Princess Agents: Episodes 35 – 37 Recap “Foxy Prince’s Arrival.”

He’s here! He’s here! Our foxy Prince is here! Like a burst of fresh air. With everyone faces hanging on doom and gloom, it’s nice to see some smiles around. Why I adore Xiao Che so much in the novel: he’s a delightful mix of pre-massacre Yan Xun with his abundance of sunshine and Yue’s slyness and intelligence. Like the best candy in the world! ❤

My snarky side came today so memes are here. Thanks Maymay who helped with these recaps!

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Episode 35 Recap (written by Maymay):

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The madam shopkeeper updates Yan Xun and Zhong Yu on the preparations for escape, assuring them that everything is in place. They are aware that it would not be easy but Zhong Yu is convinced the Northern Yan loyalists will do everything they can to send Yan Xun back to Northern Yan.

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The 7th Prince, Yuan Che visits Royal Consort Wei to comfort her over the death of Wei Guang (her elder brother). Yuan Che was raised by the Royal Consort when he was young so he treats her like his real mother (his own died). He wasn’t aware of the circumstances concerning Wei Guang and wasn’t able to help. Royal Consort Wei does not blame him, since his brother deserved it. She is relieved that at least Wei Shu Ye is spared hence their bloodline is preserved. Conversation moves on to the topic of the Da Liang’s Prince’s visit and Yuan Chun’s potential marriage to him. They are not keen on the union because of the Prince’s notorious reputation of being a womanizer. Royal Consort Wei plans on getting Yuan Chun engaged asap to avoid the union.

Yuan Che visits the ignorant Yuan Chun next, hinting that she will be busy with marriage matters soon. Yuan Chun is embarrassed and tries to find out what he knows. He only concedes that the person they have in mind is an excellent candidate.

Yan Xun asks if Chu Qiao is doing fine in the army camp. Zhong Yu assures him that Chu Qiao is managing fine. She is in charge of the Siu Li Army, which is basically a toothless troop led by General Xue Zhi Leng. Xue is known to bully them and the real leader of the troop is actually He Xiao who has been relegated to assistant general. Yan Xun wants to check on Chu Qiao.

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Meanwhile, Yuan Che teases Yuwen Yue during a meal. LOL. The prince likes to gossip too huh. Yuwen Yue wants to excuse himself. Yuan Che turns serious and warns him that while Chu Qiao is a fine woman, her heart is not with him. Her bond with Yan Xun is nothing to scoff at, and not something he can replace easily. Yuwen Yue replies that he just wants to watch her from afar, and in no way thinks that his actions are a form of self-degradation. Awww…

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Chu Qiao is partly happy and partly concerned (worried over his safety) that Yan Xun is openly visiting her. He nags about her well-being but she assures him that all is well. He brings her lotion and applies it for her. Yuwen Yue sees them being close and intimate with an inscrutable expression. I say are you sure you can stand just watching from afar?

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Well I guess he can’t. LOL. Because when Chu Qiao is teaching some soldiers shooting techniques, he crashes the party. Not only did he show off his shooting skills, he also shamelessly accepts her sarcastic compliment. LMAO. She looks at him contemptuously but he ignores her and orders that she follows him to receive new arrows for the platoon.

She follows him to his office, awaiting for his written instructions for the new arrows. He tells her to grind the ink for him. Then he has to rub it in her face by reminding her that she is again here as his subordinate – serving him just like the old days. Her patience wearing thin, she stops grinding the ink, telling him defiantly that her hands are tired. He starts asking about her welfare and she is barely keeping her pretense of polite submission.

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She is clearly unhappy about him trying to make her life difficult whereas he is merely trying to tip her that that is the least of her concern. He warns her against provoking General Xue, who is the son of an Assistant Commander-in-chief (heck…just know that it’s a higher ranking officer). He will try to transfer her out asap but she is to keep a low profile. She is not to attempt anything funny on behalf of Yan Xun because he will be watching them.

She asks why he transferred her to Siu Li Army, guessing correctly that he was trying to help her but unable to comprehend why (errrr….so blind, girl). He admits to helping them in Wei Guang’s case but warns them not to chew more than they can swallow. She points out that they have no choice but to push forward and not meekly accepts whatever’s thrown at them. He will not sit back and watch…but she has no intention of backing down also. Ok, gauntlet thrown.

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Yuan Chun is surprised to see Yuwen Yue as the candidate Royal Consort Wei has in mind. Poor Royal Consort Wei tries to match make the two but both Yuan Chun and Yuwen Yue are resistant to the idea. She gives up and leaves them on their own. Alone, Yuan Chun tells him she will never like him. He thanks her but somehow that riles her up because she expects him to be disappointed and heartbroken…Sigh, you vain vain thing. He does not burst her bubble. Later when she tries to accompany him out of the palace, he stops her – seeing through her intention of using him as an excuse to leave the palace to visit Yan Xun. Hah.

