at the camp and addresses the same prince. Yuan Che asks why a noble from a grand family like him from the riches of the city, is doing in a poor, remote area like this. Yuwen Yue counters that if the prince from the royal family could be in such a place, he can too. Yuan Che issues an order for Yuwen Yue to recruit and train new men into the military. He makes a jab that basically it’s to see if Yuwen Yue is truly capable, or if he’s just a noble vase standing idle around.

 photo Agent30-23.jpg

Chu Qiao arrives at her siblings’ grave sites to leave flowers and pay her respects. As she walks away, she does a double-take to steps back. She reads another freshly made grave, the cenotaph erected. On the tombstone engraved is “Xing Er”. She stands before it and sees the sword, remembering when Yuwen Yue bestowed the Canhong Sword to her, and declared her a spy. Flashback of her memories with him from the silver bells he gave her, to when he wiped her tears, to their outing where he got her a bunny lantern. Finally, she remembers when he killed her with the needle. With tears in her eyes, Chu Qiao states that Yuwen Yue has killed Xing Er, and the one now standing is Chu Qiao. (I died when I see the CGI sword!! – Kap.)

 photo Agent30-38.jpg

Chu Qiao takes the sword with her and goes back to Yan Xun. He notices her sword and asks why she isn’t coming inside. She says someone issued an order that unless the sky was falling, no one was to disturb. The cook informs her that Yan Xun has been waiting for her to have a meal together and Yan Xun’s eyes go askewed being caught waiting for her. As they’re eating, he picks off a piece of rice stuck to her cheeks, and they smile. He tells her she should eat more and not go out anymore. She looks at him, as if unsure he really just said that. He tells her he’ll bring her back to see the mountains in his home. But when he looks over, Chu Qiao has fallen asleep. (Wait, did I miss something? Did he drug her food, what? She didn’t seem like she was tired! Whattttttt?)

Yan Xan continues training and watering his plants. In a segment of time passing, Chu Qiao brings him tea, and they hold hands briefly. She talks to him and they go over maps and scrolls of the country. Both continue to train their martial arts, and hone their skills. Later it’s revealed that a year has passed.

 photo Agent30-63.jpg

Back in the outskirts of the city, a soldier frantically reports to Yuwen Yue that an enemy troop is attacking. Yuwen Yue deducts that the enemy’s target is to kill Prince Yuan Che. The soldier says they’re short of men compared to the enemy troops, but Yuwen Yue commands that they will take all they can to aid the prince. Yuwen Yue’s troop appears outnumbered and flanked until suddenly Prince Yuan Che and his men arrive. They continue to fight, and both Yuan Che and Yuwen Yue seem to be the only two standing. They stand back to back to fight, an immediate bond forming as a result of their shared experience. They are victorious. (How, I dunno. Superior skills compared to the number of the enemies?)

 photo Agent30-64.jpg

Later Yuan Che confesses that at first when he was sent outside the walls, he thought he was exiled. But being here has allowed him to understand that he doesn’t fight just for his father or his country, but the people and their lives. (He appears to be wise, and the makings of what one day could be a great emperor…unlike crazy dad.) He thanks Yuwen Yue, who humbly says the prince has stolen his line of thank you. Yuwen Yue thanks the prince, because through the prince’s orders, Yuwen Yue realizes he has a purpose, and isn’t a lost soul anymore. Prince Xiang realizes there was no winners in a war, and that you basically send your own men to their deaths to defeat an enemy. He equates Yuwen Yue’s greatness of being a spy to that of an army. Essentially, Yuan Che wants Yuwen Yue to return to his duties, and says Yuwen Yue has been away too long now, and must assume his role to help the country.

 photo Agent30-65.jpg

Yan Xun continues to train rigorously with his sword. He stops when Princess Chun Er comes to visit. She chides him for not coming to her birthday. With an emotionless expression through the entire encounter, he apologizes that something urgent came up. She tugs on his outfit to make him smile, but he is unrelenting. The princess states that she’s always the one visiting him, and never the other way around. She threatens to leave, but Yan Xan calls his cook to deliver her a box. It’s her birthday gift. Still looking mad, she pretends to reluctantly accept his gift. It’s the tail of her pet bunny, and she is touched. Yan Xun tells her that he heard the bunny bit her fingers, and the concubine killed it and threw it out. (AHHH such animal cruelty. That breaks my heart! It doesn’t sit well with him.)

He found the bunny and cut off its tail for her to keep. She smiles and tells him it means a lot to her. Finally saying her goodbye, she leaves. The moment she is gone, Yan Xun peels of the outer layer of his clothes where the princess touched it, and tells his cook to burn it. (YIKES! Wait, this is such mixed signals for me! He gave her a gift, but then doesn’t want to have anything to do with her, evident in the order to have his outfit burned. WHOA! The cracks are appearing even more…sadness!)

