More cute behind the scene stills from Butterfly Fragrance

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Watch out guys, the cute-o-meter for this drama is blowing up the roof! I really don’t need more reasons to check this out. The cast, old and young, get along so well that they are posing and snapping selfies like there’s no tomorrow. What I like even more? The bromance and the sisterhood are displayed in fair amounts. The guys are pals and the ladies are friends (despite having conflicts due to differences in status), instead of the same old setup where the second female lead is deemed evil and pining after the male lead in every single scene. She has her own man and struggles. Which makes me question why the theme of friendship between women is rarely proportional in drama land, when compared to the dominant male rapport. A lifetime of loyalty and trust run deep in our blood as well!

Filming is smoothly so far (they started in late March), and based on the behind the scene stills, I don’t have to tell you how much they are enjoying this project. A trailer is expected soon.

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Li Yi Feng being caked.

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Who did it? This perky poor heroine!

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Tang Yan plans on becoming a director one day? Someone better remind her to film the front! 😛

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William and Shu Chang. hee.

 photo Butter210.jpg

He attacks her with a back trap.

 photo Butter212.jpg

And she got UR NECK, little boy!

 photo Butter211.jpg

The ladies experimenting with some potions. Aren’t they adorable?

 photo Butter213.jpg

Source: 01 // William’s Weibo

  1. One thought on “More cute behind the scene stills from Butterfly Fragrance

    true dat!!! women are often portrayed as rivals while the men, even as rivals, have their moments to bond and fight with their backs to each other!!!

    this looks cute. but that bangs on tang yan!! maybe she’s insecure about her wide forehead?

    anyone knows any female-centric friendships drama? don’t say i need romance because i got bored with that. Lol.

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