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Gossipy prince, Yuan Che drops by Yuwen Yue’s place to find out how the matchmaking session went. Yuwen Yue immediately guesses that he had a hand in this matchmaking. Yuan Che knows that Yuwen Yue is not keen on Yuan Chun because his heart is set on Chu Qiao. He reminds him that Chu Qiao is born of slaves, unfit to be his wife. Furthermore, she spent 3 years in Ying Ge Manor with Yan Xun (hinting that she is already Yan Xun’s woman). He tells Yuwen Yue honestly that he has no intention of letting Yan Xun leave Western Wei alive, and that means she will be implicated somehow. Yuwen Yue is surprised since Yuan Che had appealed for Yan Shi Cheng 3 years ago. Yuan Che explains that while Yan Shi Cheng was innocent and a victim of his father’s misplaced suspicion, Yan Xun bears a grudge that will endanger the country if left alive. Yuwen Yue should also remember that and his position.

Yan Xun, Zhong Yu and Chu Qiao go over their escape plans again but as of now their plans are still flawed.

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Yuan Che holds a meeting with his subordinates to discuss the welcoming of Da Liang’s Prince – Xiao Che. Everyone is hesitant since Xiao Che is difficult to please – he is known to only eat food fully produced and touched by women only. From Da Liang to Western Wei, the journey is supposed to take 1 month by carriage but the Prince has been on the road for 4 months and still has not arrived. The pampered Prince has never known suffering. They receive reports that the Prince is in the vicinity but refuses to meet Yuan Che, partly because he does not like to speak to men too. Haha. Yuan Che looks at Chu Qiao meaningfully. Oh uh.

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Chu Qiao and a few soldiers wait for Xiao Che’s entourage. The female maids sneer at the soldiers, only requesting that Chu Qiao (the only girl) stays. Angered, the soldiers grumble aloud, earning a whip from the maid. When she releases the whip again, Chu Qiao intercepts, pulling her off balance onto the horses. The startled horses gallop away, dragging the carriage behind…and everyone in the entourage runs after it anxiously.

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Chu Qiao follows suits…but before long a man in red robes rides behind her and leaps on her horse, embracing her from behind. She twists his arms, throws a couple punches and flings him off her back. The man groans in pain, muttering that she is so cruel. Yuan Che shows up, reprimanding her. The maids also swarm over and fawn over the man. Chu Qiao is alarmed that the man she so carelessly hit is in fact the infamous Da Liang Prince, Xiao Che (actor Deng Lun). Yuan Che apologizes but Xiao Che just beams at Chu Qiao even as his maids express their dissatisfaction over the treatment of their precious prince. Xiao Che looks over his shoulder at Chu Qiao even as he is led away, a silly smitten grin on his face.

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Later, Chu Qiao apologizes to Yuan Che for her actions. Instead of being upset, Yuan Che praises her. Hahaha. All the generals are freaking pleased in fact, all willing to stand by her and defend her if the need arises. They are all annoyed by Xiao Che and was planning to ambush Xiao Che and whack him in secret anyway.

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[These two brothers and their expressions kill me! XD – Kap]

Yuan Song complains to Yuan Che how difficult Xiao Che is – listing all his ridiculous requests. Yuan Che is surprised Xiao Che did not bring up being beaten by Chu Qiao. Yuan Song assumes Xiao Che is just embarrassed about it. Before long, Yuan Song picks up a scent and gloomily announces the perverted prince is here. Two maids then show up and throw confetti of flower petals, followed by another two who sprinkle scented water. ROLF. OMG it was so ridiculous it was funny as hell. Our pervert prince shows up in bright red robes again, fishing for compliments. He glances left and right looking for Chu Qiao.

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Chu Qiao appears soon after and the pervert prince again backhugs her without any warning. Chu Qiao responds in reflex and flings him over her shoulders in a few nifty moves. She is surprised it’s the prince and releases him. Instead of being angry, Xiao Che grins at her and requests that she becomes his personal bodyguard.

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As they escort the prince’s entourage to the capital, Chu Qiao now accompanies Xiao Che in his carriage. In the carriage, she apologizes for hitting him but he is fixated on her instead, making her uneasy. He starts calling her Qiao Qiao, then enquires about her family and other personal information. He even volunteers information about himself- being 21 years of age and of marriageable age lmao. Chu Qiao is exasperated but thinks that he is maybe punishing or using her. Xiao Che tells her she misunderstood him – he fell in love with her at first sight. Chu Qiao gives up talking with him and ignores him. He tries to take advantage of her again by reaching for her chest and is again flung out of the carriage. Pfft.

Xiao Che brushes off the servants’ attention, smiling awkwardly and claiming to be fine. Yuan Song is in high spirits, happy that Chu Qiao is teaching the pervert prince a lesson.

Back in the carriage, Xiao Che grumbles that she is too rough. He asks that she applies medicine for him. She asks ominously if he really wants her to. Haha. I wouldn’t if I were you.