Later, Yan Xun visits Chu Qiao, bringing her some dessert. Chu Qiao is busy drawing a layout when he asks her what she’s doing and she says he’ll see soon enough.

 photo Agent30-71.jpg

Yan Xun is informed by Zhong Yu that Mr. Wu is recruiting in Yanbei to await the prince’s homecoming. Zhong Yu says she knows Yan Xun tells Chu Qiao everything, but feels this is too important to share even with her. Yan Xun says that all his secrets are safe with Chu Qiao.

Moments after, Chu Qiao gives them her layout plan, basically a layout of booby traps, stating that she’s based this off of Yuwen’s Household. It’s all the contraptions she’s studied and learned over time, and she tells them she has made adjustments to their home. She has set traps up throughout their home.

 photo Agent30-72.jpg

Wei Shu You and Zhao Xi Feng are out riding their horses, after Wei Shu You has been grounded for two years. (I believe the timeframe is that after one year of Yan Xun being confined, Wei Shu you was then grounded for two years following?) They talk and Wei Shu You suggests he must take revenge for what happened now that the three years are almost over. Wei Shu You declares that whether Yan Xun is released or not, Yan Xun must die.

At a fabric store, under the guise of a normal discussion, information is passed that Wei Shu You is released. Zhong Yu informs Yan Xun this, and is sure there will be trouble. Yan Xun assures them that they will deal with Shu You immediately then, instead of waiting around.

 photo Agent30-73.jpg photo Agent30-74.jpg

When nighttime arrives, the assassins arrive at Yan Xun’s place, but all the deadly traps are laid in place. Even the cook takes down the men. Yan Xun appears and takes them out with the brutality of his skills. Chu Qiao and Zhong Yu do the same. The assassins are wiped, save for two who escape. The guards arrive on the scene too late, witnessing the aftermath. It’s later revealed they have to just endure for three more months before the official three years of confinement are up.

 photo Agent30-76.jpg

Yan Xan states that they must act now. Chu Qiao believes that means they have to find a way to retaliate against all three noble families: Yuwen, Zhao, and Wei. She brings up the imperial mausoleum to alienate the three families—killing three birds with one stone. This is because each family has taken a part in the mausoleum. One family has built the mausoleum, another has maintained it, and another is watching over it. So Chu Qiao states that if something goes missing, all three families will be implicated.

They deduct that with Yuwen Huai, who is currently guarding the mausoleum, has waited three years to return home. With his impulsive behavior, they believe he wouldn’t be the type to stand guard the tomb at night. (Really, logic. Drama, what are you doing? Ughhhh. I hate when they throw random things in just for plot convenience!)

 photo Agent30-78.jpg

Prince Yuan Che and Yuwen Yue ride home towards the palace into the city. The prince comments that the wind is much sweeter at home, but Yuwen Yue comments the sweeter the feeling, the more dangerous it is. It appears that because of what Prince Yuan Che has learned, Yuwen Yue states there will be competition for Prince Yuan Song but Yuan Che says Yuan Song is stupid, but Yuwen Yue warns the prince that the real masters continue to lay hidden.

At night, Yuwen Yue makes a stop to visit the mausoleum with Yue Qi. (Again, how convenient without explaining. Was he really just wanting to check to see if Yuwen Huai was doing his job? >.<)

 photo Agent30-79.jpg

Moments later, Chu Qiao and Zhong Yu ninja-sneak into the mausoleum. Chu Qiao opens a trapdoor that lights up the candles and treasures inside. The two girls travel through the passage and steal the treasures. They split up when they realize someone is coming.

Chu Qiao extinguishes the candles at the sound of footsteps approaching when an individual in black unleashes his sword. At this point, it’s safe to say that her opponent is Yuwen Yue, and I believe Chu Qiao seems to realize it too as their swords both fly up and Chu Qiao grabs one before making her escape.

She meets up with Zhong Yu and concern is etched across her face as she glances back towards the mausoleum. When Zhong Yu looks at her curiously and asks why she’s injured, Chu Qiao responds that she was up against a skilled swordsman. The place looks like it’s on fire and the two women disappear.

 photo Agent30-81.jpg

Yue Qi spots his master who hands him the sword. Feeling something is amiss, Yue Qi unsheathes the sword and realizes it’s Canhong Sword, belonging to Xing Er. Yuwen Yue appears to still be processing what he too has sensed.

—- END —-

Kappy: From 10 years, the drama reduced the time our birds are trapped in the golden cage down to 3 years. I guess time doesn’t matter as they show the hardships Yan Xun and Chu Qiao (and Zhong Yu) went through together, forging an unbreakable bond. Chu Qiao isn’t an affectionate person, she doesn’t speak flowery words, but shows her caring through actions and I love how natural it’s been for her to initiate skinship. Their little touches and when she had her hand in his hand the whole time he was sick and the back hug, all were initiated by her. And it’s her style of silent suffering that gets Yan Xun the most, he wants to be the protector, but is rendered a wingless bird behind close walls.

