Cdrama Updates: Tientsin Mystic 2, My Unicorn Girl, In A Class of Her Own, Tian Ya Ke, Crimson River

Happy Monday ~

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Cdrama Updates: The Rebel, Mirror: Twin Cities, Mr. Fox and Miss Rose, Burning, My Girl, Love Scenery

May is almost over ~ I feel like time is going by faster than usual.

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Get Married or Not with Tong Yao, Chen Shu, Xu Fang Yi, Pan Yue Ming, and Yuan Wen Kang

Get Married or Not (谁说我结不了婚) is a modern drama said to be inspired by 2016 Japanese drama It’s Not That I Can’t Marry, But I Don’t Want To dealing with the topic of marriage and age and how our female lead and her friends are pressured and questioned by society on why they are not married in their 30s. YES! Why! Why! Why! Us girls get hit hard and I’m hearing that question so often now that I’m also in my 30s. Why can’t I go at my own pace, leave me be!

To begin airing on 5/26!

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Ru Yi’s Royal Love In The Palace unveils more Consorts Stills

Palace drama Ru Yi’s Royal Love In The Palace (如懿传) is adapted from the novel written by Liu Lian Zi, following the marriage between Qianlong Emperor (Wallace Huo) and Ulanara (Zhou Xun), the Step Empress during the Qing dynasty. I honestly don’t think this is my type of story; countless number of scheming ladies conspiring for and against each other. Lol. The new batch of stills only consists of half of the ladies thrown in the pitting box to fight for Qianlong’s affections. One hell of a lucky role for any male actor.

And it has whopping 90 episodes! I CANNOT. YOU. 1#***3%@#!#@!~~~!!!

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Rookie Agent Rouge: Episode 1 “Sherlock.”

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Our heroine lives a life of privilege: a perfect upper class lady who has the deathly combination of looks, brains, and background. Yan Zhi has no desire to be an agent, despite wanting to be challenged intellectually, but after this little incident, she has little choice. So begins our rookie agent’s journey.

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Zhao Li Ying asks for grieving space at Rookie Agent Rouge Press Conference

You guys don’t know, having a laptop means so much to me. It’s an extension outside the four walls of this white room. The upcoming republican drama, Rookie Agent Rogue (胭脂) has geared up its promotions, holding multiple press conferences in the past several days since it’s airing on the 27th. At one conference, our poor baby girl is badgered by reporters about her silence on weibo when it comes to Kimi’s passing. She basically tells them that each person has their own way of grieving, and hopes that people will respect the dead, giving space for everyone to mourn and accept the tragic news (really appreciate her costars patting her supportively during the interview). They also reveal new trailers and Li Ying’s song for Rouge OST, which is a very slow, slow song.

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