Episode 36 Recap (written by Maymay):

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Apparently, Xiao Che didn’t heed my advice because he is squealing in pain in the next moment. Or maybe not? Chu Qiao is actually stretching and massaging him and he seems to really enjoy it. That’s one hell of a masochist. Chu Qiao warns him that if he plays dumb for too long, he will indeed turn dumb one day. He continues to be flirty and restrains a little only when Chu Qiao threatens him with violence.

The path to the palace is flanked by pretty girls. He waxes poetry about her being better than the girls. She reminds him about his healed blackeye. Heh.

 photo Agent36-25.jpg

The King is surprised to see Chu Qiao in attendance. Xiao Che announces that he is very pleased with her performance as his personal guard. The King explains the girls outside are all daughters of nobles, aka potential bride candidates for him. Xiao Che waves that issue away but instead asks for Chu Qiao. Chu Qiao is exasperated, calling him crazy. To everyone’s surprise, Consort Lan speaks out for her.

 photo Agent36-28.jpg

Chu Qiao runs into Yuwen Yue back in the camp (more like he’s waiting for her). As usual, she ignores him until he calls for her. She is brusque and impatient. He asks if she is behaving so proud because she is in the Prince’s good favor. She asks if he’s jealous (omo!). She tells him he is pretty good-looking (YWY should be happy I think haha) and maybe the Prince will favor him too (aww…she doesn’t know he is jealous because of her).

Consort Lan prays to a figurine of Luo He- she calls her jiejie (big sister). She is confused – not sure why Chu Qiao did not recognize her. She wants to meet Chu Qiao but worries her identity will be exposed, especially now that she has a child. She is grateful to Luo He but does not want to risk her child’s future. Hmm…

Xiao Che’s personal attendant, Lu Qian Xi is curious if Xiao Che truly likes Chu Qiao, especially since Xiao Che normally favors “meatier” women. Haha. Xiao Che insists he likes her. He receives a letter from Xiao Yu – the Da Liang Princess aka spy.

 photo Agent36-31.jpg photo Agent36-30.jpg

They meet in the outskirts and exchange pleasantries – but it seems they are not on good terms. They do share the same objective though – they both want Western Wei to be in chaos. He is however wary that she will make attempts on his life, and well vice versa. Seems like they are both fighting for their father’s approval. She is in charge of the spy network and well he is the crown prince. Xiao Yu and Tao Ye cannot figure out Xiao Che’s intention of approaching Chu Qiao. Regardless, she will try to take his life so that her brother will be the next crown prince.

 photo Agent36-33.jpg

Consort Lan continues to pry information on Chu Qiao from the King. The King acknowledges Chu Qiao’s talent but says she is loyal to Yan Xun. When asked about the candidate for Xiao Che’s bride, the King feels Yuan Chun is most suitable. He is not particularly concerned about Xiao Che’s womanizing ways. Da Liang’s King has two sons. The other son is born of lower status and has a poor health. Xiao Che was made crown prince at the age of 6 and much favored by his father. Yuan Chun will end up the Queen as his proper wife regardless of Xiao Che’s many other women. The palace maid reports what she hears to Yuan Chun who is flabbergasted.

Minister Zhao reminds the King that Yan Xun cannot leave the capital alive. The King wants Yan Xun dead but he is also mindful of the public’s opinion. He has pardoned Yan Xun and cannot renege on his promise to let him go. Even if Yan Xun were to die in an accident, he would still be suspected to be behind it. Minister Zhao suggests setting a trap to fool the public into thinking the King has truly pardoned Yan Xun. Just then, Yuan Chun requests for the King’s audience. As expected, she oppose marrying Xiao Che, only willing to marry Yan Xun. Minister Zhao and the King exchange looks – there you go, the show of goodwill you were looking for.

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Zhong Yu notices the guards around Ying Ge Manor has been switched to unfamiliar faces. Yan Xun and Zhong Yu are discussing their options when Yan Xun is summoned by the King. The King begins with pleasantries and praises his mature conduct. He gradually brings up the matter of his marriage and Yuan Chun being most suited for him. Yuan Chun can barely contain her joy. Yan Xun tries to refuse by saying he does not deserve the princess etc. The King asks if Chu Qiao is the reason for his refusal (ah you sly king). Yan Xun is quick to deny, anxious to defend her – saying Chu Qiao is more like family. Yuan Chun also tries to help by saying that Yan Xun is merely shy. The King is satisfied and declares the wedding is a done deal. Yan Xun has no choice but to accept. Sigh.