As for our broody, ice Prince, I died when I saw the damn bells on his sword. It’s too hilarious! They have successfully turned him into a full-blown lover boy. I’m happy he liberated himself from Eyes of Gods, but then it seems too easy and convenient, and where the hell is his grandfather in all this? Wasn’t he the one hell-bent on Yue handling Eyes of Gods? Suddenly, it isn’t important anymore and all of Yue’s previous burdens are lifted. Lol. The inconsistency of the writing. On the downside, I’m disappointed with what we saw of Yue in the last few episodes. I wanted to see him question his belief in the system and the king he supports, leading to Yan Xun’s family massacre. I wanted a moral dilemma from this man since he’s much smarter than everyone around him and is privvy to all the secrets. At which point, does one stop and think that one’s belief is wrong? Instead of him reflecting on his recent choices, all we got is him brooding over Xing Er who he met for a few weeks? months? over his best friend of 10 years. Where is the conflict and pain Yue? The doubts? Are you a proactive or a reactive character?

Sending him away to train is probably the best choice the writer made for his character, giving him a friend in Seventh Prince and letting his character live outside the bubble his family created for Yue. He was a very lonely person so let’s see where we go from here.

 photo Agent28-32.jpg

I’m just picking up bread crumbs over here… don’t mind me….

  1. 8 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 28 – 30 Recap “The Golden Cage.”

    First! (Before I rush back to my work, LOL)

    I think the fact that the Eyes of God doesn’t seem important again, including by the king, has been questioned before (either here or other forums). The disappearance of characters (such as YWY grandpa & CQ’s sisters) also add to the plotholes. Hopefully we will get explanation later, although IMO they are not that important in the plot.

    And yes, Chu Qiao initiates all their skinship. Apart from carrying her to the bed, I can’t remember YX ever tries to touch her.

    • 8 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 28 – 30 Recap “The Golden Cage.”

      yan xun is a gentleman when it comes to dealing with the ladies! raised by a great mom. (me sad again!!!) he is steadfast and honorable as a man before the lady he loves.

      this drama cracks me up. introducing a bunch of new characters and we are left wondering what happened to the older ones? qing shan manor now has two wheelchaired people – grandpa and 3rd madam in it and yet yue is at ease hanging out in the border for three years! lol! he was inseparable from eyes of god and grandpa!

      we only have 25 episodes left or so but chu qiao’s identity is barely touched upon! and her superb power? they are still in freakin chang an! yan xun and princess chun er are still not evil yet! I feel like we are gonna get one hell of a rushed last five episodes to cover everything.

      • 8 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 28 – 30 Recap “The Golden Cage.”

        Just wait..CQ and yx are slowly gathering their looks like poor chun er will get the brunt of it all with forcing yx to marriage and all

        • 8 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 28 – 30 Recap “The Golden Cage.”

          I really really feel sorry for her but I can’t blame anyone except herself…because YX did warn her about him and she still insist on this crazy notion that they can actually be together. We are not even talking about he not loving her but the fact that your father killed his whole family and still want to kill him. Honestly, her mother is kind of cold hearted but what she discussed with her children are so true…if only they learned and understand what their mother is trying to communicate and get s better grasp on what is happening beyond the surface…

  2. 8 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 28 – 30 Recap “The Golden Cage.”

    I agree that there are still so much to cover…sigh…if only they have reduce the earlier episode about the yue wen household, we will have sooo much more room for the better stuff at the end…i hate rushed ending…

  3. 8 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 28 – 30 Recap “The Golden Cage.”

    The problem with princess chun er is that ever since she was a child until she got older (b4 yx family tragedy), she takes for granted the fact that yx spoils her rotten and gives her anything she wants eventhough they arent originally for her (rabbit, horse saddle)..making her blind to the fact that the yx she knew is gone and that the yx of now is clearly repulsed by her and hates her..he’s not hiding it from her but she pretends not to see it thinking he’ll be back to how he was and that makes her stupid

    • 8 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 28 – 30 Recap “The Golden Cage.”

      I feel like Chun Er should have grown up a little after witnessing the whole beheading of the Yan family. How could one still be naive after going through that? And how could she expect him to be and smiley with her? What if it were her family? Would she be smiling after they are all wrongfully killed? She still doesn’t walk in other people’s shoes, still in her own tunnel. Chun Er knows her daddy is wrong, while her brother is still in denial.

      I feel like growth is a gradual thing but of course subtlety is not this writer’s forte. She wants everything to be dramatic, as Yan Xun has faced and Chun Er will face later… Writer’s too much.

  4. 8 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 28 – 30 Recap “The Golden Cage.”

    I am really loving this drama and even though q’inger is with yx i know shes meant to be with yuewen yue and that eventually peace will be restored .

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