Cdramas Airing This Week: Angels Fall Sometimes, Simple Days, Ode To Joy 5, Yi Wen Cun Dang, and more!

Again, I was too distracted by creating individual posts that this post came out now as a summary. Lol. So what is everyone watching? Dropping? I’m mainly gonna watch Shen Li.

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=======> ♦ Growing Pains of Swordsmen (欢乐英雄) with Bai Ke, Yang Le, and Lan Ying Ying began airing 3/7. It’s adapted from Gu Long’s novel, Happy Heroes. Something happy in his novels?! Apparently, a bunch of youths get together and support each other. Watch on youtube here.

=======> ♦ Yi Wen Cun Dang (一吻存档) with Chen Fang Tong and Fang Xiao Dong began airing 3/9.

From TvTime: The vicious female supporting character Xu Siyan played by Weiwei in “The Story of a Fallen Pear” lasted for three full episodes, which is considered the pinnacle of her acting career. She gathered her family and friends to watch the premiere. Unexpectedly, in the first scene of the first episode, Weiwei was executed by the eunuch Jiang Yu. Weiwei angrily questioned the producer, who arrogantly stated that everything was for the character development of the lead actor Dai Yao. Weiwei was so angry that she passed out, and unexpectedly discovered that she could travel back and forth between the play and reality as long as she fell asleep – the vicious female With Xu Siyan climbing out of the dry well in the palace, she vowed to live a long life and control her own destiny!

=======> ♦ Angels Fall Sometimes (谢谢你温暖我) with Li Lan Di and Lin Yi began airing on 3/9.

Synopsis from Wetv: Lin Tuo, in the prime of his youth, crossed paths with An Zhique during a summer internship recruiting event in their junior year. Love blossomed at first sight. As they got to know each other better, they committed to a relationship. With graduation season approaching, the two embarked on their journey from the ivory tower into the real world, taking on part-time jobs, job hunting, and planning their future together. While life didn’t unfold as smoothly as they had hoped, their mutual support helped them stay on track. However, just when everything seemed to be going well, Lin Tuo received a diagnosis that changed their lives forever. He was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), which brought an untimely end to his seemingly ordinary but promising life. Though his lifespan was shortened, Lin Tuo faced the disease bravely, with the warm love and companionship of his family, his devoted partner, friends, and colleagues. Giving up the idea of yielding to his fate, he learned to coexist with the terminal illness and ultimately challenged it courageously. Lin Tuo’s journey inspired those around him, including his friends and patients who had the same suffering as him. He prompted them to reevaluate their outlook on life, cherish the present moment, and strive to live each day with hope and no regrets.

=======> ♦ Above the Rivers (江河之上) with Gao Wei Guang, Chen Shu, and Yuan Wen Kang began airing 3/11. A group of investigators trying to find the evildoers who are polluting mother nature and costing precious lives.

=======> ♦ Burning Flames (武庚纪) is adapted from the manhua Feng Shen Ji written by Zheng Jian He and drawn by Deng Zhi Hui and Cheng Kin Wo. Separate post here. It began airing on 3/13.

=======> ♦ Simple Days (小日子) with Chen Xiao and Tong Yao began airing 3/14. It is adapted from a novel written by Yi Bei. The contemporary drama follows the story of our OTP and their struggles in day-to-day lives. She is from a well-off  family, and he is not. So against her family’s wishes, she moves away and marries our hero anyway. They have a daughter together and their “little days” are interrupted by a constant stream of text messages; first one accusing her of infidelity!

=======> ♦ In Blossom (花间令) with Ju Jing Yi and Liu Xue Yi began airing on 3/15. Separate post here.

=======> ♦ Fall in Love Again (再见已是白月光) with Dai Yan Ni and Deng Chao Yuan began airing 3/15.

Synopsis Per Qiyi: Six years ago at a wedding at sea, the bride Zhou Mian is maliciously left at the altar. She falls into the sea and is rescued by Mai Ke. It is only then that she learns her fiancé Lu Yunkai is closely related to her parents’ death. She forms a “Victim Alliance” with Mai Ke and is bent on revenge. Six years later, Zhou Mian returns to a domestic charity banquet as the top international designer He Erxin, facing Lu Yunkai head-on. Suspicious that He Erxin is his deceased wife Zhou Mian, Lu Yunkai tests her constantly. Zhou Mian does not give in and instead boldly joins Lu Yunkai’s Wuxin Company. In order to expose each other’s secrets and strategize against each other, the fake couple actually flirt with each other and almost get too intimate. Zhou Mian discovers that in the past six years, Lu Yunkai has never given up searching for her. There is more than meets the eye to the accident at her parents’ toy factory, and Mai Ke repeatedly uses despicable means to urge Zhou Mian to defeat Lu Yunkai. At the last moment, Zhou Mian switches sides and joins forces with Lu Yunkai to resolve the crisis, uncover the truth, and rekindle their love.

=======> ♦ Ode To Joy 5 (欢乐颂5) with Jiang Shu Ying, Yang Cai Yu, and Zhang Hui Wen began airing 3/16. OMG, how many more seasons can this franchise get? For those watching, is it still interesting?

=======> ♦ The Zero Complaint Flight (今天航班零投诉) with Gan Wang Xing and Li Jia En to air 3/18.

=======> ♦ The Legend of Shen Li (与凤行) with Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xin to air 3/18! Press Conference here.

Synopsis by Kukan: The ancient gods died, and there is only one last god in the world – Xing Zhi. In the battle of the immortals and demons, he turned the tide by himself, and since then, Du Men has been swept away, and his traces are hard to find. As the queen who was born with a pearl in the devil world, Shen Li’s life was bright and dazzling. But on the occasion of her thousand-year-old birthday, the claws of political marriage were scratching their heads. On the way to escape from the marriage, Shen Li was beaten back to the original form of a phoenix and fell to the world with injuries. The fate of the two is tightly linked by a seemingly casual transaction.

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