Meanwhile, Chu Qiao is summoned by Consort Lan. Flashback shows us the time she tells Chu Qiao to hide because Luo He will not be back. She distracts the soldiers but was taken in as an army prostitute. Oh dear. Consort Lan asks about her past, surprised to learn that she has lost her memory. Consort Lan leaves it at that, content with how matter are for the moment.

 photo Agent36-53.jpg
[A man trapped between two women is not a blessing! – Kap]

Chu Qiao bumps into Yuan Song. He warns her that Consort Lan is not a simple person – she might be Yuwen Huai’s ally. Apparently rumour has it that she is a child out of wedlock of the Yuwen’s family (so that’s her fabricated background…was wondering how she ends up in the palace when she was an army prostitute too). They bump into Yan Xun and Yuan Chun next. Yan Xun looks uneasy (worries Chu Qiao will misunderstand him) but Yuan Chun is mildly annoyed. She is however too happy to stay annoyed and announces her pending marriage to Yan Xun in ten days. While she chats with Yuan Song, Yan Xun and Chu Qiao maintain an awkward silence.

But when Yuan Chun tries to rope Chu Qiao into helping her with the wedding preparations, Yan Xun’s expression grows dark and sullen. Yuan Song saves the day by offering his help. Then he excuses himself and leads Chu Qiao away.

 photo Agent36-64.jpg photo Agent36-63.jpg

Alone again, Yuan Song worries that Chu Qiao is sad over Yan Xun’s wedding since she likes Yan Xun. Chu Qiao merely replies that she is a commoner while he is a prince – there is nothing going on between them (she says this but her expression suggests otherwise…). Yuan Song is certain that Yan Xun likes her – he noticed Yan Xun’s expression just now. He also doubts she is indifferent towards Yan Xun since she stayed by his side for three years. She says softly that they are the same kind of people but refuses to elaborate. Pleased to hear she is not in love with Yan Xun, he starts asking shyly if she likes him. Aw…a confession.

Not answering him directly, she smiles and asks, “Tell me, what the feeling of liking someone is.” He describes that he will feel nervous speaking to her, will wonder what to say to cheer her up, will miss her so much if he doesn’t get to see her, and will also dream of her. She looks distracted while he says this (and we’re left to guess if she’s thinking about Yuwen Yue or Yan Xun). He tries to force an answer from her, grabbing her hand to stop her from leaving. She tells him to let go, and the poor puppy reluctantly does so. She leaves without a word and he sighs in frustration – seems to be a common occurrence. Oh dearie, I think you’re as clueless as your sister.

Love is in the air I guess, since Ah Jing loiters before the shop where the four sisters work. He shyly lifts his gift but runs away without giving it to the girl he likes. I hope that was not a random PPL.

 photo Agent36-68.jpg

Meanwhile Wei Shu Ye is devastated to learn about Yuan Chun’s marriage to Yan Xun. He is convinced Yan Xun will never love her and she will never be happy. He wants to stop the marriage but Cai Wei advises him otherwise. She tells him that Yuan Chun is aware of his concerns but wants to fight for the tiniest possibility that Yan Xun will come to accept her in time. (Urgghh…but that only applies if Yan Xun ever had the tiniest feelings for you!!).

 photo Agent36-80.jpg

Chu Qiao hears Yan Xun’s flute and meets him out of the camp. She asks why he calls her out so late. He just wants to see her. He starts to explain about the wedding but she cuts him off with an “I know.”

Episode 37 Recap (written by Kappy):

 photo Agent37-1.jpg

Recognizing Yan Xun’s flute playing, Chu Qiao walks warily over to him, worried that they’re being watched. He wants to explains his engagement to Yuan Chun but Chu Qiao cuts him off, saying she knows, moreover she knows the King is planning his attack and is merely using his daughter as bait. In the King’s eyes, there is only him and everyone else is disposable.

He asks if she blames him and Chu Qiao says no and sits down, as with their current situation, they can only go along, though she does pity the princess for she does love Yan Xun wholeheartedly. Hurting the princess wasn’t part of their plan, but Yan Xun can’t think too much about that either, since they might lose their lives on that day. Chu Qiao looks up at the sky then and resigns that they can will fight to the end and let heavens decide the rest. Yan Xun doesn’t believe in his streaks of misfortunes and promises to bring her back to Yan Bei. Ever since he’s freed from house arrest, an army has been stationed outside of Chang’An, an army that they have to trespass during their escape. To assure their safe escape, they will need a map of the troops….and lookie who’s working in the army right now?

 photo Agent37-10.jpg

The music changes and so does the subject of their talk. Yan Xun says thank-you to Chu Qiao for all the things she did for him in the past three years, for living in hell with him. Without her, he would’ve died in prison. He will use his whole life to thank her. “When we return home, don’t ever leave me again, okay?” OMIIII it’s a proposal, Chu Qiao!

She smiles and looks down, repeating her words from before, between them, those words are not needed.

 photo Agent37-15.jpg

And she replies, “Yan Xun, Yan Bei is now my hometown.” GAHHHHHHHHHH!! This is Chu Qiao’s equivalent of “yes.” and Yan Xun looks deeply affected by her confession. She makes his hometown, her hometown. *melts*

Consort Lan Er talks to Luo He’s figurine about Chu Qiao; how grown up she is, how pretty and talented she is. She promises to protect Chu Qiao with her whole life, as long as no harm comes to her unborn child.

Zhong Yu and Yan Xun discuss about their escape plan; he thinks they have to attack Chang’An directly, but she disagrees because their chances of winning is slim. Ah Jing then brings over a messenger bird which Zhong Yu doesn’t recognize as their own. It’s from Da Liang’s princess, Xiao Yu wanting a meeting. GAH. Yan Xun, she had a hand in facilitating your family’s massacre!

 photo Agent37-17.jpg

I love Zhong Yu, she doesn’t hide her dislike towards Xiao Yu and notes that they don’t know how much involvement Xiao Yu had during the massacre, and Yan Xun wonders why she’s so gutty in scheduling a meeting with him. Xiao Yu believes even if she were to tell him she’s about to kill King Wei, he wouldn’t report her. Yan Xu says he might, just for facade of gaining the King’s trust.

The dance around the bush comes to a stop and Xiao Yu wants to work together. She knows Yan Xun wants to escape during his wedding day but also observes he doesn’t have enough help to break out of Chang’An, while her people have successfully made a place at the eastern gate, ready to lend a hand. Zhong Yu immediately speaks up, telling Yan Xun to not believe Xiao Yu because she and her people had stopped their crew from saving Yan Xun multiple times.

 photo Agent37-19.jpg

Xiao Yu matter-of-factly says their situations have changed, helping Yan Xun is helpful to Da Liang, as he’s the only one who has the rights to conquer Yan Bei without questioning. I don’t really get her logic… But Yan Xun agrees to work together (noooo!) because there are no eternal enemies, only benefits both sides are seeking. I know he needs help but I hate that it has to come from this two-faced beauty. Lol.

 photo Agent37-21.jpg photo Agent37-20.jpg

Our naive princess looks crestfallen at the guest list that Yan Xun didn’t bother taking a peek at. This girl, you forced the marriage on him. Your father killed all his families, who is he gonna invite? All his assassins? Though she tries to comfort herself and and says he might be busy. Even her personal maid can tell Yan Xun has changed and even hints that he and Chu Qiao are….and urges her pretty princess to choose someone else. There’s no turning for Yuan Chun as she thinks her maid just doesn’t understand the feeling of loving someone. And even if he does want Chu Qiao, she doesn’t mind (gahhh) because her father has many concubines to begin with. She believes that Yan Xun does have feelings for her and will eventually accepts her. You are in for a world of hurt.

Someone is practicing archery but today our Chu Qiao misses the target board completely. Awww. You don’t speak of your feelings but your actions are telling, little lady. Out of nowhere, Yuwen Yue says as much. Lol. Dude, stop stalking her! Hahaha.

 photo Agent37-23.jpg photo Agent37-24.jpg

She doesn’t want to talk to him but he brings up the fact that a superior is talking, so leaving is rude. Yue ah, that’s not the right way to comfort a girl with a heavy heart!

He asks if she’s happy and she throws the question back at him. Without hesitation, he confesses that he’s very happy about the marriage. Lol! She calls him a sicko and walks off and he continues to talk, saying how disappointed she must be for she stayed by Yan Xun’s side for three years and got nothing. She glares at him, asking if he truly doesn’t know the meaning behind this marriage.

 photo Agent37-29.jpg

“You standing here right now while others face tragedy, how is that different from the you at Jiu Yiu Tai three years ago?!”

Oh…..she called him out!

Yue: “If you guys know, why haven’t you left yet?”

Chu Qiao feigns innocence of course, but Yue narrows his eyes, not believing for a second they are gonna sit and wait to die. He asks what they are planning. LOL. And then tells her if they keep waiting, they are approaching death faster.

He adds that he won’t stop them if they want to escape, but if they cause chaos in Chang’An, there’s only death waiting for them. She throws down her ultimatum as well, either he stands out, or he helps them. Yue doesn’t want to become their enemy but Chu Qiao sneers at that, “You are already our enemy.”

Yue says he won’t stand down and she turns her back, “If you stop mine and Yan Xun’s road, I don’t know what I would do.” OOOOOOhhhh. Challenge is on.

 photo Agent37-33.jpg photo Agent37-32.jpg

Yuan Chun happily prepares for her wedding until her mother arrives and asks for a private conversation. Once alone, she delivers one hell of slap and asks why she has such a stupid daughter. Mom wants to slap her again but tears have pooled in Yuan Chun’s eyes and she yells at her mother to hit her to death, then she wouldn’t have to marry anyone. Consort Wei says there’s only vengence between her and Yan Xun and asks if she forgot what happened three years ago. She didn’t and thinks this is the only way she can protect him from harm.

Mom asks about Yan Xun’s feelings, “How can he not hate you? Hate your father?! Hate this whole Da Wei? What would your life be like over there? How could he love you?”

The poor girl doesn’t care as long as she can protect him, everything else is secondary… Oh Yuan Chun.

Remaining steadfast with her decision, she kneels and asks her mother to help her, and promises not to be regretful of today’s decision.

Yuwen Huai waits and tries to get an audience with Consort Lan Er but she denies him of the chance and he thinks back to the time when he placed her as a mole beside the King and now she has turned against him. In your face!

 photo Agent37-37.jpg

Chu Qiao opens the door of her room, only to find Xiao Che holding a bouquet of flower surrounded by his servants, who are throwing flower petals around them. She doesn’t respond and walks away from him, leaving him to run after her, bragging that he personally hand-picked the flowers. Awww, you picked the wrong day to flirt with the girl, Xiao Che!

He wonders if she’s angry at him but she says she’s busy and has no time to chat time. It’s okay because he has time! “How could you reject me…”

 photo Agent37-42.jpg photo Agent37-47.jpg

She tells him straight in the face that he’s not likable. Instead of getting angry, he finds that line refreshing. Lol. She goes further and says she hates him, hates how he keeps wearing bright clothes – making him indistinguishable between a girl or a boy, and how he hovers around her, and finally how he pretends to be dumb and finds entertainment in others, etc, etc.

“I also hate your foxy eyes.”

His smile fades for a second before he compliments her judgment. “Are there more?” XD

She threatens to hit him every time he bugs her and he’s agreeable to that. “What to do? I think I like you more!”

 photo Agent37-53.jpg

When he keeps pestering her, she throws him to the ground and all his lovely maids come running to him, one even complains to Yue, who is nearby, and his response is to tell them to stop coming here. HA.

Xiao Che comes up to Chu Qiao again and asks her to accompany him, and he’s asking because he likes her!

Yue volunteers to go with the Prince. HAHAHA. Dude, did you not get the demo? Prince Xiao Che doesn’t like men. XD

 photo Agent35-Meme4.jpg

 photo Agent35-Meme2.jpg
[Chose a husky because Li Ying described LGX as a husky in her interview. hehe. – Kap]

Xiao Che answers he only needs Chu Qiao and tells her how beautiful it is outside with her presence, also there are a lot of soldiers and dangers around. That line gets Chu Qiao thinking about Yan Xun’s potential map, and she agrees to go with him.

 photo Agent37-60.jpg

On horses, Chu Qiao asks if Xiao Che likes to hunt and he finds the activity very cruel, not fitting him. He clarifies that he’s unlike the people here. “People here don’t treasure life! I’ve heard of them hunting people. They have lost their humanity.” Awww, you’re right Xiao Che! On a side note, his horse has a freakin’ pink bridal veil! LOL.

Chu Qiao calls him kind and he beams at that. He likes to create life and asks if Chu Qiao wants to try it with him because their genes are bound to be magnificent! Lolol. So naughty. As she’s chatting with Xiao Che, Chu Qiao is taking notes of the soldiers and their post.

We cut to Da Liang princess Xiao Yu and her guard. The map is ready but Xiao Yu curiously says she doesn’t care if Yan Xun is thankful or not, since it is her fault that he’s stuck here for three years. She only hopes that he won’t be destroyed too early by King Wei. What in the what?

Then she smiles looking at her tea cup, hoping that she doesn’t have to see Xiao Che again after his excursion outside. Ruh Roh.

Assassination attempt alert! Chu Qiao finds Xiao Che interesting, after he told her about matching his white horse with her black one. Then flying poisoned arrows take out their men one-by-one and with Chu Qiao on top of Xiao Che, he tells her to not be so dramatic just to hug him. Oh lord, this man!

 photo Agent37-63.jpg photo Agent37-64.jpg

The more hilarious thing is as she saves him from the arrows, she gives him a good beating too. HAHAHAHA. Of course, Chu Qiao doesn’t have a single weapon with her…… You see the choices the writer wants her character to make?! She fights them and disarms the assassins, getting a few cuts on her body. The directing is so laughable. The assassins are a good twenty feet away but yet they let her RUN and GET close enough to kill them?!!

Logic out the window.

Using a tree branch, Chu Qiao sends Xiao Che high up in the mountains and once she’s up there too, she pushes him down into the water below, following right behind him.

Zhong Yu relays to Yan Xun how their plan to escape is still weak but if they can convince the Beauty Troops…. Yan Xun puts a stop to that talk, he doesn’t want to use Chu Qiao to persuade the troops. He doesn’t know the Beauty troops is still loyal to him. Gah.

 photo Agent37-70.jpg photo Agent37-71.jpg

Just then, one of the four sisters reports about Chu Qiao being attacked outside of the city and Yan Xun hurriedly grabs his sword. Ah Jin begs him not to leave the city or else he’s going against royal decree but Yan Xun yells that Chu Qiao’s life is the most important! He gives them two orders: 1) Save Chu Qiao at all costs, 2) Don’t expose your identity. If you’re unfortunately caught, you know what to do. *gulps*

Ah Jing heads out and Zhong Yu wonders who ordered the killing of Xiao Che but Yan Xun thinks this is the perfect opportunity to throw Chang’An into chaos. If they have the same goal, might as well help each other out. Oh Krap, you want to kill Xiao Che too, but he just appears, Yan Xun!

 photo Agent37-75.jpg photo Agent37-76.jpg

Surprise, surprise. Chu Qiao is still knocked out after the jump but Xiao Che is awake, staring down at her with a sigh. He takes off his precious red outer coat and puts it over her. And now we are privy to his intelligence. He calls her silly for trying to save him. “You should know that my death only benefits you the most.” You sly fox, always 10 steps faster than others. He shoots off the flare, signaling for help.

A guard reports Yan Xun’s secret rendezvous to Yuwen Yue, and he and few Yue guards head out, hoping to stop Yan Xun before his leaving is publicized to the King.

 photo Agent37-87.jpg photo Agent37-88.jpg

Chu Qiao finally comes to and mutters a tease to Xiao Che about his cologne being washed off by the water. HA. He wonders about their next steps and Chu Qiao annoyingly says there’s nothing to do but rest for now. Then he breaks down the story to her, to find out who really wants him dead. He says the arrows point to Yan Xun and Chu Qiao looks sharply at him, and he changes his tune, seeing how she hard she fought to save his life.

While he asks if she’s thirsty or hungry, the assassins locate the two and attack. Chu Qiao kills them all and slumps down in exhaustion. When one more shows up, she orders Xiao Che to kill him but our weak prince shows he’s not a man of swords and falls over, forcing Chu Qiao to kill the last one.

Yue and Yue Qi arrive at a cliff. For Yan Xun to go against royal order to come here, Yuwen Yue surmises Chu Qiao must be in trouble and if they go down the mountain this way, they will reach their destination faster.

 photo Agent37-96.jpg photo Agent37-97.jpg

Xiao Che helps Chu Qiao to another area and grabs some herbs to heal her wounds. When he places the herbs over her cut, Chu Qiao winces and leans against his shoulder, the proximity does not go unnoticed by Xiao Che. He thinks they can still go against the killers but Chu Qiao corrects him, 1) She’s going against them not “we” 2) With her current state, she doesn’t know how many men she can take on….

Weakly, she warns him that in the last ditch to save her life, she wouldn’t mind trading him in. Lol.

 photo Agent35-Meme5.jpg

He puts her back against a tree and gives her a weapon to save herself. It can shoot out 50 poisoned needles in one round. Awww…. But he ruins the moment and brags about her changing outlook on him. XD He then runs off to lure the attackers away from her and Chu Qiao falls over from blood loss and weariness. But! Some assassins are approaching!

—— END ——

Kappy: This drama is so predictable I don’t have to guess who will make it there first to save the beauty for the Nth time. When she needs but doesn’t have the sword, it’s Yuwen Yue. When she does, it’s Yan Xun. LOL.

I hope we see a capable side of Xiao Che soon because the dumb act is bound to rub some viewers the wrong way and he’s one of the more popular characters from the novel. His love for Chu Qiao is unlike that Yue and Yan Xun, both wanting to keep her by their side. Xiao Che just wants her to be happy and has happiness in her life, even during his last breaths.

Which brings me to Yan Xun, he hasn’t gone to the dark side yet but his wheels of conniving are starting to spin more rapidly nowadays, looking for any opportunity to use for his ultimate goal. I like the gradual changes and it looks like his decision to want to kill Xiao Che will directly crash with Chu Qiao’s newly developed bond with the perverted Prince. I do hope some of the epic quotes and conversation between Chu Qiao and Xiao Che about Yan Xun make it to the drama.

Anyone a little sad that the main ladies don’t have any scenes together? I wish Li Qin and Li Ying can share some meaningful scenes but it looks like they will be sharing some angsty scenes later instead…. Dun, Dun, Dun.

 photo Agent35-Meme6.jpg

So kind.

  1. 14 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 35 – 37 Recap “Foxy Prince’s Arrival.”

    I’m glad that Prince Foxy is finally here. He’s my favourite from the novel. The actor they cast is doing a very good job – likeable and charming in his (feigned) perverness.

    The show overall is not really holding my interest; I’m watching for something to do rather then being genuine invested. It’s a shame because the story has potentials but the executions and choices in characterization and relationship development have been subpar.

    • 14 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 35 – 37 Recap “Foxy Prince’s Arrival.”

      Oh gosh but due to directing and all I ended up dropping this (though will still watch Deng Lun/ Xiao Ce cuts :D) and when I thought it through I realized I actually don’t really care for the story; I can’t even focus through these meticulously written recaps.

      If you’re looking for something to do, come join me and watch The Advisors Alliance — it’s slowly getting subbed on YouTube I believe, though I’ve been watching raw — which is both super enjoyable in directing/execution AND storytelling (it might have been the comparison that completely turned me off from PA, LOL). I don’t consider it dry at all either — it’s full of quirky humor, cuteness, and…shh… really, erm… shippable.

      • 14 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 35 – 37 Recap “Foxy Prince’s Arrival.”

        Is it a modern or period drama? I usually avoid Chinese modern series as I find the story unengaging. At least with period drama I can be distracted by the pretty costumes.

        I’m not much for shipping. I enjoy romance, but not at the expense of good story telling and characters. This is where PA really failed for me. It’s quite obvious to me where the show priority lies – getting those ridiculous/hokey romantic stuff shoved in our faces while sacrificing logic and characterization. Both of the our lead characters suffered for this.

        • 14 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 35 – 37 Recap “Foxy Prince’s Arrival.”

          LOL. I think I was part joking about The Advisors Alliance being “shippy” — you know, like Nirvana in Fire.

          The Advisors Alliance is a historical show covering the rise of scholar/ military advisor/ political advisor Sima Yi during the Three Kingdoms era.

        • 14 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 35 – 37 Recap “Foxy Prince’s Arrival.”

          It’s also a really pretty show, the way it’s filmed, though the costumes, for the sake of looking more historically accurate, aren’t exactly the most elaborate. But I think they’re quite elegant and reflect the time period.

        • 14 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 35 – 37 Recap “Foxy Prince’s Arrival.”

          Storytelling-wise, they do take certain historical liberties (some parts may be anachronistic) for the sake of a more rounded out story, certain character motivations, etc. I find it very tightly written, albeit somewhat highlighting/exaggerating/emphasizing Sima Yi (’cause he’s the main character). But honestly the characterization is nuanced — I really like so-far main antagonist Yang Xiu — and the time period is really one where everyone is motivated towards survival. There are bits of cute moments between Sima Yi and his wife, his adorable servant as humor, some Cao Pi x Guo Zhao (another married couple), but more often than not it’s rather minimal; the “shipping” is like from the political interactions 😂.

        • 14 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 35 – 37 Recap “Foxy Prince’s Arrival.”

          Thanks for the rec, it sounds promising. I did like Nivarna in Fire so if AA is in a similar vein, I should enjoy it. Funnily enough, I wished there was a bit more romance in Nirvana. Although that didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the series as the series was so engaging with great characters and relationships.

  2. 14 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 35 – 37 Recap “Foxy Prince’s Arrival.”

    The more I watch, the more I really dislike the director. He had a great plot and good actors and he is just throwing everything out the window by stupide decisions. I still think this is one of the better Chinese dramas I’ve seen in a while, it just so frustrating when you know that it could have been one of the greatest. Had they focused on the right things.
    And yes it is getting somewhat irritating how Chu Qiao must be rescued by Yuwen Yue in the most random situations. Just as maddening as the blurred out backgrounds (that make it look like green screen) and that Yuwen Yue still calls Chu Qiao Xing’er (Yes, I hate it and it doesn’t make me feel like Yuwen Yue is the right one for Chu Qiao. I rather see her end up with Qiao Che if she doesn’t end up with Yan Xun. I am soo doomed! (; – 😉

    • 14 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 35 – 37 Recap “Foxy Prince’s Arrival.”

      Xing Er is like his pet name for her…lol. He calls her that till the end of the book. He is a very stubborn guy.

      Cnetizens call them the Xing yue couple…

      • 14 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 35 – 37 Recap “Foxy Prince’s Arrival.”

        Yeah, I get the argument. I just don’t find it cute or romantic. If he had stuck with the wild cat thing he and Yan Xun used for a while I would have found it cute at least.
        I think that the combination of using Xing’er and they way he act around her just doesn’t work for me. It’s like she still is his slave.

        Mostly though I blame all this on the director for not making me feel this coupling.

        • 14 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 35 – 37 Recap “Foxy Prince’s Arrival.”

          Probably the director’s fault…But maybe you don’t like characters like him lol. He is like this in the book…He means well but can’t seem to say nice things…it was kinda endearing in the book

        • 14 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 35 – 37 Recap “Foxy Prince’s Arrival.”

          I if they had done the cold and silent type in a fresh way… I have liked this kind of character before. So I can only lay the blame on the director for how he has chosen to portray Yuwen Yue and Chu Qaios interactions.

          It feels like the damsel in distress on repeat without the sweet or romantic feelings.

          Also I would have been more impressed with the catch me when I fall thing if they had made it more equal. That is let Chu Qiao catch Yuwen Yue when he falls, half of the times at least. LOL

        • 14 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 35 – 37 Recap “Foxy Prince’s Arrival.”

          True. Chu Qiao was not invincible. She did require saving on and off…But here they made her fall way too often to create moments lol.

    • 14 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 35 – 37 Recap “Foxy Prince’s Arrival.”

      i agree with you. i really really dislike this director too!!! amazing potential but such a let down. too slow paced with draggy irrelevant scenes. no focus on the main couple. why didnt he learn from Ten miles peach blossom??!@!@(* maybe its cos the directors a guy.. and eternal loves director was female..
      SOOO dissapointing.

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